Plan of action on September 28 in opposition does not

Last political prisoner Alexander Kozulin, who served in the bullpen over 2 years after a mass protest on the presidential election in 2006, is going to come to October Square on September 28, when the polls closed. He believes that there may come all voters whose voice will not be heard by election commissions."Not saying that hardly we can count on mass street action, because people in recent years are tired of protests. Because even the greatest optimists do not expect, there will be very huge number of people. But even if released 5-10 thousand, it will be very severe

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Neil Gilevich: Think now, for tomorrow may be too late …

At a meeting with youth Neil Gilevich many read on, that can assist a person to live a life so that later for himself did not become a shameful and sad. Basic views on the poet, — the ability to think and not to waste time: Gilevich: "It seems almost yesterday wrote his first poem. In This year was 50 years old, it came out. Turn did not — life has passed. And you do not have time to turn around! Question number one — do not waste time! You are very young! So think about what I read now.

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon. 6:30 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 07.00 Morning F* In the colony number one (Minsk, street Kalvariyskaya) from August 24 to starving Russian citizen Nikolai Kostyshev * Morning Report: Mon evening in Grodno on the initiative of the local organization of the movement "For Freedom" was accomplished people meeting with Pastor Ernst Sabila * Guest morning air — Andrew Poczobutt, a member of the Head of the Union of Poles, journalist "Gazety wyborczej" * Blitz-analysis begins another trial MaladyEvening18:00* Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world

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Voronetsky: invite European investors in strategic areas of our economy.

"We are all neighbors in our common European home, we have a common goal and a common passion: to strengthen the security, stability, and prosperity of Europe, — said the deputy minister. — Only by cooperating, wecan become stronger, more efficient, more competitive and eventually reach the brain — adequately confront the complex contemporary challenges. " Valery Voronetsky singled, Belarus "Enters and is ready to increase its own contribution to the diversification and ensuring the stability of energy supplies." He noted that "Europe needs to find a mutually acceptable form and formula» union interests of suppliers, transit countries and consumers

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In Night of Freedom — the premiere of a new competition» EPA

Now guest night broadcast of "Freedom" is a historian of modern independent analyst Ira Vidanova youth projects, which is last week uchavstvovala in the program "What I believe." Ira was educated in the United States and works in Minsk.People on the streets of Minsk utter why Belarusians can learn from the Yankees?The theme of "Night of research" — how much is paid education in municipal universities in Belarus? Students will answer the question: "Is it better to learn on a budget and work rassredotachivanie or pay tuition and get free diploma?"In addition reports from the scientific debate about the base

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How much is a college degree?

In This year greatest competition was in BSU on specialty "psychology" — 13 people in place, international affairs — more than 11 people. International affairs budget for 138 people gathered on the paid department — 415. At the Faculty of Humanities, where specialization — are popular at the moment psychology, design — on budget and recruited 50 people on paid department — four fourth in this year’s budget amount was reduced to 700 seats, while the Education Act in black and snow-white says "forbidden reduce the number of budget places due to the growth of paid places. "Higher education becomes

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When born Grodno?

"Grodno reading" took place in a new royal castle indoors Regional Library named after Academician Efim Kara. As one of the speakers, the city appeared just close — on adjacent hill where there is an old part of the king’s castle. First mention of Grodno in Hypatian preserved also in the Laurentian and Radzivilovsky chronicles. But at first, the founding date of 1128 should be considered, although the other two serve different date — 1127. Swedes: "But for some reason to present a day or in our marketing products, posters, some publications, in the views of the Grodno authorities is

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Night Siege 3 September

Blogger salihorsk remembers about trial youth Ivan Shyla, which will begin in Saligorsk September 4. Schoolboy trial on criminal charges "for his role in an unregistered organization" "Young Front"" If you have decided to go to Soligorsk, it is easier to use the services of private taxi companies. " On the website "little letters" located verses Azarko Anastasia — Young Front, which will be judged at the same time with Ivan Shyla, but not in Soligorsk and Nyasvizh. Verses "Do not disturb":"You — briefs. Fade from your ears already skavytannyav, gentlemen, stunted world stuffiness in this winter thunderstorm pores. You

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Martyrology of Liberty: Vincent I. Volsky

Vincent I. Volsky. Born in 1879, from the village. Kovaltsy Koydanovskogo p-well, Belarus. In 1923 he tried to go to Poland — not allowed, has relatives in Poland. In 1932, sentenced to 5 years of concentration camps, the term served. Arrested 09/25/37 in with. Siberian Vzhurskaga district CC number in 8289. Separator Machalav PM 26/10/37 NKVD troika QC sentenced to death. Shot from 24 hours to 24 hours 29.10 1:11:37 in Achinsk.

Polesskii Peninsula Kudrichi

In the company of Pinsk regionalists, euro Aleksei Dubrovsky we’re going to Kudrichi. Small village, which is secreted in real Polesian swamps — thanks to the emperor Alexis, not destroyed reclamation. Dirt road — through traditional rowing kilometers quagmire. In the spring of this road is not at all, it floods the flood. And a dozen years ago and this was not the causeway.

Alexei: "In April or May, when you come here, where we’re going at the moment, water is everywhere. Here only by boat or you can drive on the trolley. From the island to the peninsula. Here

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