In Minsk last detention of political activists

They were taken to the police Frunzenski district of Minsk, make up administrative protocols.Paul and colleagues Nikita dubbed their detention as a preventive measure other day "Euro march." They are convinced that small children accused of disorderly conduct and arrested a few days at a time to isolate the opposition action.In the bullpen Akrestsin Street are several activists from different youth organizations. Half of them accused of distributing disk imaging "European march", others — for Tipo neprelichnuyu language.

Figure a day or 40 per cent

Valery Voronetsky spoke for most likely and economically sound diversification of suppliers and supply routes. The Deputy Minister said that through Belarus to Europe is above 40 percent of the Russian gas and 25 percent of Russian oil.

Nobel Laureate 2007 — Doris Lesing

Doris Lesing (real name Doris Mae Taylor) was born October 22, 1919 in Kermanshagu (today’s Iran), as a child moved with her parents in Southern Rhodesia. Journalist and worked as a telephone. In the thirties settled in London. In 1950, the 60th years was member of the Communist Party, participated in the anti-nuclear movement. In 1950 he published a novel, "The grass is singing" on the border 1970-80’s released a series of mind-blowing novels. One of her most recognized novels — "The Golden Notebook" — became a cult film for feministychnaga movement. Novels "Abstract before the descent into hell" and

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Brest rejected opposition complaints

Earlier they were fined 62 thousand rubles for his role in the presentation of the book Paul Sevyarinets August 19 — Tribunal of First Instance considered unauthorized meeting presentation.A few weeks back the referee Natalia antimony rejected the appeals of 3 other participants of the presentationOctober 19 have to see the next appeal.Now NIGHT MODE was released Andrei Sharenda, youth activist, who was serving 15 days for a company presentation on August 19.Together for this peaceful rally punished 14 people.

What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony?

Yuri Barynkau policeman, Acting Head of the Department of Execution of Punishment, refused to speak to the correspondent of "Freedom", which sent an opposition politician.But in a remand prison, where former deputy held more than six months, managed to get clear information regarding Klimova yesterday, October 10, he was sent to Mozyr colony serious mode.Which policy criteria have to live 18 months?Here’s what he said about Mozyr colony serious mode journalist Sergei L., which several years ago visited the colony as an employee of a local newspaper:"Earlier there was dispensary for alcoholics. Colony is not in town and out of

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Grodno: A. Borys fined, arrested I.Bantsara

First tried Igor Bantser. The policemen did not let anyone into the building, even parents, who stood at the entrance and lamented resentment.Representative of the Polish representative, Ms. Schmidt also not allowed — claimed agenda. People gathered under 100 people, partly Incline age and more members of the Union of Poles supporting Angelica Boris.When it was announced that Igor Bantser given 10 days, people began to worry and to put pressure on the door. At times it even seemed that the door can break into the building.Just at this point and went lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich:"Angelica said Boris petition process to

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Grodno: A.Krentovski — about Schengen visas and detain A. Borys

Consul General Andrzej Krentovsky noted that Schengen visas will be issued in the Grodno December 1. They will cost 60 euros, which, in his opinion, for the expensive part of the Belarusian people — the elderly, young people:"The big change in the sense that if we started from a cheap visa and the road ends, the means, this is not the way which must be, but it is my world. "Two rounds of talks between the Foreign Ministry of Belarus and Poland have not changed the price of the future of Schengen visas because the diplomat believes that in this

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Liberty Poll: go to the European March?

Guy: "Yeah, I heard about the" European march. "It will begin on October 14 at 14.00 at October Square. Going to go. "Man: "I heard about the" European march ". Think I’ll go. "Woman: "Have not heard anything."Man: "My friend read something. Maybe we went there and, on "European march".Guy: "I beheld ads on poles."Reporter: "And they themselves are going there?"Guy: "No. I do not participate in such actions, do not listen to these ads."Lady: "Surely, this march for Belarus to join the EU? Yeah, I heard. Unfortunately, I will not be in Minsk, and on the other would have

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Gomel region visited the ambassadors of the European Union

Trip initiated Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belarus and its chargé d’affaires Lubomir Rehak, who now coordinates the Consulate EU states in Minsk.After 10 European states, in including Romania, France, England, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, held talks with the management of the Gomel region, inspected the palace and park ensemble.Ambassadors are planning to visit industrial enterprises, to meet with entrepreneurs, students, representatives of local democratic institutions.As said Lubomir Rehak, increased attention during the visit be directed to minimizing the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.Diplomats visit Khoiniki radiation-ecological reservation "Polesie". The purpose of the trip — to draw attention European

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Will forms the Commission on Security with the gynecologist?

In the entire history of the elections were the most predictable and non-alternative: one seat in the House claimed 2.4 candidate. In the vicinity of 15 balyatavalasya one candidate — a representative of authority. Predictions and "leakage disk imaging" that the parliament will not 5 most brightest opposition Belarusian authorities not heard. In general, no representative of the opposition in the House has not passed.If not premature vote (according to official figures previously voted more than 26% of voters), the election could not take place. September 28 plots come, according to official figures, 49%. Sociologist Alexander Sasnou said: "There are

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