Guest night air — Victor Shalkevich

People on the streets of Minsk utter that prevents Belarusians be real Europeans.In "Night of research papers" we talk about the city noise. How do people live in the neighborhood with resonant objects: airports, train stations, transport interchanges? In our survey, people will respond to the sounds for their nastiest. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the story of the music Misha Casimir Oginski, and "Night Primer" will sound poems Zhirovichsky monastery monk, poet Znicha (Oleg Bembel).After 23 hours per program "Guest on" Freedom "record responses scholar and teacher, chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko radio

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IMF predicts slowdown in economic growth in Belarus

According to estimates of the International monetary fund professionals, centralized economy in Belarus recent years grew frisky pace. It has been proved suitable criteria on energy imports, astute fiscal and monetary policy, as the highest economic growth in partner countries Belarus.In connection with the new prices for energoelementy forecasted constant loss of real income. And this has a negative impact on economic growth, inflation, balance of payments and the state budget.IMF experts turning their attention that the absence of comparable policy adjustments and structural reforms reflected badly on Situation in Belarus.According to experts of the IMF, the real exchange rate

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The fate of the property S.Skrebtsa parents will be decided on September 3

"We presented several witnesses who unanimously expressed that it is our property, acquired over decades of living together. But apparently, the court is not enough. Trial last third of September," — said Radio Liberty Mama Nina Skrabets policy.Sergei himself Skrabets states that power kvitatstsa continues with him for his opposition activities.According to the court, ex-deputy povinet "Belarusbank" more than 500 thousands of dollars.Parents S.Skrebtsa wish away property, acquired as "Birches", 31.08.2007

Who noise in Belarusian towns?

As told in the department of community hygiene Minsk City Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology, the problem of noise exposure so severe that monitoring shumnastsi currently being almost Sotk Fri Minsk in problem areas — it is twice more than in 2005. Conclusions professionals: the main sources of noise in the town — auto and rail transport, airport, industrial and commercial enterprises, and communications. Resounding Show — Street CapitalIn Minsk, the most languid situation noise pollution — within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Street. The noise level exceeded 18 there detsybelav (dB) and is 78 dB, which is more than

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Liberty Poll: either you notice the rise in prices?

Lady: "In dairy, bread. Obviously, transportation. "Lady: "I believe that it is more likely to affect low-income segments of the population, pensioners, for example. Rich, secured it touches. "Dzyadok "slightly affect prices grow."Reporter: "What immediately notice that the price will rise?"Lady: "Literally everything: bread, vegetables, milk."Lady: "Yes, everything is gone up before, two weeks back. Milk, fruit and vegetables. And at the moment to begin heating, utilities, travel! "Grandma: "What we will add 20 thousand retired, they took three times already. And the prices have increased since that time. Nobody at the moment does not think about the people."Lady: "Naturally,

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What neuvvyazkami face relatives of those who disappeared outside Belarus?

Missing in Gurzuf Arseny Wolf (pictured) works as the master on one of the Minsk automobile service stations. He — the grandson of the former Dean of the Philological Faculty of the Belarusian State University Alexey Wolf.All salvation — at the ad level InvestigationThe search takes almost a month relatives and friends. According to Father Arseny, Alexander Wolf, the efficiency of the local police is practically zero. A Ukrainian rescuers search is ended August 17:"I came back a day or two after he was gone. But more or less active quest began a week later. And then, most had a

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Myshkovichi: Starovoitova When we lived under communism as

In district Kirovsk hard not to see the pointer on the farm "Dawn." The dimensions of this structure zhelezabetonnay impressive. Instruments not only shows the way past the farm-millionaire, gives a hint as to the traveler where he enter.However, Myshkovichi and presently give odds though what agro. As a settlement struck in the years developed socialism! Cottages with weather vanes, Palace of Culture with conservatory, Genital clock tower.I came to visit Basil Starovojtova. The lady who accompanied me to the bus stop to his house, a few suggestions I have described the current "Dawn."Lady: "Men are pavyyazhzhali. Everyone spilisya not

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Another scandal in Poland, arrest 3 senior officials

Marzena Fly Padlevska with the Warsaw District Prosecutor commenting Kachmarka detention, Karnatovskaga Nettselya and stated that this is due to the "brain disk imaging" of the proposed anti-corruption operation in the Ministry of Agriculture."The prosecutor’s office in Warsaw after the relevant investigation thoroughly explain on what basis and for what were detained these persons. "Kachmarka arrested for having warned Lepera?Three weeks back the Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski suddenly sent a minister to resign Interior Janusz Kaczmarek."Minister Kaczmarek was in the middle of suspects in the leakage of disk imaging, that although least partly made impracticable operation in the Ministry of

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Parents S.Skrebtsa wish away property, acquired as Birches

Or ancestors must be responsible for the debts of sons? Nikolai Skrabets, former director of the factory in Lida, want to take away property that makes up part of the debts offspring.The scion of the former director, known oppositionist Sergei Skrabets already served in jail 18 months on charges of non-repayment of the loan. Politician explains persecution for political reasons and refuses to repay the loan — in this case will be restored the company’s activities.Nicholas Skrabets outragedHis father, Nikolai Skrabets indignant that he had been treated like a thief:"The director of the plant for fifteen years! Coupled seniority 50

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Entrepreneurs: strike postponed to October

Sixth August Svetlahorsk protest on the square in front of the executive committee went private traders. From the power they sought to end the confiscation of products controllers fiscal authorities.Svetlahorsk executive committee leaders have not promised to remedy the situation frisky. Entrepreneurs decided to start the first of September strike.This — prehistory. And now listen to favorite businessmen Svetlahorsk Anatoly Zmitrovich:"We decided that the 10-15 cities will now go on strike, it is better to use the month of September to prepare. Because the postponement of the strike, so meet with activists in Belarus, perfectly prepared, and hold a strike

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