Trumps: On our side sing, dance, play, they say!

Village harp, when you go to the deepest side of Minsk, not impossible to see.The village lies at the highest, forested mountains, the top of which can be seen for a good ten miles. And on arrival at the village look traveler lured three highest crosses carved in stone.Such a fabulous mix of great sorrow and stone crosses suggests the idea that there lives a giant. And it’s true.Hercules really live under the mountain. His name is Alexander Kolbasich. He is 83 years old, 20 of which he, in the prime of life, gave camp. Initially, the German working, and

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Grodno was released student kalinovets

The activist was detained on September 25 Grodno bus station when he arrived from Minsk. Eugene believes that awaited him, he confiscated stickers on the European March and put behind bars. The next day in the October district court Eugene Skrabutan punished arrest on charges of abuse in the address neprelichnoy police that he was detained.• In Grodno Kalinouski student arrested for 5 days, 11.08.2004

Svetlagorck: apartment S.Mihalchanki conduct searches

The town was planned 11 social pickets, but they were banned by the authorities. Svetlana Mikhalchanka said:"We did not go to those places where planned to hold pickets. We took leaflets and went on the" youth "market. I was carrying a satchel and I was more 300 leaflets. I decided no action. But police took to the police station. "Olga Jankovskaja had with her about 20 leaflets and a few of them managed to porazdavat market. It also detained. Both ladies had a inspection of personal belongings and confiscated leaflets. Later called the investigator and searched the apartment. Policemen found

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Parafyanovo: The meaning of the farmers — to steal, to drive, to drink

In places where the average finish off confidently from Vilnius radio journalist "Freedom" may from time to time to feel the true star.How, for example, in Parafyanovo Dokshitsky district. "Freedom" in these places heed willingly. And not only because of the cleanliness of reception.First person with whom I was fortunate to come across, a local school teacher Tatyana — measured, middle-aged lady, our long-standing listener.Tatiana: "Hunting is not to be snow-white sheep and know the other side, notable expression. Plenty such people, that pleasant to listen to, and the idea of separating them. "We talk on the porch Tatiana beautiful

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.6:33 * "PO Box 111" — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 6:45 * "Sign of Faith" — Can a good Christian to be rich?7:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.7:33 * "House of Writers" — Roundtable on "Literature and the school" with the role of Anna Kislitsynay, Anatolia and Sidorevich Mikhas TychinyEvening 18:05 * "Prague accent" — What benefits can get from Belarus EU energy market reform, proposed recently by the European Commission? How to mix the statements of officials of the European Union on the

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Names of Liberty — New presentation

On last week Vladimir Orlov continued to give interviews to the Fatherland and zabugornye media on the release of the latest book in the series "Library of Liberty" "Names of Freedom" and meet with readers. Friday writer talked about the book and answered questions from the interested audience, who came to the meeting in a church in Novopolotsk .Heroes in the midst of books — a huge number of individuals associated with the Polotsk land and history. Tuesday’s scheduled presentation of the book in Polotsk, then the meeting will be held in other towns of Vitebsk.On Saturday, September 22 meeting

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Martyrology of Liberty: Gerasimos Runner

RUNNER Gerasim V., b. 03.01.1890 in with. Frays Smilovitskogo p-well, Belarusian, from farmers, the average education., Supply manager at the post office. Minsk. Lived: Str. Belarus 41/1, m. Third Arrested 38.01.15. Convicted 38.05.20 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish intelligence service of art. 68a of the Criminal Code of the BSSR to capital punishment. 38.07.27 shot. In 1920-1936 he was a member of the CPSU (b). Excluded as hypocrites. The KGB-25113 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60

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In Synkavitskay church now sounded Mighty God

A 12-hour prayer service in the church began. Immediately felt how raschudesnye speakers here. All the same, the church not only inimitable own outdoor unusual architecture. Whoever built it, conceived as the voice will sound here.Artemy father abbot very loudly read prayers and sang the chorus instead of two seminarians Zhirovitsy. Their voice and floated around the temple, creating a beautiful atmosphere.Father Arseny before that did not hide his own excitement, however, saw that happening in merapryemtva quite cozy atmosphere, as students from schools Elkavskay not allowed here, and the congregation is quite insignificant.Father Arseny: "The local population is not

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Now the revolution will not take place

Drakakhrust: "The representative of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo said in an interview Freedom that there were no elections, vote it least 50% of voters. CEC submitted their data on 18-00 — for it to this time 66.7% of the electorate voted. Recently the municipal elections Research Center released its own forecast turnout — 85%. Are independent sociologists fed more moderate number: lab NOVAK really intended to vote 63% of voters put the base in Lithuania NISEPI in a survey first of September, the figure was 61%. What data are available for you more believable?"

Klaskouski: "Here the

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In Minsk, commemorated the victims of Stalinist repression

Year In memory of the victims of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus public committee conducts a number of shares. They are confined to the 70th anniversary of the culmination of the Stalinist repression in the country. Now in 15 hours about 10 people laid flowers and lit candles at the cross in Minsk park CHelyuskincev. This is one of the recognizable places of execution victims of repression. Member of the public committee Vladimir Romanovsky said:"Specifically, the number 29 was the peak settlement of people. These were destroyed by day prominent people in the country. Was therefore decided to make the 29th

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