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In Minsk hosted a forum in the future without Communism

Co-chair of the forum, "In the future without communism" Paul Seviarynets so reacted to an international meeting of the Communists:"On my eyes, for that to all Communists gather in Minsk can be only one reason — repentance for the crimes that communism did on this earth. We know what evil brought communist ideas and Belarus Worldwide . "The only thing that participants joined both forums is welcome — the Communists had sent him to Lukashenko, the anti-communist — A.Milinkevich.In civilian forum "In the future without communism" involved scientists, those affected by the communist regime, politics, public figures, representatives of the

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Liberty Poll: Will the citizens of Minsk on March Soc?

Reporter: "Did you know about Soc march and will participate in it?Lady: "I heard that there is. I heard that about him, nobody knows. I will not go. I’m afraid. "Guy: "I march on Soc nixoga heard. But if I hear anything about it and I will be curious, I will go."Lady: "I did not hear anything, but I think that society should express their position. Another thing, it should do. And in the budget and community organizations it is very difficult to do. There vneglasnoe ordinance to people to maintain order. One that is. "Lady: "No, we did not

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Tomorrow — Soc march

The shopping at home "Impulse" in Minsk activists of the Communist Party and the Belarusian Dmitry Yanenka Valery Rybchenko distributed Menaka newspaper "Comrade" dedicated Socialist march. Sovereign Rybchenko said:"We are already fifteen minutes, and that we had, four copies already broke."Reporter: "Do you think that the information campaign going well?""If people take the paper, is successful."If we were given newspapers, activists interested policemen have seen newspaper checked the documents, but no one was arrested.Dmitry Yanenka said:"As an authority nor tried to disrupt this company a couple of times took away leaflets, stickers, company goes through newspapers, through internet.Zdes is a

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Regional authorities prevent activists go on Soc march

At the sight of him, they changed the numbers on the machines. When Vasily Siliverstov call the duty of the police and asked for help, then explained to him that the machines are police, who guarded him. Sp.Siliverst believes his wish preventively detained.Currently Siliverstov Basil is in the waiting room Kalinkovichy infirmary, where he addressed after, as he became ill. Police officers who accompanied him to the clinic immediately whereupon left.Also activist Andrei Tsyanyuta said parents came to him police. They threatened them that if their offspring go to Minsk Soc march against him will criminal case. Andrew Tsyanyuta said

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Lukashenko greets Communists Milinkevich — their opponent

As the member of the organizing committee of the forum, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets, representatives of the Communist and workers’ parties, which hold their meeting in the capital hotel "Belarus", can only meet for repentance for the sins and crimes of communism. By him, society are almost all done in order to return to the soul and human affairs faith and freedom instead byazver» I slavery generated communism.Historian Ira commandant in his speech said that communism as a theory remains exclusively in the history of philosophy, but in practice, it should

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