Announced fundraising for the monument Anatolia Sysuev

Competition to create a monument Anatolia Sysuev who put on his grave in his native village Goroshkov announced first this year.Says a close friend of the poet and the coordinator of the competition vice-chairman Union of Belarusian Writers Edward Akulin:"If we have summed up the contest, then unanimously elected outline of the draft proposed by the Belarusian young architect Hanicke Loikaw, as it is more consistent with the concept of the monument. Related Anatolia wished the base concept lay the sign of the Christian cross, which, in fact, did Genyk Loikaw. "To implement the project have found in Ukraine and

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In Night of Freedom — responses to death and talk about Budinas originality poleshukov

"Night study" now continue the theme of favorite television lyatarey among the population. Yesterday stated that, addictive as players. And now we find out who has these lottery, which has arrived from them and what the prize goes to the ordinary people.And the inhabitants of Gomel utter, they won the lottery?In addition in "Freedom Night" responses to perdition writer and journalist Eugene Budinas, reporting from setting n» play "People album," which is carried out in Warsaw students Humanitarian Lyceum, excursion with the historian of the Jewish ghetto in places Mogilev — before the next anniversary of the defeat of his

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How much have to pay for visas in adjacent countries?

October 2-3 in Warsaw held bilateral consular consultation. Agreed that Poland will take time introducing new criteria for issuing visas on December 1 (previously assumed that since November 1 Polish side will take for visa 60 euros).The Polish side expressed its intention not to increase tariff of consular fees for visas, which are valid until December 31.Explains the spokesman of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya:"The price of all Polish visas that will be issued before the end of the year and will be valid until December 31, does not change. In other words, if it is single-entry visa,

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Wreath memory Eugene Budinas

He was born in Moscow on February 18, 1944. Immediately after the war, the family moved to Vilnius, where he passed his childhood Eugene.After high school, he entered the Institute of Radio Technology in Ryazan (Our Fatherland), which, but was expelled for his own opposite character. Within years such as graduated Institute in Minsk, where he lived after long years almost without leaving.In his work book written more than 30 professions — from the builder and manager of a huge building management to control the publishing company "Polifakt."Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu poet met with Yevgeny Budinas first

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Will the Lithuanian funds in Belarus?

Currently the Lithuanian side expects proposals from Belarus in matters of oil transit through the port in Klaipeda. This was stated by Minister of Economy Vytas Navickas. In the case of such a project in Belarus will be able to come through Klaipeda to 6 million tons of oil.Member of Parliament of Lithuania is Vaclav Stankevich in parliament specifically Klaipeda. He says that three weeks reverse salting Belarus Vladimir Drazhin came to the port to examine the situation on the spot.Question to purchase shares of one of the Lithuanian stevedoring companies involved loading and unloading of transport ships, explains sovereign

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A.Potupa: sale Velcom — multistage speculative transaction?

In vserasprostranennom statement "Telekom Austria Group» specified: 70% of the shares of the first Belarusian mobile operator standard GSM "Mobile Digital Communications" will be bought in kipryyskay company "SB Telecom Ltd".This is a contract for 702 million euros. With all this, the Austrian side trusts the end of 2010 to acquire the remaining 30% stake for 320 million euros. In Baksova equivalent total amount closer to 1.5 billion dollars. Who has the real profits from the sale of "Velcom"?Commercial exploitation of the brand "Velcom" started in Belarus in 1999. Kipryyskaya company initially was in the midst of the founders of

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That entrepreneurs are thinking about the strike, which occurs in the center?

Man: "The people currently live with a funny day: now excellent — means well, tomorrow is bad — if you need to change something. Turns out that only every man for himself, and it is necessary that people thought not only for themselves. need to strike, but do it together, the whole republic. "Man: "We should not go to work, as pressured and pressured. Need at least a month to show that we are not sheep. "Lady: "One day strike fail. Need at least a month to go on strike. And if we pay tax, and then do not go

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Vyachorka: Europe lost the duel with Lukashenko

Vyachorka"The machine is afraid even to retreat from knurled mm path. My observations — those people who have four year reversed supported Lukashenko ran to discharge aggressively indifferent — "are not going anywhere, will not vote." This is a fundamental shift. Lukashenko freed support in the midst of these people. But part of democratic society will not go away. And it is crucial for European politicians. Some foreign observers really "seek out positive" Maybe find because the areas clean, swept, chairman of the commission smiling. After, as our people were not included in the district commissions, could not talk about

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In Minsk, the difficulties with the supply of milk

In the first half of a day or I have visited several shops in Minsk. All complained that the supply of milk in the cheapest kind packages for 700-900 rubles from urban dairies decreased.In vniversame "Suharevskaya" milk in bags was not. Yesterday brought only eight boxes instead of 30 2-hoo.On the situation with milk saleswoman said:"The situation SOS, bad. Have to take with communities. "In store "Shine" was a small amount of milk, but tlustastsyu two and a half percent. Commodity Bukreeva Larissa said:"Fact, that they currently do not apply to one hundred percent, 100 percent and 50 and 30.

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Brest opposition appeal against sentences

The Tribunal considered the metropolitan area of Brest presentation unauthorized meeting.Now Natalia antimony referee did not suit complaints three things — a fine 93 thousand rubles youth activist Yury Bakur, 15 days in jail and policy Paul Seviarynets warning journalist Lyubov Pronevich.Case of Yuri Bakura spotted for 10 minutes, and there are no complaints and Love Paul Sevyarinets Pronevich — 5 minutes.Brest human rights activist Yuri Zhidovich said the referee judged the nature of the case, "complaints are handled with speed peragortvannya pages."Paul Seviarynets explains:"The purpose of the complaint was that to lock the lawlessness that happens. And, in-2, pass

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