Trumps: On our side sing, dance, play, they say!

The village lies at the highest, forested mountains, the top of which can be seen for a good ten miles. And on arrival at the village look traveler lured three highest crosses carved in stone.Such a fabulous mix of great sorrow and stone crosses suggests the idea that there lives a giant. And it’s true.Hercules really live under the mountain. His name is Alexander Kolbasich. He is 83 years old, 20 of which he, in the prime of life, gave camp. Initially, the German working, and after Russian Kolyma.Low, but very wiry old man hospitably invites the table. It is

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Police seized copies of the newspaper Comrade

Dmitry Yanenka, deputy head editor, said:"Policemen uttered us that they received timely information that the paper is printed in Smolensk, not as it is listed in the output, and elsewhere. We showed all police documents that confirm the printing specifically in Smolensk. But police uttered that their operational information important documents and took the entire edition, which this time was in the editorial office. " Dmitry Yanenka also said that this room "Companion" one hundred percent devoted to "Social march." Specifically it, in his opinion, and it became a prerequisite for confiscation, as the authorities fear mass exodus of people

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At a demonstration in Warsaw, Lukashenko called for honest counting

Its general secretary, Jan Poplawski is responsible for:"We distributed leaflets to persons who came to the embassy to vote. We want to pass the call to Alexander Lukashenko, the counting of votes took place in a democratic manner. We tried direct attention all the violations that occurred during this campaign. "He also complained that the call for Lukashenko failed to transmit directly embassy staff — a letter was thrown into everyday mailbox, reports

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Martyrology of Liberty: Sergei Grakhovo

Grakhovo Sergei (12 (24) .9.1913, locations. Nobel Pinsk. Minsk province., Now Zarechanski district Rivne region., Ukraine — 11.12.2002, Minsk), poet, novelist and translator. In 1914, along with his parents moved to Glusk in Mogilev. First poem, taken in 1926. In 1931-32 he worked as a proofreader in Dyarzhvydavetstve BSSR, gas. "Red Shift." In 1935 graduated MWPI (newspaper-publishing literary department faculty that). Worked on the Belarusian Radio, teachers of literature at the Workers’ at BSU. 19/10/1936 arrested. Exiled for 10 years, logging in the Gorky region. In 1946-49 teacher in Slutsk area. In 1947, with G. overturned, but he was 05/19/1949

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Your choice: more readable medium materials

First Klaskouski: Vika Moroz second with my daughter did not make Second lady with the camera was handcuffed and thrown in "Bobby" 3rd "I advise you to leave this opposition, so as not to create problems for yourself and others" Fourth Who who stole 6-year-old Miroslava? 5th 775 thousand rubles penalty for the question of the book comments

Belarus Foreign Ministry: Purpose rapporteur — a positive step

Foreign Ministry official dealer said: "We tend to believe that this mission departs from the principles of the confrontation, which was driven by the European Parliament before." He added that such a step means "transition to constructive forms of interaction."• The European Parliament introduced the post of special rapporteur on Belarus 25.09.2007

Brest 2-judged public activists

According to human rights activist Vladimir Kislyak, police detained Pauline Panasiuc recently in the structure of the Metropolitan District Court. Vitaly Symonik interceded for the lady, and it also handcuffed.Yesterday in court of the Metropolitan District of Brest was punished with arrest for 15 days of a member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda. 62 thousand rubles Tribunal fined Raman Kislyak. Both accused of participating in an unsanctioned August 19 meeting. Tribunal considers such presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest."• Brest Andrew Sharenda sentenced to 15 days, 26.09.2007 • Brest detained human rights activist Raman Kislyak, 26.09.2007

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Zhlobinskaya activists transmit the complaint to the prosecutor on policemen

In an interview Radio Liberty Marat Afanasyev said the other day, police detained two car with the newspaper "Comrade.""Besides, now our car is not returned — says Marat Afanasyev — police claim that the middle Tipo cargo hidden drugs. But they did not immediately raided and sealed the door. There are suspicions that night in the car at the police structure which could nibudt throw. Overall, we complain about the unprofessional actions of policemen. "• Cars with the newspaper "Comrade" detained, 26.09.2007

Recorded up to 400 tales, legend and said the raid guerrilla units in the rear of the enemy Kovpaka

"Glos Prawdy", year 1927. The newspaper is aware of election maneuvers: "During the past days have developed suitable conditions for the formation of a solid block, which covers all groups without exception philistine: ie not counting the old block Zionists Mizrahistav, Chysazdus, NEGOTIANT, Little NEGOTIANT and artisans joined to the block landlord, the Jews of the suburbs, and hula Alliance tenants. ""Star" in 1947, writes: "From the areas Polessye Pinsk and returned a group of students and scientific employees of the Belarusian Municipal Institute, collects Belarusian folklore. Recorded 400 tales, legend and said about eminent raid guerrilla groups Kovpaka the

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Paul Seviarynets free again

Associates and friends gathered around Paul Sevyarinets Baranovichi bullpen, that meet Paul after having served 17 days in jail. When passed some time, and Paul was not all, people have turned to the policemen. They said that Paul in the bullpen not. But they refused to call his whereabouts. Few minutes reverse Seviarynets Paul himself called his friends and said that is Ivatsevichy. Specifically, there he was taken bullpen staff for a few hours before the end of sentence. Paul’s friends went to see him.• Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine, 10.09.2007

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