Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. September 26

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• A conversation with journalist Olga Klaskouski. Olga, who lives currently in Poland, appealed to the Polish authorities, Polish and international community to protect her from the Belarusian law enforcement agencies, requiring the issuance of Poland in Belarus of its six year old daughter Miroslava. • Poll: Is it true that a child after a divorce largely give mom?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Nagual"2nd part:• What is the reason to close the online store?• Kondrusiewicz celebrated the first Mass in the Cathedral• Poll: what memory of the faithful from the new Archbishop of speech?•

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Are all doctors and candidates of sciences will receive additional payments for degrees and titles?

According to the decree, academicians and corresponding members of the State Academy, including pensioners and get in addition to wages or pensions, respectively 14 and 12 tariff rates on the first discharge. The faculty of the University — doctors and candidates — 6 and 4 rate of the first discharge. Surcharges for degrees were before the presidential decree. How underpaid scientists at the moment, explains Head of wages faculty BSU

Kondrusiewicz celebrated the first Mass in the Cathedral

Initially appealed to the faithful secretary of the conference church bishops Antoni Diamjanka:"I warmly welcome the priest Archbishop Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. Very glad to hi priest archbishop arrived believers not only of the cathedral parish, and other parishes., I see that there are many young people of different ages."Mass in Minsk department until prezentatsyynaya: Kondrusiewicz held it as ordinary priest. But first, his speech he stressed that vorachivaetsya home:"Today I’m going back to their homeland. Returns to the will of God, which was expressed in the words and purpose of the Holy Father Benedict XVI, to work among you. Take

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Bilingualism should be a value in favor of the state language

WhiteRussian language for the majority of Belarusians now — or something unusual or prohibited. Childhood itself read in Russian, and to a certain age do not think — why?

There are some phenomena — Belarusian and not speak Belarusian

I often hear: "I Byelorussian language I know, but I do not drink …" Previously thought so, but now I think that the language of religion as: someone born and brought up in it, and someone comes to her himself. At a certain time and under the influence of certain events. Personally for me became such lectures on logic at

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What is the reason to close the online store?

A year earlier, the Belarusian authorities have introduced a series of rules that help keep control of Internet commerce. In order to sell the products at retail through the web, you need to make an online store. It must be website subject of trade, registered in the domain space of Belarus. With all of this domain name registration website confirmed by a document which gives Civic Center security disk imaging at the Belarusian president.A.Muhin: "Most of them are engaged in trade illegally imported products"A year later, the company’s CEO "BelEvroset" Ales Mukhin said 95 percent of internet shops do not

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Mogilev plan to hold pickets recently Euro march

Request signed Free Trade Union activists Yury Novikov and Sergey Fomin. Middle of the applicants — heads of the regional organization BPF Gregory Kastusyou city organization Joint civilian Party Sergey Streltsov, also chairman of the regional organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress Alexander Silkou.Applicants are going to picket at 4 sites, three of which are in the center of town and one in the designated local authorities location. Each picket planned role of up to 10 people.BACKGROUND picket for Alyaksandr Kozulin, dated to 500 days in detention opposition politician local authority not allowed.Mogilev will seek the release

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Police detained activists newspaper Comrade

They drove from Minsk Zhlobin newspaper "Comrade" dedicated Socialist march. They stopped in Zhlobin about the post of GAI. Militiamen said that althought watch the trunk of the car, which drove Rybchenko Valery and Victor Balyankov. But they said that without the prosecutor not to open the trunk.

Thursday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast environment from 18.00.6:30 * "Mailbox-111" — Letters to the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko.6:45 * "Journey" Liberty"- The town Krulevschina Dokshitsky district.7:00 * F* Now comes the freedom Paul Seviarynets* Signed by Milinkevich "Freedom Movement" siloviki and sends warnings to the arbitrators for the persecution of youth activists* Live with Viktor Ivashkevich* Opposition initiates a review in the House of Representatives Zhlobin, Gomel, Pukhovichi* Human rights activists and public activists began to share Vitebsk "Write Political Prisoners"* Express Analysis* Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on additional payments for advanced degrees. Currently administration

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Violence against the demonstration of Buddhist monks in Burma

Now the largest town in Burma Yangon police and troops fired into the air with tear gas, beating people with batons.The current clashes with police occurred after, military junta forbade demonstrations and imposed a curfew in Yangon. But the people took to the streets again.Government acknowledged that killed a monk. Other reports have killed more than 5 people. 10s people were injured.Arrested about 200 demonstrators, about half of them — Buddhist monks.Witnesses report that security forces beat people with truncheons and arrested dozens of them. Reported the wounded and dead, but clear information yet.But witnesses also report that thousands of

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Night Siege — 26 September

On forums portal discussions are about renaming border troops in the Border Service. At the moment, the border guards will do just puzzles Border Protection, and before the troops stood ready adoption of the first battle in the case of anger. Comment:"Is there anyone can name a potential enemy, from which we will protect the newcomer service?"Gunter_spb user in his diary shares his impressions of communication with the Belarusian military officers:"Zamilavala that the overall strategy — offensive. Top Destinations — Poland and the Baltic countries. Here we consider two options. Our homeland support Belarus. If Our homeland not support

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