Liquidated Belarusian Ecological Party greenish (BEZ)

The press service of the Ministry of Justice explain: Today is not the size of the BEZ corresponds to a small number of party members, which determines the legislation. Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Ecological Party greenish Terekhov said Eugene Radio Liberty, that none of the PSU control the tribunal does not appear."Co-Chair Nicholas PSU card is on a business trip in Venezuela, the second co-chairman Mike Friedland has long been left in the United States. Documents and Printing BEP — lost. Account closed. Regional structures collapsed," — said Eugene Terekhov.Justice for disk imaging, management BEP previously been focused on

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Your choice: more readable materials Tuesday

PervyyTseny grow on virtually all Profound VtorayaV bureaucrats have gained for your own kids Russian class TretiyInitsiatory Euro march torn portrait of Vladimir Putin ChetvertoeMinekonomiki: rise bread, milk, vodka, transport PyatyyV "grayish book" include officials involved in repression

Tasty bread cost 670 first month, and at the moment — 900 rubles

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Good Morning Freedom. Statement I am outraged Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov its intention to arrange a nuclear weapon on the ground in Belarus. I am sure that the application is made with the consent of the Belarusian government. Run" trial balloon "- how do you respond Belarusian society. NATO does not threaten us. Placement of missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, we should welcome. Razmyastsivshy Russian gun to our area, the government is doing a great danger to our country. Thank you for your attention. "Emperor, Minsk dweller: "Dear Freedom, salting RF advocated likely placing

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Constantine left Lukashou criminal sentence

District Tribunal rejected the appeal of the defense. Currently refused and Minsk City tribunal."In my process were violated all possible rules of the Criminal Procedure Code. Even arbitrators was shameful. This kind of surrealism, "- commented sentence Constantine Loukashov — reports the website of the newspaper"Nasha Niva"Recall that in Last year March 29 Konstantin Loukashov export from third medical clinic his brother, opposition activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk. Unknown men in civilian showed signs Constantine to pause the car, but he did not obey. Later, one of the policemen, Anatoly Sushchenya, filed a statement saying that his Tipo hit by a car

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Whether, even on a theoretical level, placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus?

"Today — salting in Minsk yesterday — employee of the embassy in Kiev. Maybe it’s not a coincidence? "Tsigankov "As thesmiling, "the language given to diplomacy to be able to conceal his thoughts." Seems this aphorism does not apply to Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. Despite the trials refute himself, Surikov involuntarily raised large international scandal. Russian idea of placing nuclear weapons in Belarus immediately supported some Russian generals — or is it a fact that this thought many in Russia may return at any moment? Fungus, which was your first recollection of these words Surikov? " Mushroom: "When

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Half a million votes

Premature vote: already about half a million voters Most activity in the premature vote recorded as in the first day, in Vitebsk and Gomel regions, minimal — in Grodno. "Director of the orphanage forced to vote early"By Misha Vasilevsky from Minsk, in the 3rd hostel organization "Belsantehmantazh-2", which is located at Lane Sofia Kovalevskaya, 61 inmates are forced to vote early. Nikolai Lozovik not believe At the polling station number 528 number 106 Kolas district of Minsk has voted more than 50% of voters. This was said in a district election commission. Official numbers understate?

In 2004, according to

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Minsk, 1997: An authorized rally in support of press freedom

"Star" in 1937 draws attention"In the months of August and September, as an exception, is allowed to take in myasapastavki chickens with their heads from each weighing 800 grams (instead of 1000). Geese accepted weighing not less than 3500 grams; ducks — not less than 1400 grams; turkey — not less 2800 grams. Donating bird count myasaabavyazatselstvav very profitable. every 700 grams of donated birds are counted as 1 kilogram myasapastavak. "* "Evening Minsk", 1987. "How many movies released Warner Bros." BelarusFilm "on whiteRussian language?"- I asked someone in the editorial A.Rybchonak. Editorial explains:" studio "BelarusFilm" in the period 1972

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KGB promises to students for certain dividends information

Eugene Skrabutan trained at the Warsaw Institute on behalf programmke Kalinouski. On the days of a group of young people he crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border checkpoint "Privalka" in Grodno region. Met his two guards, with whom he previously had to face at a checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the border with Poland. They offered him a ride to Grodno.Skrabutan: "They ask what happens in the democratic forces that occurs in" Yuen front "that occurs in students abroad? It seems to me that these people assigned to border crossings and just go back and forth. I think they know when I’m gonna vorachivatsya

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Our homeland a cheap gas for Belarus paid two hundred occupation …

In a post last week as previously dominated by arguments about the letters of the Belarusian-Russian affairs, about the different historical paths that have chosen Russian republics of the former Union.Our listener Peter Kasneryk village of Baranovichi district Peranosiny own new sheet to freedom inspired by the messages from Lithuania that many members of the Lithuanian Parliament initiated a review of the compensation for the damage from the Russian occupation. Earlier, the government commission estimated that Lithuania should seek from Moscow as compensation for the damage of 20 billion U.S. dollars. Petro Kasneryk writes on this subject:"Claim not prohibited. Another

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GAI will fight tragedies prayer and holy water

First responded to the request of the state inspection Father Nicholas Church of the Intercession of the Virgin, in the Mogilev region. He consecrated the stretch of road that stands avaryynastsyu overpriced.Mogilev State avtainspektsyi management has not yet commented cooperation with Orthodox Church. There notice that it has only just begun. Rector of the church of the Holy Virgin on a business trip.Midst of Mogilev drivers no specific position regarding cooperation and GAI Orthodox Church. Here are two relevant responses.Driver with ten years considers that such cooperation does not prevent:"I rate it positively. Those drivers who are aware of the

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