Zenon Pozniak: Dzyady to cross Belarus sufferers will be restored

Public Committee was created on the same day, when it became clear on the following vandalism in Kurapaty — mon in the evening. The committee was headed opener Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty. "It’s not just criminals do, and people who are referred""In this cross Dzyady will be restored. This is a war against the Belarusian Belarusian culture and civilization. Clearly, it is not just criminals do, and people who are referred.In this case a very important initiative to the public. Municipal authorities have practically refused to do their function to protect the area, protect the graves. No one is safe, as

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Detained in Gomel Regional Chairman Vasily Polyakov UCP

The police received complaints Tipo 2-ladies, one of whom works in the administration of the railway area that sovereign Polyakov at house number 46 on Kirov Street walked and cursed them in the address mate. Had it for about 14 hours.Home Vasily Polyakov vorachivalsya Court of railway area where too like for swearing at the traffic police officers were sentenced to seven days in jail for his deputy Vladimir Katsora UCP.• Gomel UCP activist Vladimir Katsora arrested for 7 days, 09.10.2007 • Pripiranie opposition activists marched to the European intensified, 09.10.2007

Alexander’s apartment search Atroschankau

Policemen refused to name names and show their identification cards. They claimed, that Alexander, an activist of the youth democratic movement, gave all materials related to the preparation for the "Euro march." Later apartment operatives arrived in civilian clothes who are interested in computers and papers. Last search.

Guest night air — Dmitry Yanenka

We are also told about the situation around the arrested of the newspaper "Comrade" and the development of a public committee for the restoration of the cross in Kurapaty "sufferers of Belarus." In "Night of research papers" speech about how effective the ban on smoking in public places. Grodno answer the question, how to limit the people who smoke. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Constellation", and "Night Primer" will sound poems poet Antonina Hotenko Minsk. After hours 23rd — "Journey" Liberty "in the village Mikhaleva Bobruisk district, and 23:15 in the

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Belarus may become a member of the EU in 15 years

Tsigankov "Rada creators claim that the main task of this body will be to develop a strategic vision of the European integration of Belarus, the definition of certain political, economic, institutional, legal and information actions necessary for the establishment of European standards and training of Belarus to EU membership. As one of those people, who have agreed to enter into this parliament, how do you see the European perspective of Belarus? "Antipenko:" I think it can be. I hope and believe, Belarus someday become a member of the European Union. This can occur when 2-criteria — in-1-x, if we we

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Human rights activists and election results

Belarusian human rights activists followed the elections in 86-minute vicinity of 10 100. In long-term follow 280 activists participated, 210 more joined in the main election day. Observers were trained in the techniques and tips OSCE.


Chairman of the BHC Hulak, that observers did two fundamentally conclusions: "Itself for itself political election campaign noted certain positive changes in comparison with previous campaigns. First — the political prisoners were released, that softened the atmosphere of horror. Also, the power did not en masse obstacles candidates, including democratic in their campaign. We take note of the fact that yesterday people

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Mogilev tribunal upheld the claim of activists to protect the honor and the pros

Plaintiffs sought, that the police publicly apologized to pay two million rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and announced a verdict before the staff of servants avtainspektsyi State.The reason for the court was the phrase uttered police during the trial on April 6 2007. Then they said that the activists threatened them with physical repossession. "If the government is replaced, police will hang on poles" — a phrase recorded in the court record.Court public activists said that such phrases are not could tell. Activists said they public people and know how to behave with the police. "This sentence could become

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Harsh critic of Russia visits Moscow

Observers note that French President Nicolas Sarkozy to allow himself to break the tradition of diplomatic caution and subtexts when states of Russia. For example, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "blood on their hands" of the war in Chechnya, and last week, Sarkozy accused the Kremlin of problems burdening the world. French political scientist Jacques Rupnik said Radio Liberty during the conference "Forum 2000" in Prague:"France is frank about the things that she does not like politics of. President Sarkozy has even said that there is a certain" brutalizatsyya "Russian policy. Naturally, this is not quite the usual

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Minsk authorities allowed European March

"We are pleased that the permission is granted, but not happy with what routes we suggested," — said "Freedom" Managing Organizing Committee Euro march Viktor Ivashkevich.Details Answer Viktor Ivashkevich kept secret until tomorrow to discuss them with other members of the organizing committee and the applicants opposition rally, which now have to come from the NIGHT MODE zabugornyh trips."We will discuss the decision of the executive committee and likely our behavior in relation to him and will express its position tomorrow at a press conference. In Anyway European march takes place. And I can tell, that some diplomatic representatives European

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Amnesty in Turkmenistan has not justified the hopes of human rights defenders

On days of Turkmen TV shows like that released prisoners swear on the Koran to abandon criminal activity:Released: "I swear on the holy Quran, the holy bread and holy Ruhnama, I never repeat the sin again."Released: "I swear, I never repeat such in the future. Our president said that we will no longer be considered offenders and offer us jobs. We over grateful to him. "On Actually, As reported by the inhabitants of Turkmenistan us about missed one in particular is not fussing and jobs do not offer. Such amnesties under Niyazov became commonplace — they are often held once

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