R.Sitnitsa: Government at some point face-to-turnover state culture

Not so long ago in the resort town of Nida on the Curonian Spit that in the Baltic Sea, was an international literary plein air. It was the role of poets and painters from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Midst creators representing Belarus, was a painter and Gregory Sitnitsa."Nida — the standard of how people should treat their own starasvechchyny"Michas Scoble: "Gregory, plein lasted 6 days. According to the Old Testament, such as for Time was created the world. And that was created en plein air painters and poets of the 3 neighboring states? "Sitnitsa Gregory: "We also did a small

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The Commission congratulated the Ukrainian elections with fruits

Yulia Tymoshenko stated that the pro-presidential bloc along with her team is ready to make most of the parliamentary and form a government:"At the moment, parliamentary elections again defeated democratic forces Ukraine, and together we (as always) scored more interest than our opponents. It’s nice. And I wanted to be the president and all our shared democratic congratulate the team that we really now have a clear victory. "But Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych also said that his party has the right to form a new cabinet:"This is significant support for the Ukrainian people, the result of this improvement will of

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West will have to find the wording …

Drakakhrust: "Authorities constantly stated that they will do everything to make these elections were about democratic and transparent. Still premature to vote voluntary-coercive way to gatherand 26% of voters. By the way, according to the survey NISEPI, voluntarily want to go for a premature vote 14% of voters. But even on such supplies of gold for some reason early voting now on areas where ran favorites opposition observers were not allowed. Why? Well, it would seem, premature to vote all excellent, hunting same international recognition, well, let the observers, let see. Why even come in handy here and kill the

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Brand new energy policy of the European Union and Belarus

With Europe — against Russia?Drakakhrust: "September 19, the European Commission made proposals on the reform of the EU energy market, which rightfully can be called revolutionary. Sense proposal is, in the 1-x, in the de-monopolization of the state of energy markets in the countries of the Union, and in-2, in the transference the level of the whole Union questions about selling energy infrastructure of Union foreign monopolies. Simply speaking, the national gas and oil monopolies, say, France, Germany, Italy must be broken, and the question, for example, the sale of "Gazprom" British gas distribution networks must address The European Commission,

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Grodno: Eugene Skrabutan warned the KGB

Eugene initially showed a video from shares in Soligorsk where Tipo recorded as he resists police. He was warned that if he will continue to engage in unauthorized actions in including Warsaw near Belarusian Embassy against him may bring criminal case.5 days of arrest student kalinovets served on charges of abuse in the address neprelichnoy police that he was arrested on September 25 Grodno bus station when he arrived from Minsk. Eugene believes that awaited him — he seized stickers on the European March. • Grodno was released student kalinovets, 19.04.2007

Managing arrested Grodno regional UCP

Case sovereign Istomin in the October district court considered Grodno referee Zinaida Bartsevich.Yury Istomin detained yesterday at the mini-market near the supermarket "Brest" and put in a detention center. He seized about four hundred copies of "Freedom of Belarus." But the court did not mention this fact.The Leninsky district court also accused of abuse neprelichnoy now punished Andrei Janushkevich but — penalty in the three basic units.Andrew — Deputy Manager UCP branch. He was detained on September 30 with the newspaper "Freedom of Belarus" and put behind bars.

Guest on Freedom — Leonid Putyrsky

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor, member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Leonid honey Putyrsky finished with "gold" medal and school with "reddish" diploma — Belarusian Institute of honey. Behind him, also studying at the Academy of Management and the Institute of Oncology capital Herzen. From 1979 — Manager of mammary tumors of the Research Institute of Oncology."Breast cancer is the ladies first place among all tumors. About 70 percent of diseases are ladies themselves. Cause very principle know — said in an interview with a small sovereign Putyrsky Freedom — how to look after themselves, so that in

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Martyrology of Belarus: every fifth sentence — execution

In This year from 1 September on the website martyraloh.org printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — about 60 thousand small stories of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.During the last 4 years on the website under the heading "Victims" have already put more than 5 and a half thousand Belarusians biyagramav repressed in Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Komi, Krasnoyarsk, Leningrad and Murmansk. Put lists of repressed cultural figures taken from research Anatoly Makarov. The vast majority of victims — are farmersNow the website has added more than a thousand biyagramav people who

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Why do the authorities fear the social interventions?

Of 458 applications to hold pickets in defense of social rights authorities met only three.Than the reaction of the authorities to clarify this? What dangers are protests?Why the authorities were not allowed to hold the pickets?Valery Karbalevich: "On the mass opposition to the application for holding pickets authorities refused. Of 458 applications met only three.Authorities do not allow pickets in defense of social rights virtually anywhere, even in Bangalore Square in Minsk.Moreover, at the moment the police walking through the applicant’s flat and requests a written waiver from the pickets and campaigning for "Public march." How do you explain such

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Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.

Freedom columnist Vitaly Tsigankov disputing with publicist Alexander Feduta, which is currently in Kiev Tsigankov "What the election results showed? Or somehow changed the mood of the Ukrainian voters since the last parliamentary elections in 2006? "Fyaduta: "In my view changed. Ukrainian voters become more responsible. They do not vote for those who promise one thing and doing another. What Socialists Alexander Moroz is not passed in parliament and their voices dismantled those who do not changed their views — the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (YTB) and the Communists — this is important. More "political Judah" in Ukrainian politics will not.

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