Mikhalevich: Lukashenko has shown its inability of the West

"On my eyes, is fully consistent with reality. Indeed, there were small improvements in the process of the election campaign. For example, much less people wasabout arrested and sit in jail, but that does not mean that the elections were free and fair. Straight "and" had to arrange the process of counting the vote. The counting process in comparison with previous campaigns have not changed. Observers again were sitting far away from where the number of votes. When they tried to get closer, they are simply removed. Was rigged all previous vote. State that these elections free and democratic, no

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Extreme Belarusian motorists

Belarusian swamp better resorts in TurkeyIf express language of official documents, auto trial — this competition on technique and speed control all-wheel drive passenger cars over rough terrain and overcome natural or artificial obstacles.In Belarus, professor and amateur level in their SUVs rework machine Tial about hundreds of drivers. One of the coordinators of the Belarusian steps jeep trial Daniel Dolmatov knows "tryyalshchyki" — people really typical:"Yes, people are building themselves do. Who’s that as they say, capable of. All this is very expensive, and the machines cost a lot of money. And in order to prepare them for the

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on Situation in Belarus discussions are chairman of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko and chief editor of the magazine Arche Valery Bulgakov.7:00 * F* Now Supreme Tribunal make out the proposal of Ministry of Justice on the Elimination of women’s party "Nadzeja."* Interview with another public editor of "Freedom", 26-year-old Sergei Semenov, who is now obliged to study in Ukraine.Live with Yuri Stepanov, public activist since the early 1990s, at the moment — the coordinator for international

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Process with the administration of President Vl.Holadam bureaucrat will be closed

This was told in the press service Supreme Court. According to the press service, the case came to the court with the stamp, which provides for a closed process. When the process starts, has not yet decided.Vladimir Cold detained in late June. Bureaucrat presidential administration suspected fraud and incitement to bribery.According to these allegations Vladimir Frost threatens to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.Lukashenko freed from B. Cold work Tsentravykankame, 18:08:07 Penalty "Narodnaya Volya"25 million in favor of Proleskovsky, 2:10:07

Is there any incorrect Vileyschine bards?

Center Vileika meets newcomer with posters warning about the festival. At the entrance to the Palace of Culture did notmany people: first participants, n» chinyaya beer and sandwiches await the start of the gala concert and the announcement of the results of the competition.I have used the pause to figure out why in the program no-independent Vialejka bards. Public activist Alexei Syudak led, for example, the well-known far beyond Vileika bard Ales Narkevich:"They are afraid that Narkevitch sing a song about a white-red-white flags. Basically, even if organize such a festival at Vileika district, there is someone to speak. Just

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Young Social Democrats reminded of fasting A.Kozulin

These shares are demanding the release A.Kozulin planned in Minsk near Bangalore Square, Orel Street, near the circus grounds and park in the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.Young Social Democrats believe dedicate anniversary hunger strike pickets A. Kazulin. • A.Kozulin "Excellent feel like life vorachivaetsya the body", 12.12.2006 • Alexander Kozulin began a hunger strike 20.10.2006

A.Milinkevich told the students about the human rights situation in Belarus

Followers of the German Cultural Institute Goethe filled with students. I walked over to the young man behind the podium, a representative of the political society "Polis", which holds similar meetings. He noted that such a debate always comes very many Youth who are interested in the situation in the various countries of concern, as different political difficulties in the Czech Republic itself.Alexander Milinkevich as he entered the hall and saw a number of interested youth, said that he believes in the future of Belarus, and that all hope of Belarus — on youth.A.Milinkevich introduced the participants to the political

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Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report)

SLIDE-REPORT:• Large format, loading slower • The smallest format, loaded fasterChief Kurapaty cross "sufferers of Belarus", which stood in the hole almost eighteen years, now lying on the ground. It’s broken into 2-places — across the bottom and around the cross. With cross and crown of thorns lost.Igor Vashkevich live near, yesterday evening about the eleventh hour he saw not far from Kurapaty 2- Young people and the lady who pulled a wire: "They were drunk. One young man was carrying on his shoulder this stitching wire. At first I did not realize, but after remembered that such a crown

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Belarusian basketball champions won bronze European Championships

Successful performance of the team Belarus was a surprise to most basketball professionals.One of the more recognizable players Belarusian Sharavera Constantine, who once played for the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute, and at the moment — the second coach of the men’s team of Belarus and CEO of the club "Minsk-2006" does not hide the feelings:"In 1-x, wild delight, pride in the country. I believe that the girls made a real feat. Simply super. Now wherever you go in, even people far from the sport for one voice they say," Congratulations. "Very happy for the first coach Anatoly Buyalsky that accurately

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Nobel Prize for medicine — two Yankees and Englishman

Research Nobel laureates today became the foundation for the technology of genetic modification in the butt cells of mice. With these modifications, scientists have studied the relationship between individual genes and different diseases. Since 1989 he wasa study of more than 10 thousand genes of mice — it is about half of all mouse genes.According to the Nobel Committee, the study showed Mario Kapeki role of different genes in the development of the internal organs in mammals. Martin Evans used a modification of genes to teach Succession kistovy fibrosis disease, and studies concerned Smitysa heart disease.Three scientists receive medals, diplomas

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