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First "If we are not imprison Gonchar, tomorrow he put us" Second Fatakonkurs "Liberty" Third "Belarusian abroad": "Give it Lukashenko LuNet!" ChetvertoePonadobitsya whether the Chinese experience channel "Belsat"? 5th summer is over …

Soligorsk and Shults: Tribunal over Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko

As said youth activist Franak Vyachorka, the other day the court in the morning about Soligorsky District Court detained four activists — himself, Ilya Shyla Yasevich Dmitry and Sergei Klyuyev. Elsewhere also were detained Ivan Shyla, Tribunal over which begins now in the 10th hour, as Tatyana Bulanov.Through some time Franak Vyachorka and Dmitry Yasevich released another two hours — Juvenile Ilya and Ivan Shilov. Sergey Bulanov Klyuyeva and Tatiana were kept until 3 o’clock in the morning.Now 10 hours Nyasvizh tribunal begins on activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko for his role in an unregistered organization. She faces up to

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How many houses are built on the culture of the destroyed churches …

"Orsha Bulletin" on this week 1917 report from St. Petersburg, "September 1. A 7 pm Mogilev garrison declared himself completely subordinate to the interim government. And the 10th hour of the evening arrested generals Kornilov Lukomskii Romanovsky and Colonel Plyushchevski-Plyushchyk. A 11th hour of the evening in Mogilev left the commission of inquiry headed by Attorney Shablovskaya. ""Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "Since the beginning of the new school year in Grodno should appear brand new cultural ground, artistic activities which will be for our town of utmost importance. Lviv Institute of Music, one of a very old

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Paul Seviarynets released

In an interview with "Freedom," Paul Seviarynets noted that listened Radio Liberty to undertake that was passed from outside Brest Friend."Thanks for the prompt message — says Paul — I was aware of the political situation in Belarus, also knowledge about the persecution of my friends in Brest."Seviarynets Paul said he now wants to be on the courts and in Nyasvizh Saligorsk where cases are considered activists "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko and Ivan Shyla.Paul Seviarynets was arrested Brest on August 19 during the presentation of his own recent book "Letters from the forest," which was held in a rented building officially

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Another hunger strike in prison

Kostyshev hopes that the hunger strike will be enticed by his attention to criminal case, which he calls "a manifestation of lawlessness." Kostyshev convicted of robbery, theft and forgery. main arguments unfounded sentence — Kostyshev was not on the court, and the main witness has long written statement that slandered convicted.Nicholas Kostyshev — Russian citizen. July 6 2006 by sentence Orsha city court he found guilty. Penalty — 12 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. In the courtroom, Nicholas was not. According to his lawyer Olga Little Sheep, this is only one of a series of violations of judicial proceedings:"Not

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What interests Belarusian spies in Germany?

How should of disk imaging, located in the German press, the yearly loss of Germany as a result of activity of foreign spies are between 20 and 40 billion euros. Perhaps any German company is tsellyu foreign cyber attacks. The real harm from piracy felt for about 40% of all German companies. At the time when huge countries like China are interested in kidnapping or copying virtually allx German technological innovation, small countries like Belarus have enthusiasm to copy more narrow technology. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin does not see anything unusual in a similar phenomenon. "In general it is a

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Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. September 3

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Prem» EPA new contest "Win the book" Freedom! "• Interview with historian, independent analyst Ira Vidanova youth projects.• Survey in Mogilev "Why Belarusians can learn from the Yankees?"• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Palace".2nd part:• Neil Gilevich: "Think now, for tomorrow may be too late" …• How much is a college degree?• Survey in Minsk: "What’s better: to learn" on budget "and work rassredotachivanie or pay tuition and get free diploma?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• «Night rap." Verses Pachkovskay Violetta.

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Ernest Sabila: It is the will of God that the spirit rises civilization …

Meeting with the priest Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabil accomplished indoors Company Belarusian schools. Come youth, there are a few older people, see graying head.Sabila: "I was with their community registered in the apartment, the years have passed, now it has become lawlessness. Lawlessness Why is it that has changed? Mood changed father, and the father has changed. Was Shushkevich, Lukashenko has become …"Dmukhovskyy: "Why did my father now can not build the church, why people had hunger strike to achieve their rights? "Ideologue, "Man, who wishes do something contrary, they knocked on this hunger strike. "Dmukhovskyy: "It is their

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The prosecutor claimed N.Azarku fined 15 million rubles

Lawyer activist Alexander Galiyev not consider guilt Anastasia proven and claimed her justified.• Photo: detention in court in Soligorsk, 4.09.2007 • Goes Tribunal over activist "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko, 4.09.2007 • Soligorsk and Shults: Tribunal over Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko, 4.09.2007 • New criminal cases against the Young, 8.08.2007 •

Lavrov: Our homeland has no plans to dispose of nuclear weapons in Belarus

Recall, August 27, in an interview with Interfax-West on the question of whether our homeland placed on areas of Belarus» new military facilities in connection with the installation of a U.S. air defense system in Europe, Alexander Surikov said: "This is already is dependent on the level of our political integration. Also from angles professionals, diplomats, military: it is necessary, it is possible, when and how. I mean» Facilities related to nuclear weapons. "U.S. comments on the statement of the Russian Ambassador in Belarus, 29.08.2007 Whether, even on a theoretical level, placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus?, 29.08.2007 Salting Surikov

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