110:0 in favor of the authorities

The new parliament looks more bureaucratic officialdom as true. In the midst of the new deputies — bureaucrats of the Presidential Administration, Managing Vitebsk regional executive committee vice-chairmen of regional executive committees a number of areas, urban bureaucrats and regional levels. As usual, came to the House of doctors and teachers, lawyers and law enforcement officers, executives of some companies. In the brand new parliament will be two artists — to Gennady Davydko joins Svetlana Sukhovey. Deputy and became a journalist — Ivan Bogatka column. Continue the work of the previous convocation of 29 deputies. Dame is the same, still

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Franak Vyachorka in films

"Evening Brest" examine the problem of why suddenly stopped their work Berezovskaja company "Frandesa" engaged in the creation of plant protection products. Foreign enterprise inaugurated in This year July 20, but on September 11, stopped working. Management office claims that their work is of a seasonal nature and therefore temporary break accidental. Coupled with the fact in Bereza is collecting signatures for the fact that close "Frandesu" because making chemicals may be safe for inhabitants of the town. Also there is a resolution of Bereza district inspection of natural resources and environmental protection that work to stop the "Frandesy" because

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Mon to Freedom

Morning 6:10 * "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on Situation in Belarus discussions are chairman of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko and chief editor of the magazine Arche Valery Bulgakov6:35 * "Call" Freedom "- weekly review calls our listeners.6:45 * "Free Studio". Guest Misha Scoble — poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk which on Wednesday celebrates its 50th anniversary.7:00 * Morning Live.Evening18:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world. 18:33 * "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on the situation in Belarus discussions are civilian head of the United Party Anatoly

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Catholic church does not wish to remain on the street Russian

Not so long ago a priest offers Vladislav Zavalniuk Minsk authorities decided Bersana rename the street, which is near the church, in the street Edward Voinilovich. Edward Voinilovich — recognizable in the late XIX — early XX century landowner and philanthropist who supported the Belarusian nezalezhnitsky movement, June 11 last year Minsk was reburied in the Church of St. Simon and Lena. For their money Voinilovich built this church in Minsk in 1910.As a result, the authorities’ decision Reddish church remained in the street Russian, 15.Vladislav Zavalniuk priest said, addressing the faithful:"Document on hand until we have. But I consult

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More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:"Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine" 1.10.2007Editor in chief Radio Liberty: YOU! 4.10.2007Lebedko: "This is the best action of opposition" 30.09.2007Photo report strikes business 2.10.2007Permit stamp for traveling abroad will not be canceled? 3.10.2007"One Our homeland" is campaigning in Belarus? 3.10.2007"On Konopleva session read as language nekralog" 3.10.2007"Belsat" removes "Tuteyshyh" 3.10.2007Dmitry Barco. Photography 1988-2007 (Photo Gallery) 3.10.2007Elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Photo Gallery) 1.10.2007

Your choice: more readable materials Saturday

1st Week in Belarus in photo, September 30 — October 5 Second Ira Kozulin — public editor of the week (Photo Gallery) 3rd Anna Politkovskaya. 1958 — 2006. Photo Gallery Fourth 10 years ago destroyed presidential Comptroller Eugene Mikolutskogo 5th Vitebsk accomplished presentation books by Vladimir Orlov "Names of Liberty"

Reddish church prayed for teachers and Belarusian Writers

Mass in the parish church of reddish arranged rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk. He said:"Today we also pray especially for teachers. Thanks to everyone who really gets this foundation in the education and development of our people. Among us very pochetaemy sovereign Ryhor Baradulin our recognizable poet, who, for his possible love for the fatherland through God, through spirituality. And we come together in a spirit of prayer with all the masters words, all the poets and writers of Belarus. God bless, that language was unblemished, in different values of net. To assist in the formation of the word through the

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In Dushanbe ended summit of the CSTO and EurAsEC

The leaders of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan signed a package of documents relating to the legal framework of the Customs Union. Later he was able to join other members of the Eurasian Economic Community — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. At the summit approved a plan of action in the formation of the Customs Union by 2010.Political scientist Andrei Fedorov Pronunciation:"In practice, that a single economic space, only Ukraine with its excluded. Fact, how it will be done? In addition, we have a conflict with Russia on a range of duties. Because I knew the experience of previous such agreements, fear

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Russian-Belarusian day word order

Midst Belarusian poets Paul Sverdlav, Dmitry Dmitriev, Anka fell Marika Martysevich. Organizer of the Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima summed up the results of the first cultural event "Word Order":"Festival of unprecedented Belarus: On a scale of time and the number of participants by geography. This is the subject of our pride. We are going to develop a poetic process and further in that direction. "One of the participants, from Mogilev Dmitry Dmitriev, ranked Belarusian Russian poetry through poetry. Currently Dmitry writes in Belarusian. First moment very important to him:"I currently know that in Belarusian currently writes more professional people. Scribblers

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Week in Belarus in photo, September 30 — October 5

September 30. Gathering against cancellation of privilegesOAB in VitebskOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Minsk Outraged entrepreneurs seek out the truth For businessmen conducted operational videzdymki Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski responds to questions from participants strike Alexander Kalinowski tries to close the camera lens Liberty correspondent Entrepreneurs about "parking" — now strike One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makaeu All booths in the "parking lot" is now not workingOctober 2. Entrepreneurs Slonim markets stopped workOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Vitebsk Shopping center "EVIC": virtually all closed, traders NO On the "Smolensk" emptyOctober 2. Representatives

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