Night siege October 11

The community by_politics publish a statement of some members of such socio-political initiatives such as "third way", "eye", "Mutiny". The text says disagreement with the organizers of the "Euro march" to go October 14 permission from the authorities of the route Academy to Bangalore Square. The creators of this application call to gather at October Square Independence Avenue and move to the State Library. Comments:"Judging by the amount of passion that razdimayutstsa all completed zilch";"Translated into human language this means:" Let’s go get on the head! Later, all told how we hurt evil regime! ";"Great! If these strong organizations 14th

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Delegation of the European Commission took note of the situation in Belarus

The delegation met with representatives of Presidential Administration, Ministry of foreign affairs, civilian society also EU states and international organizations. Motivate them to perform official Minsk 12 political criteria of the EU and, incidentally, the situation of the media in Belarus.According to the press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov, the delegation met with the Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Valery Voronetsky:"They discussed a wide range of issues related relations between Belarus and the European Commission. The issue of opening the office of the European Commission still runs the domestic process of harmonization. " According to the Ministry of

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In Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramova

As witnesses were present in court four policemen. They justify that Inga Abramova Profanity in the center of Masherov avenue. Activist movement "For Freedom" Inga Abramova was arrested October 10 around 20:00. Police officer ordered the brakes, and later called Task Force. Together with Inga Abramova public activist was detained Yuri Bacourt. He is now sentenced to 10 days in jail.Mama Inga Abramova also Inga said Radio Liberty:"Everything was decided in advance. Policemen give different readings. One of them states that Tipo swore in one place. Others justify that when boarding a car. Quite different evidence. Without conscience lie. They

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Guest night air — Party Chairman Hope Lena Eskova

Our guest the night air will be chairman of the liquidated women’s party "Nadzeja" Lena Eskova. We will tell about the current process of "Hope", which was held in Supreme Court Belarus. People on the streets of Minsk utter seemingly changed, in their opinion, the Belarusian politics, if there were more women. In "Night of research papers" — the story of the beginning of the campaign to counter forced rassredotachivaniyu graduates of Belarusian universities.Also in the "Night of Freedom" — in the footsteps of success Belarusian basketball bronze at the European Championship — talking about the fact whether there is

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Anatoly Lebedko Our Europeanness should appear once a day

(Bushlyakov) "Minsk city authorities allowed to spend on October 14 in Minsk," European march "on the structure of the Academy to Bangalore Square and a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples. Initially, the organizers intend to meet on October Square and from there go to the main avenue of the capital building of the State Library . But the authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route. Anatoly, you as the 1st of the applicants, rerouting did not disappoint? "(Liabedzka 🙂 "Personally, I am not satisfied with the proposal, but there is a position

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Public initiative of Belarus — the Council of Europe supported the European March

"We believe that all the supporters of the euro selection Belarus merged, and this will force us to reckon with the official authority. Good opportunity for association — European March, which are going to come and our activists, "- said one of the initiators of public campaign Igor Rinkevich.Activists public initiatives announced reprisals against supporters of the euro choice of the authorities. "10’s people recently arrested for march invented disorders such neprelichnaya abuse or insubordination. Involve the authorities to intimidate our supporters," — said Igor Borisov businessman from Glacier. He said that as part of the police and does not

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Lukashenko: Belarus No NPP will not survive

By 2020, Belarus will build nuclear power station capacity of 2,000 megavat. Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Ministry of Energy to prepare for the tender.Station will be third-generation reactor. For its equipment shall be considered three options — a group of U.S. companies and land of the rising sun, France and Germany, also Russia.According to the press service of the President, under the station platform will be elected in late 2008 — early 2009.At the moment, we consider two options — Krasnopolyanskaya and Kukshinovskaya in Mogilev region. There are also a few spare in other regions of the country.General project can

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Brest freedom activist sentenced to 10 days in jail

Qualifying offenses — disorderly conduct. Young man blamed for the fact that yesterday he swore Tipo in the center of Masherov avenue. As witnesses were four policemen.Yuri Bakura taken to the tribunal of the temporary detention center, where he spent the night present.

The U.S. Congress rejected the $ 700 billion stabilization package

After 4 hours of intense debate House of Representatives U.S. Congress rejected a bill on the nomination of 700 billion dollars to stabilize money markets. Were filed against 228 votes, — 205. The other day, George Bush called for the plan possible faster.

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Garry Kasparov: Putin acts as Lukashenko

Congressman U.S. House of Representatives Tom Lentas knew personally Anna Politkovskaya:"Anna Politkovskaya — One of the most distinguished ladies I have met in my life. This unusual man was killed in his apartment building, and it is one of the many victims of power, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian. "Tom Lentas also in his speech gave the highest rating capabilities and courage Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov’s favorite "Joint civilian front," which also participated in the forum. Garry Kasparov in Washington read about Anna Politkovskaya and the situation in Russia:"October 7th day we remember how catastrophic coincidences. None of us

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