Youth organizations are the most active and unsafe for the authorities

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" in Mogilev and Gomel almost every day visit KGB investigators — cause them to so called preventive conversations.In Homel police raided the headquarters of the Joint civilian party. The policemen explained to party members that they are interested in primarily for the existence of other structures — "Young Front".Activist says "Young Front" Tatiana Shaputska:"At the most power are youth organizations, because they are the most active and unsafe for her. Soligorsk Nyasvizh and failed to kill" Young Front ", they undertook Gomel.Search in an office UCP specifically related to the activities of the

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Brest to load Savushkin product — birch sap

"You come to the warehouse, and they say to you politely that box" Tuborg "will only take two boxes when a rubbish — says businessman Vladimir Krasenkow. — The kiosk has become inspect, there is a" fund products. "I ask, which means "fund products.""And what for you — well, do not need? That is such a product" — is responsible businessman Krasenkow."More tactfully offer birch sap in addition to" Savushkin product "- says businessman personal Maisyuk. — Usually goes usual dictates."Leading special municipal government trade Alla Okolotovich explains, so act on the Brest Regional Executive Committee decision of 17 January

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MIA transfer materials on the opposition rally to the Prosecutor General

This agency "Interfax" said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Oleg Slepchenko.By him, action was unauthorized, the participants were burning torches went out on the roadway Independence Avenue, obstruct the traffic. ""Acts protesters documented, there is video. After Police absolutely analyze the information, it will be transferred to the General Prosecutor’s Office for a legal assessment of the actions protesters . "

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Guest night air — the first public editor of Liberty Ira Kozulin

In "Night studies" is now ending series devoted to the spread of gambling in Belarus. In the past we had read about the days of the increasing number of clubs with gaming machines and television latyareyav boom, now — about casino: Belarusian gaming market expected influx of Russian, and some MPs suggest all Belarusian casinos take in the deepest. Grodno inhabitants speak out why people play in casinos. In addition in "Freedom Night" interview with the winner of the contest "Win the book Freedom" Dmitry Kavetskaya, reporting from Bobruisk a day or poetry festival "Word Order", information about Prime» ers

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Poll: Were you at the reception of mammalogy?

Listen:Lady: "Since vserasprostranennaya a disease, then you need to be checked. At least go to the gynecologist. It will have a look and will say, you need to go to mammalogy. Especially since, and devices that have them there for this. "Lady: "Well, not yet … Is age after 40?"Lady: "At one point I was. On his own work, I need to pass doctors sanknizhki. Sent me from the 24th to the hospital mammalogy. She looked and said that nothing terrible Tipo not, but need to be checked. I do not strolled . "Lady: "There was a time when I

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Martyrology of Liberty: Vasily Abramchuk

Abramchuk Vasily Ivanovich, born. 1901 s. Jelly Zaslavsky district, Minsk region., Belarus, from farmers beginning. education, to farmer-su "Spark" in s. Jelly. 38.06.14 arrested. 38.09.22 condemned the "troika" as an agent of the Polish vyvedvorganav under Art. 68 of the Criminal Code of the BSSR to capital punishment. Shot in Minsk 38.10.01 bullpen. 89.04.30 deal revise PROSECUTOR BVI. The KGB-23408 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once a

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Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists for Freedom

Police detained nine people. Among them there are minor. Detainees at the moment are in the police department Smalyavichy.Gomel: The search is related to the case "Junior Front", 5.10.2007 Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

Farewell to Eugene Budinas

Farewell held in Eugene made Budinas cultural and historical complex "Dudutki." Gathered here many people, they brought a huge amount of colors. The coffin of the deceased placed near the mill — a place that he loved.Farewell friends had read Budinas — Yuri Khaschevatsky, Nyaklyayeu Yuri Khadika Alexander Starikevich and others.Then the procession went to the crematorium.The remains will be buried in Eugene Budinas "Dudutki" in his covenant.• Wreath memory Eugene Budinas, 4.10.2007

Economic tribunal upheld the claim of the BHC to the government

The Tribunal did not agree with the fact that the Council of Ministers must pay BHC 250 thousand rubles — price of property rights organization that seized the tax inspectorate.Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak disappointed by the decision of the judge Catherine Karatkevich:"In 1-x, the Council of Ministers in general has not been presented at the trial. Brewed this mess He almost made the situation rejection of international agreements — and now does not respond to our requests and demands of the European Commission.In-2, arguable position of the court as the tribunal did not seek the

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80 km on the bike — the presentation of the Names of Freedom

Writer who was born and raised in Polotsk, recognizable stories popularizer of Polotsk, have to meet with readers in a semi-legal criteria.Samples to advertise the planned meeting with the readers had of success. But in spite of this people at a presentation comes a lot, and the room is not able to accommodate all who wish to meet with the creator of "Belarusian history in the people."To get to the presentation of a medical Driss (Verkhnedvinsk) Petro Kvetinsky rode a bike eighty miles.Yesterday Vladimir Orlov presented his book Rositsa residents — a village on the border with Latvia.According to the

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