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For the fact that at the stops were not flyers responsible wipers

Police on the streets in civil watching passers-by and detain those who, in their opinion, may be leaflets calling to participate in the "European march." In Minsk bullpen behind bars four activists detained on the street and after checking their belongings were taken to police. serving 15 days in jail Dmitry Barodka, Leonid Novitsky, Svetlana Gorokhovik and Vitaly Tikhanovich. Grodno arrest serving Eugene Skrabutan.At night from the police released Goretskogo Constantine, which together with other detainees in the evening on the street Kropotkin. Constantine said, "Freedom", which was further:"Delivered to the police department. Wrote what was happening, put us on

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Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. October 2

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with Minsk Taustyka businessmen Alexander, a member of the organizing committee of "For Free Development of Enterprise"• Poll: will strike fruitful business?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Tarpach."2nd part:• And after 30 years, "Caligula" in Belarus denied• Poetry Festival "Word Order" opened in the Pushkin Library• In Humanities Lyceum Kolas classes began• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya• «Night rap." Humorous narrative Igor Sidoruk "School".

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Vitebsk bookstores prescribed to trade cigarettes

Showcases with tobacco in Vitebsk stores can not fail. Bookstore "coeval" it is by the shield with the pupillary notebooks times at the cash register. Bookstore "Globus" cigarettes are close to greeting cards. And in the store, "Bookseller" outraged by the order to trade cigarettes traders have put next to rows of cigarette book Alena Kara "Easy method to throw a smoke." Other ways to protest against the order of the authorities, and at the same time to make fun of him, not found a shop worker. Bookstore "Bookseller""It’s a nightmare in general — cigarettes in the store! — Reads

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Topics night air — crime and guerrilla television lottery

The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian television lottery. Is it true that they are addictive in the audience and the players? On this topic traders will speak lottery and psychologists. And the inhabitants of Minsk utter, whether they believe in the integrity of the lottery.In addition — reports from rally supporters of the "United Our homeland" in Minsk and from filming a movie in n» play Kupala "Tuteyshyya" which leads director Valery Mazynsky near Bialystok. And our correspondents inform, now happened in Minsk poetry festival "word order" and as a recognizable DJ Laurel processed Belarusian songs.In the "record"

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Human rights activists have issued a statement about the persecution of foreign people

The reason for the adoption of the statement was the forcible deportation from Belarus for 10 years businessman Alan Pliev Russian citizen.The statement said: "Belarusian authorities illegally persecuted not only the business of the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, other states. At times it is accompanied by the confiscation of their property and the public humiliation of pluses. "The organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression expresses strong protest against "Voluntarist action regime against foreign people." He urged governments of foreign countries and international organizations to defend the foreign people who are persecuted in

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Poetry Festival opened in Word order Pushkin Library

Festival "Word Order" opens the band’s performance "purse". Acting as the middle of the famous Belarusian poets like Adam Globus, Andrew Khadanovich Ales Kamotskii and young creators.The celebration began guest from Kaliningrad Igor Belov. After the recitation of the unusual in Russian Andrei own translation read Khadanovich:"I do not doubt for a moment that my translation is not functionally necessary, as you all figured out. But maybe art begins where it is not functional and useless."Also performed with Lviv poet Galina Crook — with the help of a translator Marika Martysevich.Belarusian poets of the first Adam was made by Globe,

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In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

October 1 Borisov Dmitry and Svetlana Barodka Gorokhovik met in Minsk Leonid Novitsky, which released on the day of the detention center in Akrestsin where Nowicki served 10 days in jail. About 17 hours, and all 3 arrested, taken to the Central police station first, then the special distribution. Standard charges: behaved defiant, rude swearing in the address police officers. Student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU Svetlana Gorokhovik that police witnesses also blamed rough battle, says:"There was never such. General I never use swear words, so very sorry that these people as evidenced by

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In Humanities Lyceum Kolas classes began

Now high school students began classes. As students and teachers in the summer are in Poland, where they combine study and leisure, in September last vacation. Such a situation and winter: at Christmas, when students have a rest, leaving Vilnius Lyceum and there has the ability to trained in the building of the Lyceum of the Lithuanian laboratories, sports hall, furnished office.Currently part of the high school students in conjunction with the director Vladimir Kolosov is in Poland at the invitation of the Polish colleagues for the role in the joint project "People’s album."Ul.Kolas "contest. Mon In wanting to take

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And after 30 years in Belarus denied Caligula

Or impedes Culture Belarusians viewing porn?Chairman of the National Commission for the prevention propaganda porn, violence and ruthlessness Nina Froltsova assures all illegal to show the tape is not actually have any meaning, and promoting porn, violence and ruthlessness.Ms. Froltsova states lack the box office rejected movies hardly disturbs the Belarusian society is fed up with porn even in the midst of the 1990s and at the moment needs a completely different repertoire:"Lud our not so such illiterate. Occasionally this I heartily rejoice, yes, I’m an optimist by nature and I am glad for our population. In other words, the

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Night Siege — October 2

Forum Portal thorough review on the current strike businessmen. According to the organizers of the strike, it was attended by 30 thousand businessmen from all over Belarus."30000 total? A residue means all happy? Expect now subject to BT about conscious and unconscious 30,000 200,000 who did not follow the grabbers and provocateurs … ""You have beheld, that in a country does not pay taxes besides strike: they say, forced to pay taxes? Realistically, this is not the entrepreneurs, traders and ordinary — nothing new, they have not invented been invented, and already struggling to compete on price and selection

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