Paul was released Seviarynets

An hour after the expiration punishment Seviarynets Paul called his companions and said that even he was taken to NIGHT MODE Ivacevičy temporary detention, and the day released.Seviarynets Paul said, "Freedom", the staff refused bullpen say why it Ivacevičy transported to temporary detention, where people usually keep on which brought criminal cases."Nothing was said. No comments — no matter how often asked. Neither of those I fidgeted in the evening, nor in those who perceive, there was no explanation.I received a transmission. Very grateful to those who passed them to me, especially the Christian Democrats Baranovichi. For sixteen days in

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6 weeks to Mars, the Moon and the oxygen of stargazing

At the end of September (September 24-28) in India held an international congress astronauts, attended by more than 2-thousand academics and professionals in the field of cosmic. They discussed the future of the "global space exploration strategy" — the idea of cosmic international cooperation, which was prepared in several in recent years.Scientists: Moon must populateAccording to professionals, this idea just does not have the price, since the mutual exchange of developments and discoveries in the field of cosmic progress in the exploration of space will cost less and move even faster.Admin South American Space Agency NASA Michael Griffin read at

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U.Nistsyuk Observers as political tourists

Independent MP candidate, who is running for Masyukovschinskomu constituency in Minsk Vladimir Nistuk said:"Now open a discussion late voting process. Indeed, international observers, no matter how much they may be, do now function of political tourists. They show that it is necessary and possible to show. They have not apprehend any of the issues that we raised a year earlier. They do not make a profound study of what actually happens during the elections. They are not worked that needed work for 5 days early voting. "According Nistiuk democratic forces have not developed a unified concept of election observation."And to

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A. Milinkevich requests complete political reprisals against public activists

Namely, in a letter to the chief of the Central Railway and district police departments Gomel Alexander Milinkevich recalled that "law enforcement agencies is widely used practice of preventive and random public administrative detention of democratic leaders. Most of their courts sentenced to administrative arrests and heavy fines. Court decisions imposed only on the testimony of police officers, specifically carried out the detention. " As an example, mentions the apprehension, arrest eight days and a big fine youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka excellent students Gomel Municipal Institute F. Skaryna, deductions for active plainclothes position. As stated by Alexander Milinkevich acts watchmen

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During the first half of 2007 Mogilev region visited 778 foreign tourists

Over the past 6 months Mogilev visited by tourists from Germany, France and Poland. The best part, but from Russia. According to the employee of the Office of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the City Council hopes hazel Dnieper region beckons their service and low prices on vacation.Russians acquire pleasure trips to camps and vacation homes. Specifically designed for them and special tours."We have made a new trail links about life last ruler of Russia Nicholas II in Mogilev and show places connected with this way of life," — said "Freedom" Hope hazel.Meanwhile one of the priority directions of

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Is it realistic to withdraw the member of the House of Representatives?

Tsigankov: "Public activists who have launched a campaign to recall deputies of the House of Representatives, fined and persecuted. Why so afraid of the power? Neuzh they really afraid that it may come to recall deputies?"Golubev: "I do not think the case had previously come. But, in fact, I think this and should not be. Indeed, voters should think before choosing, and be responsible for I didand. On the other hand, I have a historical experience, when we, the opposition BNF in the Supreme Council, tried to adopt such a law, and to organize a review of some deputies, and

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Belarusians have to pay more for 130 bucks?

How be average wage Belarusians with the growth of prices for 5 in recent years? This question journalists tried to find "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Room for September 27. Statistics and reporting professionals summarizes deputy head editor Ulyana Babaed: "In 2002, the 100 bucks we could acquire substantially more potatoes, meat and other goods and things, than presently. So that our standard of living did not go down, the average wage should already be at the moment 450 bucks, and not those 320, which reaches to this year government. " Pinsk newspaper "Local Time" continues the theme of corruption in the midst

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MPs who eliminated the exemptions wish to withdraw

The question of recall of a deputy could be raised at the meeting. Initiate its conduct can group numbering 150 voters. In some surroundings for this already collected signatures.In Borisov group of voters means to initiate a review of the deputy Leonid Kozik, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. Campaigner Victor Gorbachev said:"People are well aware that people in such positions and votes for cancellation of benefits … Because public support is. Kozik opposite must fight for social protection benefits, as he raised his hand. We have materials to its promises, and we will put together and

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Now about Baranovichi bullpen friends will meet Paul Sevyarinets

Now after serving 17 days in jail in Baranovichi bullpen freedom will Paul Seviarynets. This is the third in a row arrest after release from the "chemistry" of the small village Sitna where Paul was serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations against the rigged elections and referendum 2004. Then, along with Paul tried Statkevich, devoid of registration of the party favorite "People’s Hulk." Now Statkevich will meet Paul approximately Baranovichy bullpen together with other democratic activists:"I came in Baranovichi, that meet Paul and someway pay homage to Paul. Certainly, I would recommend him to be careful, because

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Your newspaper Comrade detained

Machines owned by local activists — Lieutenant Colonel in supplies and Marat Balyankovu Victor Afanasyev. Sovereign Afanasyev police said, as if in the car of drug trafficking.Victor Balyankova, Marat Afanasyev and Valery Rybchenko Zhlobin taken to the police and was kept there for half an hour and later released. Activists had porazdavat police several issues of the newspaper "Comrade" in which there is an article about cancellation of privileges for police officers.• Militiamen detained activists with the newspaper "Comrade", 26.09.2007

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