Minsk hosts photo exhibition of Andrey Liankevich Living with art

To impart life paintings by their owners, Andrew Liankevich paid a visit to the best house of Austria. He says, there watched how paintings and people operate among themselves in their personal home life."Walked absolute mix between journalism and ARTam, which I’ve never done before. Absolute experience working with people, supervision over people. Creating such is not very natural situations in life, but that could totally happen. I was very curious, since I’ve played with people. "Zhbankov critic Maxim believes that Liankevich managed to peek in the relationship of art and human new features:"It fotaseryya status of the human soul.

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Citations past: May Premirovana beast, I adore you currently ready!

"Belarusian village", year 1927. The newspaper reported: "Farmers Senno district, Vitebsk neighborhood, collected in a fund to build a squadron" Our answer to Chamberlain "300 rubles 91 kopecks. Funds have already been sent. Cause farmers Beshenkovichi district, Orsha neighborhood Gorodetsky and Chashniksky areas Vitebsk neighborhood. Zhazhelkovski Committee for Mutual he brought to the fund for the construction of a squadron "Our answer to Chamberlain" 3 rubles … We farmers village Shortbread Kopyl district, we make 5 rubles. 75 kopecks. to build "Our response to Chamberlain." "Fatherland" on This week in 1957 reprints a radio skit "Liberation": "Russian writer could not

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Posture of each student are half a million rubles

At Mrs. Ella four children. In This year eldest daughter is in first grade. Ella is currently on maternity leave, working single father. Ella has calculated how much it will cost to fix daughter to school:"If you take everything: shoes, shape, physical shape — 400-500 thousand least necessary to ensure that all buy. "Reporter: "This is for the girls of six years, in first class?"Ms. Ella: "We are here still lucky: she had time to grow around. Here are 50 thousand of state aid, which give a large family to prepare the kid to school — is naturally funny. Only

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Night arrest Malady

Man taken to train the police department Interior, which raised claims that it is not the police and tribunal summons. In half of the fifth morning Andrew Tsyanyuta taken to a temporary detention street Borisenko, where he is presently. On present day Railway court in Gomel scheduled consideration of several administrative protocols against Tsyanyuta, namely for neprelichnuyu abuse and resisting police. September 13, when the town svyatkavavsya day, police arrested Andrew Tsyanyuta with white-red-white flag near the Ice Palace, where the concert took place. During their detention, crazy guy finger and damaged knee. Tipo he spat on police and tottered.Sovereign

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Police Saligorsk interested in the announcement of the Socialist march in Minsk

The reason for this was the announcement of where Mr. Satsura and Ms. Nasanovich left coordinates. The report said the development in Belarus Committee for the Defence business, also on a public march in Minsk.Deputy police chief Andrei Klyashevich claimed from Alexander and Larissa Satsura Nasanovich provide a written explanation for the spread of the disk imaging. With all this, he referred to a corresponding requirement Soligorsky executive committee.

Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." why Polish deputies were not allowed in Belarus? Or more official Minsk hopes to improve relations with» united Europe? What role does the incident with Polish politicians on the Belarusian border can play in the Polish campaign? Over these issues Polish Center reflect the analyst of international relations Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky, editor of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics" Fyodor Lukyanov, and head of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski. 7:00 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 7:30 * House of Writers — a

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May seize the product for any violations

"Our government can condemn anyone"Tsigankov: "Representatives of the movement of entrepreneurs start with a call on September 1 business strike against seizures of control bodies. How, in your opinion, due to their demands? Is there any reason for the disturbance and strikes? "Balykin: "Our government can condemn anyone. Either you wish businessman or a legal person — to work in our country is very difficult, because the supervisory bodies have a very huge opportunity. They may for example, extrajudicial confiscate product means."Tsigankov: "For what?"Balykin: "Any violations. I’m not exaggerating — it might not be so costly to put a comma.

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South American Belarusians commemorated Lew Sapieha

The event of the 450th anniversary of the birth of the famous political, public and military figure majestically Duchy of Lithuania Belarusian Museum in New York (www.belmov.org) presented a picture of Ales Shaternik depicting Leo Sapieha."He was ahead of his time and was willing to lead the company," — wrote the painter in his own explanation of the picture for the anniversary of Lev Sapieha forwarded to New-york.

Ales Storozheva Poetry — an integral part of life tehnakratnaga

Ales Storozheva — radical Minsker in the 3rd generation. Born in 1948 in a large family, where he wasabout five kids. Was obliged to go to work early, even 16 years. After the end of the evening school entered the Belorussian Polytechnic Institute (BPI). Worked at MAZ, played football for the team "Torpedo". After defected to work at BPI, defended his thesis, PhD. Since the beginning 2007 works in the Institute of Applied Physics problems BSU. Has a family. Wife of doctor, already adult offspring and daughter, two granddaughters. About weave scientific publications and inventions. But the literary field first

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The Vitebsk region began plein air art dedicated to Joseph Drozdovich

Today’s plein air in the Vitebsk region — the fifteenth. Once a year, artists from all over the country gather in Hiermanavičy, where, under the auspices of the cultural and educational center Jazeps Drozdovich inspiring landscape that once captivated their illustrious predecessor.With the naming of Joseph Drozdovich first related places Sharkovshchina and deepest. And members of the plein air, as noted by one of them, Alex Marochkin want for 6 days to visit all of these small towns and huge:"In the program there first — Visit the tomb of Joseph is not far from Lipljan Drozdovich also traveled to places

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