BSDP (Gromada) in October will take a massive admission of new members

By him, thought broad appeal in BSDP (Gromada) adherents social democratic thought belongs to Alexander Kozulin."To start this company was April 2006 after so called presidential election, but the arrest of her favorite party ripped off. After trial Kozulin back to this idea. And in September 2007 BSDP Central Committee decided that the urgency of the call for citizens to join the party further increased, "- said I. Rynkevich.BSDP (Gromada) hopes that "many of those who supported the nomination A.Kozulin presidential candidate, signed a petition for his release, and now identify with his political views, can join the party, headed

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In Synkovichi a festival of Christian poetry

Festival that took place in the church, received the blessing of the bishop of Grodno and Volkovysk Art. Before the celebration of the church rector Synkavitskay father Arseny spent Belarusian-worship.The festival assumed the role of Famous Belarusian poets among them — Znich (Oleg Bembel), Anatoly Vertinsky, Ales Pashkevich, Olga Ipatova, Yuri and Sergey Golub Chigrin also writers and musicians from Grodno, Zelva Bridge and Slonim.

Martyrology of Liberty: Vasily Abramchik

Abramchik Vasily, born. 1894 § Radashkavichy Zaslavsky district, Byelorussian of officials beginning. education, lived in p.Radashkavichy. 38.01.20 arrested. Convicted 38.05.25 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish intelligence service of art. 68 of the Criminal Code of the BSSR to capital punishment. Shot in Minsk 38.07.04 bullpen. 89.04.30 deal revise PROSECUTOR BVI. The KGB-30125 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once

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Founding meeting of the Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives

Was elected chairman of the board recognized the Belarusian scientist and public figure, corresponding member of the State Academy Belarus Ivan Nikitchenko (pictured), his deputy — chairman of the Commission on Chernobyl» Joint civilian Alexander Volchanin Party and Secretary — Chairman of the Chernobyl Commission BPF Yuras Meleshkevich.In an interview with BelaPAN I.Nikitchenko noted that the documents for registration of the union» will be presented to the Ministry of Justice in October.Center will rest in the midst of post-Chernobyl effects monitoring; collection of disk imaging on various initiatives to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl, in including development of net production

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Your choice: more readable materials Friday

1st Round Viktor Lukashenko going young bureaucrats?2nd Olga Kazulina fired from his jobThird "Successor Lukashenko fails to be the same Bonaparte, as a precursor"On the fourth party in Mogilev Kupala came mostly girls5th Klaskouski Olga: "We wish to take out in Belarus and make it a show trial"

People on Freedom

About the book Vladimir Orlov "Names of freedom"Kukso Nicholas, a retired teacher, Volozhinschine: "With all my heart I wish to thank Vladimir Orlov for encyclopedic book" Names of Liberty, "where the creator of the whole work performed research institute. Thanks also to Radio Liberty for assistance in publishing this unique book that will educate and more new fighters for freedom. pochetaet book memory of the fighters for the freedom of the country and teaches selflessly loves his homeland. Long live Belarus! "Vladimir Zvernik: "With great pleasure, I was at the presentation of the book by Vladimir Orlov" Names of Freedom,

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Yanina Pushkin: I hope I will be a good teacher for my children

I believe God — it sacramentally. In other cases, read "I believe" is, for sure, a little presumptuous. Because I’m eating here the word "hope."As a person, I hope, people understand their spiritual nature and will improve her life and in the end will be best than the first.As a teacher, I hope to change the paradigm of the school.As a person of national consciousness, I hope I do not die, and our culture is alive and thriving. As a citizen, I hope that we will live as long as our country is democratic and the national mood.As a mother,

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Parliamentary elections in Ukraine: analysts’ forecasts

Early elections on September 30 will be 4-bubbled in the last national elections Three years. According to the views of many analysts, after, as ballots are counted, the country not enough that changed. Likely Ukraine’s parliament remains a weak, broken country, politicians continue endless debate, and people still disappointed.Yet, according to analysts Radio Liberty She Maksimyuk, people go to the polls, and the turnout could exceed 70 percent.Maksimyuk: "I think that in general, Ukrainians are tired of politics, and they do not expect that these elections will change almost everything. Naturally, they will go and vote on the land, but

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Vitebsk beat Vladimir Bazan

In Vitebsk, about 20 o’clock in the evening and beat the editor of the independent newspaper "Kurier from Vitebsk" Vladimir Bazan. When he along with his wife, he vorachivalsya home, the house he was attacked by unknown, banged his head against the wall, smashing it to the blood.’s Wife called "fast assistance ", which drove Vladimir Bazan to the emergency room. Similarly, in mon in his porch was beaten independent candidate Andrew Levine.Vladimir Bazan, together with Boris Khamaida was an observer of the elections on the plot number 34-Vitebsk Kastrytsnitskay electoral neighborhood number 20

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End quote: 22.09.2007 — 27.09.2007

"What we as guilty before the control of, I do not know," Gazprom "earns here, as they say, great grandmother and profiting at our expense … some monopolists surpassed this greenish light eyes and they did not behold the not counting funds … "Gazprom" is now on the sale of gas to Belarus has the same yield as in Germany. This means the world leading gas trading with Germany. Naturally, the cost per cubic meter for Germany is higher than in Belarus. But we must also take into account the distance considering which of course, that "Gazprom" obviously profit from

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