Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. October 3

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with Minsk publisher and local historian Victor Hursik, creator of the book "Blood and ashes Drazhna."• Poll: What do you know about the activities of the partisans?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Tarpach."2nd part:• "Unified Our homeland" is campaigning in Belarus?• Psychologists: TV lottery provoke dependence• Poll: Do you believe in honesty television lottery?• "Belsat" removes "Tuteyshyh"• "In Vilnius veritas" in Minsk• «Night rap." Humorous narrative Igor Sidoruk "School".• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes balls.

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Our homeland is a single election campaign in Belarus?

Yakub Kolas in 14 hours were about 2-10-s man in similar form colors of the Russian flag. On the back the inscription "United Our homeland". Near bus stood in the windows of which party flags and inscriptions on the body:"Shared memory! General honor! Unified Our homeland". My question is, who these people and what they do in Minsk, one woman said:"The purpose of our rally, athletic run — this is another release of the north-western edge of the Russian Federation and Belarus, to honor the memory of his countrymen, who died during the Russian war, and pass the baton to

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In Vilnius veritas in Minsk

Listen:Output book was the result of the poetry contest, which conducted the Belarusian PEN Center the centennial of the newspaper "Nasha Niva". Curators — critic Anna Kislitsyna and poet Andrei Khadanovich. Andrew Khadanovich time opening presentation creators said about the collection:"Very attractive, like me, a group not only poets, and novelists. Partially Belarusian-speaking, and those who write in Russian: Followers of the Republican contest" Century " Nasha Niva . "I think this is not the last in Minsk in Belarus and the presentation of this book. Very beautiful, like me, the choice of the creators."With 80 sent creators jury elected

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Title Belarus — is sacred offends public opinion

An activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko received the decision of the court Nesvizh that she, along with Artem Dubski of Asipovichy must pay 931 rubles a thousand fine for inscription on the wall of the building: "Belarus — is sacred." Another 300 thousand members of the Young must pay as compensation for the harm caused by the real. August 25 employees Nesvizh police detained activists of "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko, Artsyom Dubski, Alexander Zhukov and Anastasia Palazhanka. Detainees in police drew up reports in which the police wrote that the word "Belarus — is sacred" idea

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Night Siege — October 3

The forums portal discussions are how Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Republican Palace on the 10th anniversary. He stated that, Palace of the Republic — is one of the main modern symbalev-independent Belarus, and that "a majestic building with a lovely inner garments is inimitable decoration Minsk." Presentation participants forums:"Truth said, clean tears. What independence — and such sign. Box resembling Dneproges or svinakompleks on Glybochchyne. ""The mixture of the mausoleum sarcophagus th …""This terrible sarcophagus -" one of the major modern and symbalev-independent Belarus? Where there are signs of modernity? A even more so independence? "Living in a society magazine

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Psychologists: TV lottery provoke dependence

Electorate "Superlyato" trusts "TOTOLOT"In an underground subway passage "Stone Hill" in the morning, middle-aged lady stands hung with various lottery tickets. Implements circulation tickets, holding that the following week, before the TV screens will sit hundreds of Belarusians. At times it suitable clients. I ask that you first purchase?"K" TOTOLOT "people do not have anything exciting. This electric television game, people did not like. Much more enthusiasm for" Superlyato "and" your Lato. "Reporter: "Come customers have constant — many new faces?""Only" Superlyato "get unaltered men. A" TOTOLOT "shall be removed even taking. We persuaded, that eventually implemented, and they are

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Thursday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast environment from 18.00.6:30 * "Mailbox-111" — Letters to the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko.6:45 * "Journey" Liberty"- V.Paraf ‘John Dokshitsky district.7:00 * F* Before the European march lasts persecution of the opposition.* Live with Nicholas Petrushenka, colonel of the Russian Army in supplies. When he retires from the Army, he measured a compass middle of the road between Brest and Moscow: it turned Kohanovo place here and ass. Past Deputy of the USSR ran faction "Alliance", is now a favorite SLM Tolochinsky and member of the editorial board of the newspaper "Comrade."

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Lebedko: Lukashenko threw Europeans

UCP chairman referred to the past campaign "regular script" stylish victory, "which does not provide for counting."They do not even imitated counting. Why did it happen? After Lukashenko thinks about presidential election, about 2010. If at the moment to meet the Europeans, it can be regarded as a weakness. "According to the views of Mr. Liabedzka, SLM does not come out of the campaign in the state It is not good:"Now the situation for us again in black and white. We should not wonder why some of our colleagues passed in parliament, if they passed, we should not guess that

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A.Tolstyko: officials takes envy of businessmen

Kalinowski: "Sp.Alyaksandar, you now also on strike?"Taustyka: "I should like to clarify a little, it was essentially a strike-holiday business, as was a proposal to make October 2 prazdnichkom businessmen in Belarus, and of course, I participated in this prazdnichkom."Kalinowski: "How did you celebrate your Zhdanovichi market, where do you work?"Taustyka: "I can not speak exactly as I was in another place, and my friends and I celebrated entrepreneurs in the center of town.""I believe that prazdnichek failed"Kalinowski: "How about» was combined current strike celebration as united went entrepreneurs to defend their rights?"Taustyka: "I believe that prazdnichek failed and true

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EU countries supported the European March

Viktor Ivashkevich during a press conference, told reporters that despite the arrest of informational materials (newspapers, leaflets, stickers calling to participate in the "European march"), people know about the campaign, which will be held on October 14 in Minsk."How many people will come? As much as people in Minsk considers themselves as Europeans. At the moment of every citizen depends — will go Belarus European method, or we will be people in the swamp. Released 100 thousand — train go the direction of Belarus. Come one tyscha — only one percent have on Belarus will the European method.So, everyone —

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