Valentin Golubev

Accomplished online conference with the politician and historian Valentin Golubev.

Valentin Golubev was born June 21, 1955. He worked as a tiler-facing worker in building trust Svetlahorsk, served in the army. He graduated from BSU. Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History Academy Belarus. Ph.D. in History (thesis — "Zamlevparadkavanne farmers and land in Belarus 16-18 centuries."

From 1990 to January 1996 — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, coordinator of the opposition Popular Front, Secretary of the Commission on Sun international affairs and economic ties. One of the founders of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Republic

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National Bank offers abandon binding to the Russian ruble

Managing the press service of the National Bank of the country Misha Zhuravovich emphasizes that the proposal still under the project: "Nothing is decided yet. These are the main areas. They will be coordinated and approved by the President." Reporter: "If the proposals will be taken — what will it mean? "Zhuravovich: "Let’s go back to the previous track. Earlier, we were tied to a single currency. After 2 years tried — in Russian. This complicates the calculation of other currencies. "As for consumers, Misha Zhuravovich outlook confirmed some professionals that bind to a single currency — the U.S. buck

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Natalia Pyatkevich will manage skiing

For example, the head Presidential Administration Gennady Nyavyhlas headed Belarusian Football Federation, Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov — Ice Hockey Federation, Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev — shooting, Justice Minister Viktor Golovanov — table tennis, Chairman House of Representatives Vladimir Kanaplyou — handball.Earlier, Federation of skiing and snowboarding for a long time led Igor Yudin, Master of Sports in Alpine skiing. In This year May 17, he died on the 50-year life. Acting kind Time was Vladimir Trofimenko, the company’s CEO "meaning."

Maladziechna: explosives on a site not found a

As saidand the agency "Interfax-West", in the evening on Mon Molodzechno ambulance station unknown called and said that mined the Institute building. Sappers went to the scene, but no explosive device was not found. Even earlier, engineers went to the bell on the package, which found the Central Square, and which seemed suspicious, but it was shoes. Upon anonymous call instituted criminal case Article 340 of the Criminal Code "Intentionally wrong message about the threat."

Poll: Do you support the strike initiators business?

Businessman: "I take this flegmantichno. Necessary to work."Businessman: "The strike will not help. Here the authorities should not … help, so at least we would not interfere. And so all their requirements, these certificates — all we must. Maybe only to someone they cling. Then we can go on strike. But it is unlikely to help. "Businessman: "That’s right, they do. So the government grips us, so entrepreneurs underestimated. I support the strike."Businessman: "Excellent attitude. Very hard began to work. Taxes constantly grow, and the purchasing power falls. Because our business is all worse and worse. "Businessman: "I support their

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The Tribunal began to deal with the anarchy on the web?

On August 15, the Minsk Economic Court began proceedings against Internet resource At this address is electrical information about the activities of the Joint civilian party. Lawsuit filed legal group founded by Andrew Kozik — scion chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik. The occasion was the material "Family" does business. Under the safe roof country, "was placed on the website. Group" Argument "considers that Article harms its reputation and that of the offspring of the union favorite and asks refutation. In UCP claims do not agree with. "Web site does not belong to the

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Chapter Shklou department BPF A.Fedorov remains in jail

Alexander Fedorov accused infringement procedures for salary payments. He, allegedly, paid wages frontman parties. If wine Fedorov will be confirmed, he faces up to 6 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. Before his arrest, Fedorov worked as a foreman on the 2-boiler in Shklou.Sovereign Fedorova detained on June 14. Conclude the first night spent in the clinic policies — had a heart attack. Currently Alexander Fedorov contain in Mogilev remand.Lawyer Fedorov said, "Freedom", which will continue to seek the release of the defendant from his own protection.Wife Alexandra Fedorova Olga was seen with her husband three times — when he

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Our state of Belarus became beggars. It’s a shame and sad …

In a post last week, a lot of responses to letters nedavneshny another crisis in Belarusian-Russian relations caused by the untimely Minsk calculations for gas supplies. Students will also talk about the consequences of that, in connection with what is happening, can meet the Belarusian economy.Current conversation will start with messages Kukso Nicholas, a former teacher of history and geography of the town Ivianiec Volozhin district."I, Byelorussian, shameful that our government is like a beggar with outstretched hand, asks RF loan. But we time were the most developed republic. As previously stated: "Russian Union assembly plant."Belarus — the third in

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European Parliament in defense of the historical part of Grodno

Committee representative Tadeusz Zvefka also prepared a special statement in which condemned programm reconstruction of architectural monuments of the historic center and a call to Grodno local authorities suspend such acts. • Poland defends Grodno monuments, 14.08.2007

More 2-Polish politicians are not allowed to enter Belarus

As became clear in Belarus on the same day is also not allowed to enter the head of the largest opposition party in Poland "plainclothes platform," former presidential candidate Donald Tusk and head of the parliamentary group of solidarity with Belarus Robert Tyszkiewicz. Politicians have stated that they "threaten the constitutional system of Belarus." Tusk and Tyshkevich went also to celebrate the days of the Polish Army. "If the country is not allowed parliamentarians who do not travel at the invitation political party, and the event patriotic disposition, that all statements about the necessity of Minsk dialogue with the West

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