Upcoming Events September 6

Now in Minsk held a solemn celebration on the occasion of a decade of war. One of today’s favorite organization Dmitri Fedoruk:"The essence of the celebration will be a meeting malafrontavtsav different generations — those that were at the origin of movement and those who are currently involved in the organization. Expected to come politicians and famous personalities." ***Now Brest should last Trials Paul associates Sevyarinets detained in August during a presentation book "Letters from the forest." Judgment expect another 8 people. Human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin:"Protocols are written, the mechanism is started, and the people within 2 months from

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Online auctions: anonymously and profitably

They — and weFavorite online auction "eBay" began its history as a resource for the collector — to share the trophy. Currently there sold a variety of things. One Australian student put up for sale eBay even their lives. The original price of the lot have been declared 5 Australian dollars. End — 7.5 thousand.Belarus bookstore portal oz.by opened its own online auction one of the first 2004. At this point, knows winner Andrei Hrynevych portal, the number of lots is constantly grows twice a year."In fact, 10,000 auctions. Impressive figure. Every minute the whole mountain auction locked, and to

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Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. September 5

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Conversation with Young Front Anastasia Azarko.• Poll: What woman politician is different from male politician?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Palace".2nd part:• Belarusian rock on "immigration"• "Between": presentation in the yard• «Famous people of Belarus" in the office of BPF• In Vitebsk underpass bred carp• Online auctions: anonymously and profitably• Do you buy things from online stores?• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya• «Night rap." Verses Pachkovskay Violetta.

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Life and death legends: wings

"Wings (curve) — authentic old title Dnieper-Dvina region, place, inhabited Kriviches — naikrupneyshim protabelaruskim tribe. It — State ethnonym other Belarus.Wings — around here too the Holy Land, the eternal sacred archetype of our country. Wings — the myth of the "golden age" of our ethos. It — very beautiful and majestic myth that combines modern Belarus, with its beginnings. "***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Where does the name" Wings "? Either its etymology associated with some other myth, either some sacred meaning?"Alexei Dermant: "Linked directly. How authoritative researchers believe, more affordable version of the origin of Titles Curves and krivichi from Balt

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Famous people of Belarus in the office of BPF

Sounds of bagpipes celebration took recognizable musician piper Ban Skirgaylo. Then took the floor and one of the painters Dmitry Shapovalov:"I believe that, unfortunately, in our country do not all know his story. And I decided that what I can — to fill this gap." "These people represent an argument against the policy which now spends Lukashenko"Painters Valentin and Lily Varetsy who made a gallery of portraits of Gusovskogo to Kosciuszko, in its origin Ukrainian and Tatar. With the advent of today’s government had emigrated to Australia. Says the chairman of the Commission for Culture BPF Franak Vyachorka:"Those people that

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Night Siege — September 5

In his diary, blogger zelanton situated scans pages book "Shklovschina literary", published in This year "Fiction". One section of the book is devoted to Alexander Lukashenko. There we in Russian can read the subsequent: "New Year’s Eve President arrived with gifts. Dressed simply, in a light racing suit, gloves on his hands — my mother always excellent knitting. Neighbors came out to meet him. "And now I wish to visit their homeland," — said the guest and walk on snyazhku, went on the farm. Without protection, one — the village, through the crossing, winter field … Youth track passed. "In

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Inter: presentation in the yard

Are sitting on makeshift benches several 10’s young people. Some are holding the freshest release of "Between" — a volume of careful over Hundred square meters with 2 pages of text. The Table of Contents freshest numbers marked almanac names Peter Rudkovsky, Valentina Loikaw, Borisiuk Tatiana, Oksana Sprinchan and several others.Next to the public — apples in baskets, art installation with dolls at the table. "In the gallery" singer Tatyana BELONOGOV ready for action at the end of the celebration. Presentation of the "Inter" is mixed with honoring graduates Collegium honorable diplomas. Celebration of the Collegium Director Ales Antipenko teacher

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Belarusian nuclear power plant can bring to the EU?

Deputy chairman of the State Academy of Vladimir Timoshpolskiy said that in the midst of promising sites for construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant are seen not two, as stated not so long ago, but three.Also not mentioned once and Krasnopolyanskaya Kukshinovskoy in Mogilev, kept stashed in the Grodno region on the border with Lithuania. A.Voytovich: "I’m amazed" weightiness "arguments"Bureaucrat did not rule out that the issue of the final site selection may be not only geological component (ground for the construction of such facility in Belarus very Myagenkaya that significantly affect the price system works), and political.As expressed

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Thursday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast environment from 18.00.6:30 * "Mailbox-111" — Letters to the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 6:45 * "Journey" Liberty"- Vitaly Semashko knows about travel Braslaw to local historian Constantine Shydlovsky 7:00 * F* Exactly 10 years ago, was held in Minsk Constituent Seimas war, and five years ago formed the Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance. Do you have something in common these organizations? And how do they differ?* Blitz analysis: youth "anniversaries"* Grodno local activists make territorial self-government committee that among the rest will give them the opportunity to legalize work with the population.*

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Miron offers opposition to boycott elections

The meeting was held at the private apartment, and the names of the participants were not disclosed. According to "People’s news Vitebsk", within an hour Miron open a discussion with the present political situation in the country.How should the content of the interview, the government today said Myron illegitimate, as he was elected by illegal. As for upcoming elections, he believes that "society, that does not degrade, just needs to send the signal power in the form of a boycott."During the meeting, the person which read on behalf of Myron, specially concealed from his buddies face. He talked to him,

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