S.Shushkevich plans Putin: We have to go by another method

"In Russia, formed the party in power. And distinguishing feature that within the existing constitution they find a method to stay in power. I think, that this step is fascinating, and that that structure — almost Veche former Communist Party and the KGB — is kept in power, but it works correctly.But I do not really like that in Russia no Prospects have their opposition. I think it is quite accurate, and it will not be there in this situation. Our homeland exists due to large quantities of petrodollars, and no one forbade live well, if you can live with.

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Voluntarily leave the post — not in the Russian tradition

Tsigankov "Does this step that finally found the way how Vladimir Putin to stay in power, while remaining president?"Silitski: "Maybe. Indeed, going to such a step, Putin makes for himself zvyshlegitymnasts. Course, that he will" United Russia "to" stylish victory "- with the dominance of 50-60 percent. This makes political capital Putin. How he will use? There are two options. 1st — Speaker in the State Duma. But it means early retirement at the end of the year, and therefore — is unlikely. 2nd option — castling with Zubkov and premiership under the system of responsible government that will claim

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V.Kuchynski Putin — a brave man

Kuchinsky: "This is a classic in parliamentary development, society and country. It made very fine, fine.And we must pay tribute to Putin for what he did not go to the third presidential term. This laid the fundamental base of Russian conventional mindset on parliamentary legal ground.Now we we see, that in Russia, likely, will be formed dvyuhpartyynaya system, like the American.But the fact of Russian President’s statement that he was not going to run for a third term, and that under 1 person you can not change the Constitution — it is worthy of respect. Putin — a brave man.

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Entrepreneurs Slonim markets suspend work for an indefinite period

From early morning on all 3 markets Slonim virtually uninhabitable. Only somewhere grandmother are trading seeds and villagers sell vegetables.Entrepreneurs put their signatures on a letter to the chairman of the Executive Committee Mieczyslaw Kostyuk, in which demand meet with them and discuss difficulties.I go up to people and ask:Reporter: "What you have now forced to suspend work?"Lady: "We wish that we listened to the government and in solidarity with other businessmen."2nd lady: "To achieve justice, so we were given a relaxed work to feed babies and live quietly as people."One of them knows what the tax inspectorate checks began

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In Popov beautiful hardware training — he is well aware of his place

V.Parfenovich "Popov — a good man. But it’s not a profession"That outlook about the change of the ex-deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, a member of the parliamentary group "Respublika" Parfenovich. He, namely, convinced that castling Kanaplyou — Popov inadequate in their own "political weight":"Nothing has changed. Exclusively in the worst terms will all evolve. Plenty of Parliament now in Belarus. When we were, could calculate 5 or 10 members who have at least read somethingand. Now in general no one reads.Parliament does not solve anything, any Act of Parliament does not write. He only sees the laws that

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To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats

Now entrepreneurs afternoon passed about a thousand signatures in the House of Representatives with its requirement to make out session on the development of business law.Businessmen also oppose the presidential decree number 760, whereby on New Year’s individual entrepreneurs fail to hire workers (except family members and relatives).In the first half of a day or entrepreneurs began to gather at the entrance to the mall "Parking".According to one of the favorites Makaeva Ales, now is not working and radio market in the construction market "Zhdanovichy" part did not work, "World of Fashion" shopping malls "Europe", "Kupala" and "Parking".To strike came

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Vyachorka: former does not happen

"At the service, in which Putin was growing up, there is a saying: the former does not happen. I think Putin is the sovereign rule perfectly mastered, and that the real control over all spheres of life, and he is a wheel that puts it, got, let go is not collected.Because, apparently, has long been coined such move, which became a sudden only for the 10-s of millions of ordinary people of. It was developed in an atmosphere of great secrecy in the depths of the real circle of Russian rulers.As for Belarus, will continueXia policy paddocks Lukashenko in a

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People will have to pay 25 million rubles Proleskovsky

October 1 issued a verdict referee Leninsky district Tatiana Zhulkovskaya. In Last year it condemned the human rights activist Catherine Sadouskaya on two years bullpen.Oleg Proleskovsky filed a tribunal claim for defamation, the pros and goodwill after August 2 publication in "Narodnaya Volya" "Vladimir cold as before is on the loose."They reported on the former first deputy Vladimir Proleskovsky cold, which was accused of corruption. On the control of the ideological control in the article was only a few lines, including "But Proleskovsky at liberty."Chief Editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Syaredzich not advertise litigation and journalists invited to the process.As

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Photo report strikes business

On the contrary, "parking", which brought together entrepreneurs duty police cars Outraged entrepreneurs seek out the truth For businessmen conducted operational videzdymki Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski responds to questions from participants strike Alexander Kalinowski tries to close the camera lens Liberty correspondent Entrepreneurs about "parking" — now strike One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makaeu All booths in the "parking lot" is now not working • V.Gorbachev: "In the strike involved 30,000 businessmen", 2.10.2007 • Soligorsk police and KGB look for markets, 2.10.2007 • Minsk: Entrepreneurs going to the mall "Parking», 2.10.2007 •

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A.Dobrovolsky: There is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin

"Quite exciting decision for me really suddenly — to become the first number in the list of the party that goes to parliament as president. Breathtakingly This is consistent with the constitution, as the president can not be a deputy.This means that there is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin. Certainly, Putin wants to support the "United Russia", but has some doubts. I think, that he should not have them as an electoral machine in Russia is already working virtually in Belarus, the only there still somehow find voice."One Our homeland" and so have passed. And Putin drew closer to

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