Election night

At the press conference, which began in the second half of the night, the CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said the election results to 99 of 110 aurugav. Middle of the elected deputies or 1 representative of the opposition is not. If Yarmoshina asked why, in her eyes, one of the opposition candidates did not become deputy she replied as follows: "We can not say that our citizens were highly praised the authorities, can not say that about them they say that they are either in chocolate or zefiry, but even more of our citizens are afraid of sudden movements. They

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Wednesday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 18.00. 6:33 * "Journey" Liberty " — City Kryčaŭ Mogilev region6:45 * "Belarusian abroad" — the ability to post-graduate education in Switzerland and Belarusians experience in this country.7:00 * F* Displays the latest arrests of opposition members: this trend analysts attributed to the beginning of mass preventive "cleaning" the other day Euro Marsha* Live with journalist "Narodnaya Volya" Koktysh, which the tribunal declared penalty "for insulting the honor and the pros" sovereign Proleskovsky* In the first day of the autumn session of the House of Representatives MPs adopted on 2nd reading

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Citations a day or — October 2

"What a country — and that of Parliament. Shamefully me, since I worked here six years. Then head nobody would come to keep people in the building. That now happens, just shameful. Wrote that the people on the physical level is not allowed to have violated their constitutional rights. Four complaints in the book means only one thing — they do not need anyone. We wrote the text for the moment even more than there for Three years . "Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka — about the current transfer in House of Representatives 40 thousand signatures demanding

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In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

Businessman Leonid Novitsky held under Article 17 Part 1 — rough language in the address of peace officers. The arbitrator held that the penalty will not be enough and condemned Nowicki 15 days of arrest. 15 days were also Borodko Dmitry and Svetlana Gorokhovik. Svetlana — a student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU.All three were arrested yesterday. L.Navitski just served 10 days in jail. At his home during the search seized 96 EU flags and T-shirts and blue bandanas.• detained in Minsk regional activists ", 1.10.2007

Andrei Klimov sentence left without changes

Now the Minsk City Court spotted the appeal Klimov.Let me remind you, August 1, Central Tribunal Minsk found guilty the former deputy distributing via the web called against the government and sentenced to two years in a penal colony.For the first time to the opposition policy applied such punishment as imprisonment colony in serious mode — repeat offenders placed there.According to the Office of disk imaging Minsk city court sentenced Andrei Klimov left without changes.How was the examination of the application? In the office of the court shall be removed read about it. Lawyer Valentine Flyer, protects the interests of

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The Gomel region supported the protest, not all entrepreneurs

Ira tells Svetlogorskaya biznesmenka:"Today, 20 percent of business work, others — on strike. Stationary Commercial space in homes everyday all closed. Requirements we have produced and sent to court. This one-day strike warning, our Protest . "In Rechitza not working now the market is on the street and about half Snyazhkova business fair "Slavic". In other traders were ordinary working day."I, for example, do not come to work. Necessary, I think, somehow compel direct the attention of at least some of the officials to show their solidarity," — said a businessman from Rechitsy Tsar Alexei.By striking views, segodnyaschy Protest was

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Detained in Minsk Malady K.Garetskaga

We found a guy in the knapsack stickers calling to participate in the "European march". Goretskogo Constantine was taken to the police Central district of Minsk.Friends Constantine believe that the young man was hit by "cleaning" the other day, the street action.

In the House of Representatives passed more than 40 thousand signatures of people

On Independence Square in Minsk two hours before the session of the House of Representatives were leaders of the Minsk police and intelligence services.A 10am several regional activists of the democratic movement, the commandos did not know in person, managed to enter the Government House to pass signatures of people against repeal of benefits the House of Representatives.Lebedko: "What a country — that of the parliament"Half an hour later they were joined by a few people, but if the square came Anatoly Lebedko, riot police formed a human chain and blocked his path.Later on the radio sounded command "Skip" —

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How to evaluate the results of the strike power and entrepreneurial movement favorites?

"I do not know who it is claimed 30 thousand"The representative of the Department of the Ministry of Economy Alexander Topilin referred to the fact that the regional executive committees have not yet submitted information on the number of participants of the strike:"Mogilev Regional Executive Committee sent us information about what facts were absenteeism. Well, there is associated with different causes. Somewhere there entrepreneurs at a funeral, burst pipes in some places, there was no water. Someone due to the disease. Such that there are striking, the Mogilev region stated. According to other regional executive committees, we only receive the

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In Grodno build a pontoon bridge

The authorities have decided to put a temporary bridge on the river for pedestrians only after criticism in some editions. Fact, that the closing of an old bridge is very complicate the life of Grodno, as it connects the central part of the town with Zanemanskaya. By the way, it was built in 1949 year as Bridge "10th anniversary reunion Belarusian people. "

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