The Tribunal rejected the claim Yuri Oleynik

Past student of Academy of Management Yuri Oleynik tried through tribunal to recover the academy, where he was expelled for truancy Tipo. Meanwhile Yuri Oleynik says that he was expelled for political reasons.Yuri Oleynik said it would appeal the decision.An administration official said the academy Alexander Voronkov, which is quite satisfied with the decision.Decision was made referee Vera radial.• Past Student Academy of Management sue universities, 05.09.2007

All drive on early elections!

With Tatiana Seviarynets require means for withdrawing from the election This is more than the former candidate is received. As she uttered the Commission that an additional amount — it means "the state invested in its election campaign."What role is withdrawn prematurely voting power? Why did the authorities not afraid that people will start to resent? Why all the machine to ensure the appropriate authorities acts result without crashing? As foreign observers will be treated to a massive premature vote? Brand new transmission series "Examination of Liberty."Yarmoshyna calls calls for a boycott "irresponsible and immoral" Now chairman of the Central

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In Minsk, the planet will gather the main communists

Initially, 3-5 November, held in Minsk working meeting of representatives of the Communist parties. Then participants will move to the celebration in Moscow. Currently this information our radio officially confirmed in the offices of the Communist Party and the PBC. As said Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus Jora Atamanov come to Minsk to a greater extent about 75 leaders of the Communist and workers’ parties from different countries in the world.• Zyuganov criticized the Kremlin for the gas conflict with Belarus, 9.08.2007

B.Zhaliba: In September, we feel the transition to full payment of Russian gas

Since the beginning of September rose telephone discussions increased the monthly fee for the use of a telephone and a radio — all in an average of 7%.Raising tariffs for telecommunication services predicted. Back in late August, Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich said recently Belarusians expect price increases on virtually all food and non-food products.After some number of days whereupon statements, August 30, rose public transport.The price of travel in Minsk increased by 20% (from 500 to 600 rubles), instead of the former regions of passage 420 rubles became cost floorthousand rubles per trip. With all this power plan also

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Yu.Garadetski: Pavarotstsi remained unexplored planet for me

Honored Artist of Belarus, baritone Victor Skorobogatov in time trained at Milan’s La Scala — he was in the season when there was singing Domingo and not Pavarotstsi. Because directly contact with majestic tenor he failed:"My friends who spoke with him, always says that the very role in the play Pavarotstsi have somehow raised the bar, and they sang better than they could on Actually. "Luciano Pavarotstsi was a prototype and emblem true Italian singing school and the benchmark for all singers. His care, and care as other members of his generation, one hundred percent can change the situation in

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Lebedko Vilnius not spun nuts in cars

Co-Chair of the Political Council of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko so, explain why opposition activists are adjacent country: "It just mirror Belarusian situation. Unfortunately, we can quietly read about their own affairs just outside Belarus. There is no one unscrews nuts on the wheels of cars, nobody walks behind you. For this reason alone. Well, go to Vilnius convenient (and the distance and time) than, for example, or in Grodno Gomel.• Political Council of the UDF began with Minutka silence in memory of the missing, 30.08.2007 • Either the opposition was able to overcome the contradictions? 19:04. 2007

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Time to reflect on our management that may need to listen to the voice of young

Larissa, Minsk "Every day includes "freedom" and only hear, judge children. 5, 6 people. Neuzh something no other job in the police, riot police and arbitrators? Here bolbochem: Kids — happiness, kids — satisfaction, kids — the light in the windows. And more. Whatever they were, — huge, smart, strong — they always need our protection and assistance. But in this case, I mean these arrests, they find no protection. Our time management loaf over what may need to listen to the voice of young and change something in their actions. I personally do not see anything seditious in their

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Your choice: more readable medium materials

PervyyOnlayn conference with Paul Sevyarynets 2nd Tots retrain read "Doskorogo Goodbye!" Instead of "Doskorogo Goodbye!" TretiyDirektivnye KGB documents Russian timesand appeared on the Web ChetvertoeRukovoditel "BPF Youth" Ales Kalita received 7 days of arrest 5th "Shushkevich, Kozulin and iPad for one party — is the sphere of fiction"

Luciano died Pavarotstsi

Pavarotstsi had cancer, and a year earlier he underwent surgery removing the tumor. After the operation in July 2006 in New York, the singer did not arise in public. Luciano Pavarotstsi killed in his own hometown of Modena. His supporters had hoped that at the end of the singer will be able to start their farewell tour. But the state of health has not permitted him to return to the stage.

Luciano Pavarotstsi born October 12, 1935 in Modena. After graduating from high school in Modena began to study singing in Mantua in E.Kampagalyani. He made his debut in

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Most of the political prisoners — activists of the Young Front

Youth summarizes his own work and spends a short celebration on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the organization. On present day most of the political prisoners — activists "Junior Front. "Exclusively for the past 11 months for his role in an unregistered organization was prosecuted 9 Malady. Favourite organization Dashkevich This time is serving a sentence in Shklou bullpen.Paul Seviarynets served his sentence on chemistry for the company street protests against rigged elections and referendum 2004.10s activists serving arrest for his role in street protests.

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