30 deaths over the weekend

It is reported with reference to BelaPAN Management Traffic Police.About 4600 people were brought to administrative responsibility for the lack of time of day in a black reflective parts so called Flicker.

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Valery Buffalo: Elections were not held, hosted their boycott

"Most of the Belarusian people did not go to the polls. Such data CCP BPF polling station receives both the capital and several regions. People, especially students, some labor groups administration, deans driven by premature vote, and now on nationwide there is a void at the polls. Come one. Even funny to watch as the police, security, members election commissions bored. We can say with certainty that there were no elections, held their boycott. "

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Marx, Lenin and Vseslav Warlock

Polochans marveled whence appeared in XII century thoroughbred touches — princes then scoured for mangolkah fluffy. A prince obviously wondered why the street that runs alongside, called the October and not wearing his princely name.Excellent else trotter Useslaw stands motionless. If he rode into the town center, outraged Warlock would obviously took the blade from its sheath and headed to the local municipal executive committee stallion.Polotsk place names differently as an affront to common sense can not be called. Here for you and Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and no unknown Saca of Vantsetstsi and Voikov and Svyardlov and Dzerzhinsky

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Liberty Poll: Is it possible to overcome corruption?

Man: "Corruption is overcome? I think this is unrealistic. Since corruption — one of the forms of discrimination. It always exists where there is at least one leader and one slave. "Lady: "You can not beat it. Official corruption begins. And the government itself never goes away. "Man: "If it is corruption in the upper echelons of power, it can not win. If it somewhere inside, I think it can be. Sami people should not create a criterion for corruption."Dzyadok: "We can overcome. Everybody jointly undertake and overcome."Man: "You can not defeat corruption, as all the higher authorities, all power

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KGB major suspect in the bombings dachynennii to Vitebsk in 2005

At KGB Major Andrei Demidov brought the case to the third part of Article 295 of the Criminal Code. He is suspected of illegal distribution of explosives and devices.If his guilt Justify KGB officer threatens to limit the freedom of up to 5 years, or imprisonment from 2 to 8 years, with or without confiscation of property confiscation.Major Demidov was in remand prison after being denounced by the 1st of freelance own informants in the garage which has found the explosives. The informant said he got them from the curator of the KGB.July 19, Andrey Demidov held in detention. The

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Repression of opposition activists marched to the European amplified

September 27 after 10 days of arrest to freedom came UCP Sergei Klyuyev. Sergei commandos arrested on the street and forced to show that in the pocket. For some flyers about the "European march" Man was taken to the police. There he called "fast", since it was the highest temperature. The clinic doctors diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed bed rest. Despite this, Sergei was taken to the tribunal, and later in jail serving arrest. Favourite games Anatoly Lebedko with his colleagues met at the gate by Sergei bullpen."All the same, there are young people who, despite all kinds of obstacles, doing

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Corruption fight, and it blooms?

Continues to grow international corruption rating of Belarus. If in 2004 the international organization «Transparency International» determines Belarus takes the list of 74-th row, the outcome of this year — the 150th place among 180 countries in the world.Explain that the highest line in the list take a country where corruption recognized small.This year, less corrupt recognized Denmark, Finland and The latest Zealand. By the way, they were favorites and three years back. But Belarus is in the company of such countries as Kenya, Tajikistan, Zymbabve. Index of corruption in their 2.1 points — One of the most unsafe.Meanwhile, Belarusian

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European Union pride march

European commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner, now issued a statement where it is stated that "European march" demonstrates the willingness of the people of Belarus to respond to the EU proposals on more closely link. European Commissioner also condemned the recent wave of arrests of democracy activists.Press secretary of the Commission Amadeus Altafazh Tardy said:"We believe that the Marsh Oct. 14 is particularly important, since Belarusian citizens their hopes for freedom and democracy in Europe. They felt that Europe supports their aspirations. We are in touch with the organizers of the march, we share their

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Brest activist R.Kislyaka fined with the second sample

This is the second Tribunal over Raman Kislyak. Previously, the record of the Tribunal found false arrest and returned to the police department of the Metropolitan District of Brest.Fixing bugs took two weeks. In court, the police blamed the sovereign Kislyak that Tipo could not find it. This objection Raman Kislyak:"I guess they did not find me, and especially now led force — to put pressure. This is a typical revenge for my complaints. Facts today I’m going to also appeal to a higher court."Raman Kislyak fined 62 thousand rubles. Verdict commented defender Vladimir Maley:"From the results trial Raman Kislyak

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Comrade newspaper confiscated, so check

Dmitry Yanenka, deputy head editor, told about the police officers who conducted the search"Based on the fact that they have operational information that our newspaper is printed in Smolensk, not as it is listed in the output, they delayed the circulation of the newspaper, which was dedicated to" Soc march. "We showed all police documents that confirm the printing specifically in Smolensk. But police uttered that their operational information important documents that we could forge Tipo ".Dmitry Yanenka states that management "Companion" is currently preparing a complaint to the Ministry of Interior. Deputy editor predicts:"We know from past experience that

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