In Vitebsk, in the underpass bred carp

Fishing — the underpassEntrances to the transition overgrown bushes and airom smell of stagnant water still felt from afar. Depth along the ground — about 2 meters, and where smaller, perfectly visible flocks fry that dart between abandoned plastic bottles, wrappers and other debris. Fish grown in this mud, no risks. And no one can explain how she was able to get a divorce here in general.Fish in this "natural oasis" no riskViolated and would violateCrossroads of incompetent underground passage happened "fish place" for Vitebsk employees GAI. Within a day or there can be fined more than one hundred people,

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Do you buy things from online stores?

Online shopping is more popular in the midst of a relatively young and people are very busy, no time to go public on everyday shopping. Lord of more mature age of online shopping does not trust.Alexander Kullinkovich: "In almost all web buy"Rock musician, a favorite of the "Neuro dowel" Alexander Kullinkovich — advanced user and constant client:"I buy almost everything in the main, a technique associated with computers and home appliances."Reporter: "And the problem was?"Kullinkovich: "Never. All very well, always was very satisfied. And if the difficulties were, then returned funds or changed product. I am very pleased. "Politician, chairman

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Belarusian rock on emigration

September 22, Lutsk, in Central Park named Lacy Ukrainka, under the walls of an ancient castle, held a big concert with the leading role of Belarusian rock bands. Organize a similar concert in today’s Belarus unrealistic: some of the participants of the festival are vneglasnoe lists illegal, and the songs on the Belarusian authorities to meet the hostile case. The motto of the festival "The right to be free" such makarom, reflects the aspirations of the musicians to the free expression of his own thoughts, to freedom of creativity in general.Lutsk city officials were in favor of such a concert

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Under what slogan will come to the area the opposition?

Regardless of the results of the company, a number of political movements have already announced their intention to pursue new democratic elections and urged his supporters to leave this slogan on October Square on September 28 — immediately after the polls closed. Most of the representatives of the democratic movement are convinced that in today’s more liberal approach from the outside to the election authorities really intensively used and so called administrative resource, and it is unclear in Belarusian criteria premature vote, and the general methods that have been tested in the past such companies. Proof of this — the

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Guest night of freedom — Anastasia Azarko

People on the streets of Grodno utter than female politician differs from male politician?The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian online auctions. Some are very busy people tell about their own experiences of shopping via the web.In addition — reports from the exhibition of young painters "Famous names in Belarus", with the presentation of the literary magazine "Between" and abandoned underpass in Vitebsk, where settled carp, an interview with the organizer of the Belarusian rock festival in Lutsk and another winner of our new contest "Win book "Freedom" Vladimir Krawcewicz, a longshoreman from Grodno tobacco factory.In the "record" Alexander

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Past student of Academy of Management sue universities

In the October court of Minsk started the lawsuit filed by public activist Yuri Oleynik to the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus.Jura unlearn the academy for more than 3 years, had excellent grades, but in May he was expelled. Administration refers to absenteeism, meanwhile Yuri Oleynik says political reasons.By him, claim appeared because of his role in opposition rallies, membership in the Society Belarusian language, also activity in the student movement."This spring literally two weeks before deductions I joined the campaign to collect signatures against repeal of benefits students. I was able to gather in the academy

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In Germany and Denmark exposed terrorists

Now reported that the German police warned attacks on Frankfurt airport and a number of U.S. military facilities in Germany. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the threat was "close." Three people (two Germans and Turks), suspected of preparing terrorist acts arrested. First week of terrorism suspects were detained Also in Denmark. Detainees blame preparing a bomb attack. According to Danish intelligence agencies, all those arrested — Islamic extremists associated with "Al-Qaeda".According views Fleryyana Geier, Centre for European Policy analyst research, Islamists have their motives for the attacks particularly in Germany and Denmark. For example, Germany took an

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Elections in Russia: the configurations are not expected

These Duma elections will be held for the first time only in the proportional system. 450 mandates will compete only political parties. More past the 2003 elections were held under a mixed system, half of the deputies elected on party lists, half — by the majority system, which operates, for example, at the moment in Belarus. Now the Ministry of Justice has published a list of 15 parties, eligible participate in the elections. In Russia rather stringent conditions for registration of parties: must more than 50 thousand people, more than 500 members in more than 45 regions of the country.

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Rzeczpospolita: Authorities are trying to kill Young Front

The newspaper notes that the protection of the Young made during his stay in Warsaw last presidential candidate from united democratic Alexander Milinkevich forces — perhaps the most recognizable in Poland Belarusian opposition politician. "The authorities are willing to kill Young Front, intimidate activists, but it is starting to have current results. During the trials the testimony of young people laughing at police and officials previously did not have "- the newspaper.

Where did the money?

It will be recalled that in August specifically Belarus makes a huge external payments: first month of "Gazprom" were transferred to 456 millions of dollars in debt for gas delivered in the first half, in the third week of August, "Gazprom" has been paid 145 million dollars for the July delivery. In the midst of a dispute with Moscow over gas debt payment Alexander Lukashenko stated that the debt will be paid from the reserves to the National Bank, but, him, these costs will be reimbursed within a month. Under the present to the bank and left. State Bank said

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