Belarusian petrodollars: where, how, who and what

Weekly "New Era" publishes articles on parliamentary elections Ukraine also provides political portrait of Viktor Gonchar in category "New History in the people.""Belarusian petrodollars: where, how much, to whom and for what" — so called Another publication in which to analyze the circuit use a cheap energoelementov Belarusian government. Editor Alexei Lord:"Change and loss are. To count them, you need to study very hitretskuyu scheme of work for the oil industry of Belarus 2007. That the scheme had a good all: government, "Belneftekhim" also Russian companies. "Is independent newspaper "Free City" of Krychaw prints an article devoted to the agricultural

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Deputies will Speaker, budget and language

In the preparatory order a day or about 40 questions. At least, meant to see new laws on gipatetsy, amnesty, the constitutional court proceedings, rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. Deputies also wish to amend the laws on combating extremism, employment, pensions and others.Chairman of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and technological progress Vladimir Zdanowicz of the most basic questions of all calls economical:"In this session, as in all the autumn, the most important and fundamental will be adopteds budget subsequent year. This applies to all fees. And we have long been working on this problem. And our commission

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Video from the action

They say Alexander Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin After half an hour after the start of the action on the square set up two tentsJoined the action with her grandson Alexander KozulinSays the young protestorInhabitant clarifies its role in protestsUdlnitsa shares: "The role of the actress is no longer doing — no monitor, no vote is not walkin ‘Large flag on October SquareParticipants of the rally chanting "Long live Belarus!"

Sound slogans "We have one road — Belarus for God," "Long live Belarus!" Tags: elections, campaign, protest

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Citations past: Brick HII staletstsya in size and shape did not meet modern standards

"Zvyazda", year 1927. M.Shchakatsihin art critic said: "More first 1925 Polotsk communal economy department decided to dismantle brick structure b.Belchytskaga convent in Polotsk, which are very valuable monuments of our old architecture XII staletstsya. Destroyed buildings were initiated immediately, but here izshel little embarrassing: "specialists" of Polotsk kamgasu obviously did not know that the brick HII staletstsya in size and shape did not meet modern standards. ""Fatherland" on this week 1957 speaks of the Russian ideology: "Wherever possible do without gibkastsi and where even more so concessions were unsafe, there gibkasts discarded there again knocks on the table stern fist

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Opposition will bear the signatures in the House of Representatives

Now in Minsk several 10’s pro-democracy activists will take to the Independence Square to convey the collected signatures against repeal of benefits the House of Representatives during the session. For the first time against some voters deputies began callback function. Chairman of the organizing committee of the "Public march" Valery Ukhnalev believes that the key to this case — make a precedent:"There were no precedents. Nobody did, but there are written procedures, and we begin such an event, as a review of the deputy. Currently we it matterseat in the vicinity of several Republic of Belarus. Let’s see how to

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Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. October 1

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with the teacher Janina Pushkin• Poll: you want to be a teacher?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Tarpach."2nd part:• Cross in memory of the victims of repression Loshitsa willing to bear?• "Word order" not allowed in House of Writers• Minsk deputies against "armed bandits"• Poll: Do you often play on the machines? Win a lot?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• «Night rap." Humorous narrative Igor Sidoruk "School".

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October 2nd Belarusian entrepreneurs want to go on strike

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Viktor Gorbachev said that exactly one-day strike business now takes place: "In the last 2-3 days is very verye pressure on other activists who call the prosecutor, who are judged. All of our founders, members of the Council on the sly "datsiskayuts." Besides, in all regions is "vkidvanne" disk imaging — say, "strike canceled, do not listen, do not have faith," provocateurs start running in their own ranks, from the side, confuse people. But at the last day strike nobody never cancels. Machine is running. " According to the organizers of the strike, it perceive

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In Minsk going rapporteur Andrea Rigoni

This was said Radio Liberty Co-Chair of the Political Council united democratic Anatoly Lebedko forces. "On this trip sovereign Rigoni read more during our first meeting in the winter of this year. Naturally, it would be wise for him to visit Belarus during Euro march, that in concentrated form could get answers to those questions that it trevozhut. But, of course, the deputies their plans, their routes action. He plans to come across as an official party and the co-chairs of the political council of the United Democratic Forces and representatives civilian society . " • New Rapporteur on Belarus

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Detained in Minsk regional activists

Dmitry Barodka, Leonid Novitsky and Svetlana Gorokhovik are in the Central Police district of Minsk. Their associates do not exclude that all accused of hooliganism small, that day to take to the court.Leonid Novitsky almost a few hours remained at large after 10 days in jail for spreading the European symbols, which have found it during a search.Observers believe that the other day the shares on October 2, when the regional activists will bear signatures of people against cancellation of privileges in House of Representatives, number of preventive arrests may increase.

Students wishing to change the law

In Minsk office of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee held a meeting of students. They decided to form a group activity which will collecting signatures for to make configuration law that cancels benefits. BHC member explained Tatiana Gatsura:"Citizens Republic of Belarus have the right legislative initiative. For this it is necessary that 50 thousand people so wish, putting his signature on the bill or make some configurations in the bill. To these 50 thousand signatures collected, good work group that regitsya the CEC. And she be more than 100 people. "Students Minsk universities decided not to commence until a campaign to

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