Citations past Poet Slawomir Adamowicz … pulled out of his pocket with a thread and needle stitched for yourself mouth.

* "Glos Prawdy" in 1927 published the following message: "Control" Soldier’s Theatre "at the House of fighters in Grodno, starting to work in a new theater season 1927-28, drawn with a gentle request to the gentlemen and military officials with skills to work in scene recorded in the company of Soldiers’ Theatre. "Gentle Ladies and gentlemen appeal takes from 6 to 10 GM GM Secretary theater pairs. Kalish Fighter in the House once a day for an hour. 17th to 18th . "* "Lim" in 1937 signed by Paul Sivchuka and Anatoly Astrejka published the article "Not our weapons", dedicated

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Guest on Freedom — Svetlana Aleksievich

She was born in the family of a serviceman. After the demobilization of his father’s family» I returned to his home in Belarus. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU in 1972. Books created "War does not feminine face", "Last Witnesses", "Zinc boys", "Charmed death", "Chernobyl Prayer," "Magnificent endless deer hunting." Books published over 20 countries, while Belarus winner of numerous international literary awards do not print for 12 years. Before talking with the students "Freedom" Svetlana Aleksievich said: "I wanted to read about the responsibility of the elite. Among all school programs thrown all real Belarusian literature: Bulls

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Travel to Minsk — vacation with Lenin

"Traveling to Belarus — it’s not everyday travel abroad and exotic journey. Something for fans of other stories or even virtual reality" — write the creators directory Malgorzata Nocun and Andrzej Bzhazetski and recommend to begin acquaintance with Belarus from Minsk. In their opinion, "if honest, Minsk city is ugly, but it totally does not mean that it is a city uninteresting.""In the future, Minsk architecture and climate can be worth its weight in gold. For example in Krakow tourists pay so well they were taken to" Trabantse "from an old town to the latest Guta — Demonstration neighborhood socialist

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Soligorsk began trials of activists detained yesterday

Middle of the detainees — Lyudmila Atakulava, Tatyana Bulanov, Franak Vyachorka, Kasia Galician, Victor Denisevich, Ales Kalita, Dennis Carney and Dmitry Dmitry Fedoruk Yasevich. Court hearings on each of them are in different rooms. Sentence Ivan Shyla — warning — was handed down yesterday and about 18 hours. Immediately after the trial, more than 20 people from among those who were on the court, including Ivan Shyla and headed towards Salihorsk police department. They transferred detainee transfer.• Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report, 04.09.2007

Or merge the Belarusian Social-Democrats?

Igor Maslowski — Managing Brest regional branch of the party also believes Alexander Kozulin, it must Belarus have a strong Social Democratic Party: "It’s not a bad deal. And I, and our organization we welcome any efforts of all those political actors who hold social democratic thought, to unite, strengthen, right before the creation of a single party. But the structure of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk (Shushkevich party), to be honest, in our region is very frail. And a representative of the party we beheld almost exclusively in the local elections, when checked signatures for nomination of delegates to

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Supreme Tribunal postponed the trial Zeltser

"Due to the fact that the tribunal seeks a number of documents, examination of the appeal against the sentence Zeltser postponed to another day," — said in Supreme Court. Recall, August 11 Zeltser recognized guilty of commercial espionage and punished by 3 years imprisonment.

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Shushkevich, Kozulin and iPad for one party — is the sphere of fiction

Tsigankov "seems to have a real idea of combining social-democratic parties? Whether this contributes to the current political situation? "Klaskouski: "I would not give this initiative a" historical significance. "How do I know Anatoly Lewkowicz and Statkevich’s own review did not express much hope that it can be implemented. In general, specifically the social-democratic movement is the most eye-catching illustration rastsyarushvannya opposition to formally similar ideology. And I do not see fundamentally new reasons which have started to work on the situation in adkruchvanne the other side. "Tsigankov:" Perhaps one of the reasons this rastsyarushvannya — what specifically social democracy

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Plant will not, but do not abolish repressive articles

"Even if you want to top the repressive machine of the brakes can not"Tsigankov "Trials of With 2 Malady — Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Ivan Shyla Salihorsk showed that planting of young activists, as well as in the spring when Malady awarded a penalty, the authorities are not going to. Then there is a legitimate question — why this process, what message it brings to society? Or just working mechanism that is already difficult to stop — he must end the tribunal and appropriate verdict? " Protko: "Indeed, there is such a thing -" the inertia of the authorities’

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Denounced the protesters in support of Ivan Shyla

Young people detained near the courthouse where the trial of Ivan Shilo. Sixteen child power vinyl speeches on behalf of an unregistered organization "Young Front. " The biggest terrible punishment received Ales Kalita and Lyudmila Atakulava — seven days in jail each. The residue obtained fines not exceeding 5 basic units (about 155 thousand rubles) Or warning.One of the first released from custody Kase Galician from Minsk. The woman said in court that recognizes the role of the picket line:"I admit, because we came in order to support our friend Ivan Shyla, who, my views, is one of the leaders

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Martyrology of Liberty: Abanovich Konstantin

Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of "Freedom" we will remember one name to remember about single life, to talk about one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.Lists of victims — the website — will be available through the website***ABANOVICH Konstantin, cum. 1887 s. Yarashevichy Radashkavitskaga district, Minsk region., Belarus, from farmers nyaskonch. beginning. education, storekeeper USHOSDOR NKVD BSSR. 37.11.19 arrested. Convicted 38.01.05 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish intelligence service of art.

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