Loshitsa: Cross memory of the victims of repression are willing to bear?

On the return of the Institute of History Freedom Now said the secretary of the organizing committee of the public to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Vladimir Romanovsky."They asked: when, by whom, for whom the project was set to cross Loshitsa. If there are none, it raises the question of winding up of the cross. This is a signal of the Institute of History, where Tipo official inquiry came to the validity of the existence of the cross. How come? We decided Now figure out where. Either it made at the Minsk City Executive Committee, or

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Soligorsk police and KGB look for markets

"People in plain clothes policemen and blocked my way, tried to snatch from the hands of leaflets prepared for a strike on October 2," — said Alexander Tsatsura.By Tsatsura, police KGB and remain on the market, they say, bullied, that for his role in protests may deprive them of jobs.Alexander Tsatsura clarifies now Soligorsk not start to work on about 600 individual traders in the market, "October". Remain closed several 10-s kiosks on the streets of the town.

Yarmoshyna: Turnout — 75.3 percent

At a press conference CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina said that in all the suburbs elections took place (mean turnout was more 50 percent in each environment), and the overall turnout was 75.3%.Brest region — 77%.Vitebsk — 86.8%. Gomel — 78.7%. Grodno — 78.5%. Minsk — 70.4%. Mogilev — 76.8%. Minsk — 61.8%. There are three neighborhood in Belarus, where the turnout was 60% less. This two neighborhood in Minsk (Svislochskiy and Shabanovsky) and Borisov-city.There are also three who sp.Yarmoshyna Named "shock", where the turnout was 90%. This rural-Vitebsk, Woodland and Luban.If you analyze the numbers, then the first —

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The word order is not allowed in the House of Writers

Organizer "Order the words" Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima:"I was promised about to sign a contract to rent House of Writers. Moreover, I spoke with the director of housing specifically. He persuaded me that the issue solely in order to set the rates for rent in October and will not be problems. And in Last Friday, when I called to clarify, I was told that the deputy chief Presidential Administration decided that event there will not be held. "In "Order of the words" for a week perceive the role More than 30 artists of various ages from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine.

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." What benefits can get from Belarus EU energy market reform, which not so long ago, the European Commission has proposed? How to mix the statements of officials of the European Union on the inadmissibility of dialogue with Minsk and the visit of the Secretary General of the Energy Charter? How can explain the sharp criticism in the address of "Gazprom", which came from the mouth Alexander Lukashenko on "Dazhynki"? These prepyadstviya in the program "Prague accent" discussions are: Minsk — Belarus last salting in Germany by Peter Sadowski,

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Night Siege — October 1

The forums portal TUT.by discussions are preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Forum participants commented:"Congratulations Ukrainians On Actually alignment of political forces in Belarus practically such as in Ukraine, but through 1 person we all democratic processes and clamped there is no competition. If we draw parallels with Ukraine and a little dream, you can get a picture of the subsequent parliamentary elections in Belarus speak out so in 2012 … ""Some greet" with the victory. "What can be a victory if" blue "have 70 percent of the East," orange "- 80 in the West. Such criteria no"

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Minsk deputies against armed bandits

According to the Economic Department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, in Minsk has about fifteen hundredths arcades. Hundred "armed bandits" (also referred to as indiscriminately as these devices) are registered in the regional and district centers.Machines are sitting around for several daysStaff clubs where there are devices gaming business, do not hide game is addictive, people who can not resist the temptation to degrade.Zahar Garkun two years gave chips in one of Minsk halls and states that more vorachivatsya in this business is not going to:"I’ve seen enough of typecasting that nightmare. They virtually all around the clock,

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Tatiana Borisik Life surpasses all imagination

Znatkevich: "As I understand it, you have begun to write poetry earlier than prose, even at the festival in Krapiuna field of Orsha in 2002 you defeated in the nomination poetry — and itself that you put more value, own poetry or prose?"Borisik: "I do not know, I did not even result in another, more valuable for me. Prior to his own work, I very seriously» sur am not, therefore, let people decide what is more valuable.""To assume that only creativity and nothing else — I do not have such …"Znatkevich: "If you do not treat it seriously» Sur, you

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Guest Night of Freedom — Ioannina Pushkin

The theme of "Night of research" — frisky spread slot machines and clubs in Minsk including in residential areas. Some players utter often they win.In addition story about the dangers of the Minsk authorities to demolish the memorial cross to the place of mass executions in Loshitsa that in Minsk, a report on the school year in the underground Humanities Lyceum Kolas, the message about the difficulties in the preparation of poetry festival "word order", an interview with another winner contest "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Nestsyarkovym from Lida.In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes begin the story of the creation of

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Public power assist organizers of the march

Chairman of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin said that September 30 has collected a few 10’s of thousands of signatures against the abolition of social benefits. Clear yet unidentified number.Organizers of the "Public march" told that rely on those people, are disillusioned with politics, Alexander Lukashenko, and to behold the opposition perspective.Says Anatoly Lebedko"Socialist campaign," Soc march "has merit main inventory puzzles. There must be connected: we are inviting you to discover and we arrive to you. We are inviting for a more active, who transgressed horror and went outside. But we must come to those who

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