Quote a day or October 4

"Politics — this backyard mind. It is completely uninteresting ordinary people anywhere. Happy the country where people do not even know who have their president. And I’m tired of life to live on the margins of these. And hunting, in the end, at least for old age years talk about the love. " Eugene Budinas about why the last book written about love

"He was very similar to his own life unchanged for the time in where he lived, and Time was similar to him. I think just Eugene assist it manifest in this time. He was

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Lyceum in Poland show performance

Lyceum show musical performance within the International Festival of national cultures, which will begin in Gdansk a week. Lyceum will represent Belarus at the festival.Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos sure that the Polish public understands perfectly the theme and the time specified in the "People’s album" — the action takes place in the interwar Rakov in the 20s of the last century.Especially since, Lyceum students that have already performed this musical towns in Zakopane, Gdansk, also in Warsaw."I think it is fascinating that is indicated by the formation of culture, which was just destroyed later."According to Vladimir Kolos, in the "People’s

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Anniversary of the murder of Politkovskaya: People have lost the chance to find out the truth about Chechnya

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest newspaper" where Anna Politkovskaya worked styled mobile phone journalist:"By calling this number, hundreds of persons. By Anna Politkovskaya went from failure. It was obliged take over some functions of the state in helping people affected by war in Chechnya. This phone she heard a lot of curses and threats. Heard the words of gratitude. This phone is assigned a meeting at which she received the most important information about corruption in the Russian Federation. "Dmitry Muratov said that "newcomer newspaper" resume phone number — so that people can call now employees Politkovskaya.

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Who has the television lottery, and who makes them?

As in Russian time in modern Belarus organizers lyatarey share the profits with the state 50-50: half of the amount goes to the prize pool, second half — in the municipal budget.Now Municipal government lyatarey registry maintained by the Ministry of money to record more than 30 different lottery. But the main player in the market — based on the decree of Alexander Lukashenko enterprise "National Sports Lotteries" organizer "Superlato." For a couple of years, the company has caught up with and even surpassed its own main rival — "Belarusian lottery." Many of the secret of success in sees personalities

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Editor in chief of Radio Liberty: YOU!

What will it be? The program will be devoted to a topic that will determine for us folk editor. At his request journalists make the necessary interviews, conduct research, interviewing people on the streets.What topics can be offered? Unlimited — Theme be schematic you. Who will it be? Candidate for the head editor of the number we elect recognizable and unknown persons from Belarus and abroad, young and adult. We welcome your advice — call, send suggestions via SMS, electric mail. If it can be heard? First time — on Friday, October 5, live, from 18.00. Then — each subsequent

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B.Klih called the other day to finish repression Euro march

Bogdan Klich disappointed reports of detention and pressure on the organizers of the "Euro march." He urged enable Belarusian citizens, activists of the democratic opposition and representatives civilian society organize and hold a peaceful demonstration and open.By Bogdan Klich, reports of harassment in the European flag crawl statements Belarusian management readiness to develop business with the EU.Bogdan Klich also said:"Moreover, violating basic rights of Belarusians to free speech and assembly, the government Alexander Lukashenko not may be reliable partner in the dialogue with Europe. "

CIS observers regret that the opposition was not included in Parliament

Managing this observer mission, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev stated that parliamentary elections consistent with the Belarusian legislation and held without violations. Member of mission Pavel Borodin added that the elections meet international standards and.On the question of the relation to the fact that no representative Belarusian opposition not passed in parliament, Lebedev said: "We were disappointed by this fact. Though the opposition candidates, especially weighed election race, summed those people, who share their eyes. "

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Victor Hursik: I do not deny the Holocaust

Kalinowski: "Good day, Victor, what prompted you to write this book?"Hursik "My journalistic role here is limited — only as a technical artist. Necessary to pay tribute to himself drazhnentsy, and first, Nikolai Ivanovich Petrovsky — the main witness of the disaster. In-2, I would have thanked gone from us medic Historical Sciences Vladimir Lemeshenko managing compilation books "Memory", and that is very worked on me, telling that the guerrillas were in fact ".Kalinowski: "Briefly remind listeners that still left in the village Drazhna April 14, 1943?"Hursik: "Was the Passover, it was 4:00 am when around the village, which was

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Russian company to pay compensation for the tragedy in the Vitebsk region

According to the judgment Russian company "Zapadtransnefteprodukt" must pay about 15 billion rubles for the consequences of the tragedy at the product pipeline Unecha-Ventspils, which was accomplished on March 23 Beshenkovichi district, Vitebsk region.As a result of the tragedy petroleum products, namely, diesel fuel, fell into the river Ulla and Western Dvina. In these reservoirs got 234 tons of petroleum products, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has estimated damage caused by 13 billion 206 million rubles.Russian company voluntarily paid only a half billion, 100 million and compensated for the work of the Belarusian Ministry of Emergency

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Amnesty International reminded buyers «Velcom» human rights

In an interview with Austrian television «ORF» Patzelt singled, in Belarus there are certain things that need to European businessmen direct attention. For example, the fact that Last year this country 151 took place in the area of freedom of expression in the rating organization "Reporters without Borders".According Heinz Patzelt, expanding trade, of course, benefit the Austrian businessmen, but also need to think about the usefulness of the population in countries such as Belarus. According to the views of the journalist, if unrealistic to prevent violations Human Rights in Belarus, it is necessary least, inform its own clients.

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