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Via web in Grodno sell unless erotic lingerie

First online store, as admin said Grodno blog Sergei Chabotska appeared in Grodno in 2001. But lasted less than a year. In addition, there was very poor range, there were no ads in the local web, learned of its existence the authorities:"To the owner came Tax, and he was fined $ 100."In the recent past in Grodno operated several online stores: computers, with camera, and now really, with the words Chabotski through web only sell erotic lingerie.Acquire and sell in Grodno, in most cases on the forumsOne of the reasons, which is not conducive to the development of virtual

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OSCE election did not meet standards

Your rating yesterday’s elections. Discussion on the loose 

Z.Paznyaka: "Blind artists stupid instructions Europe" Elections to the Chamber did not take place. Election farce regime abdurvanni people absolutely failed. That in spite of all the trivial failure, the Central Election Commission announced that Tipo 75 percent of voters voted, testifies frank and sassy usurpation of power in BelarusGuardian: "The severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko" Western media comment the results of elections in Belarus.

Human rights activists and election resultsCommissions, the opacity of their work, forcing a premature voting closed on seeing during the count — it’s all for

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The Tribunal will make out a complaint Klimov October 2

Recall that the third sentence Andrei Klimov, who has already served 4 years in prison and 18 months on the "chemistry" for his political activities.Now a political prisoner Andrei Klimov day of birth, 17:09:07 A.Klimov first of prisoners sentenced to a severe regime, 10:09:07

Streets Sapieha and Bryl will coexist with the prospect of Dzerzhinsky

Initiative to assign new names of streets and Yankee Bryl Lew Sapieha came from White CompanyRussian language Skarina behalf. His manager Oleg Trusov states that in such cases, it all starts with the letter addressed to Misha Pavlov — Chairman of Executive Committee:"We wrote an appeal to him about the streets and Sapieha Bryl: Sapieha on somewhere first year, Bryl — spring. About Sapieha answer came very quickly — will solve the problem. And about Bryl was a long silence. Then we gathered at Bryl unlimited number of signatures from all over Belarus. These letters always walked in the name

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Grodno in ancient castle decoys should not build

Creator of the restoration project Grodno old castle is Vladimir barrels. Now some experts at criticizing the project. In the first half of 1990 years wasand supported by an eclectic concept: the main thug transformed into a Renaissance style that was manufactured at the request of King Stefan Batory at the end of the XVI century, and also to build a church tower, images of which have not survived.How Republican Scientific and Methodological Council is currently considering a draft Vladimir Bochkova? Says Deputy Managing Protection Agency historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky:"To support

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Brest: Andrew Sharenda sentenced to 15 days

According to Vladimir Velichkina Andrew Sharenda — one of the main favorites of the youth movement in the Brest region."Power tends to isolate it from the public in an organization" Public march "and other autumn opposition rallies," — said Vladimir Vyalichkin.Brest violations militiamen opened in court, 31.08.2007

The European Union considers the detention Ivashkevicha as bad signal

According to her arrest Ivashkevicha "causes great regret."She highlighted that the event is scheduled on October 14, once peaceful and aims to consolidate the wide circles Belarusian society, supporting the development of relations between Belarus and the EU. We are pleased that civilian society country sends accurate signal about his own willingness to engage in dialogue with the authorities on the subject, which is the main idea of the march — this idea emphasizes nekanfrantatsyynasts entire project "- said Christina Golyak.• Protocol sent back for revision, Ivashkevicha released 26.09.2007 • Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European

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Lady with a camera was handcuffed and thrown in Bobby

On the morning of his parents’ house, police detained a member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda. Little later forcibly taken to the police department and the district attorney Metropolitan Raman Kislyak. Both blame is evading appearance before the police."I was detained and currently make up the protocol on administrative violation — said our radio Raman Kislyak. — Previously, I was detained by this fact. Held seven o’clock. And now they say that I have found. Tipo I did not arise on the agendas and the calls are not answered. "A 15-hours delivered both of the Metropolitan District Department

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Protest against the police should be coordinated with the police

The initiator of the rally was a local pensioner Hope Solovyov. It considers that Police are investigating the accident bad car tragedy in which 11 July, five people were killed: four teenagers, who were hit by a car and the driver of the car "KIA" — grandson of Mrs. Hope.Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Tolochinsky Mareyka applicant wrote that the action will be considered as unauthorized without coordination with the police and doctors. Meanwhile citizens in the Vitebsk region for the first time expressed their intention to publicly discuss the work of the local police, which they are unhappy.

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775 thousand rubles fine for the issue of the book comments

Case activist Tatiana Tatiana Tsishkevich considered referee Paulyuchuk. Previously, the arbitrator to hear cases of administrative violations of opposition activists.Tatiana Tsishkevich not hesitate, it is recognized that the guilty:"What else to expect from a judge? She had previously endured such sentences."September 7 Tsishkevich Tatiana came to Minsk Central district police station to wait for the release of friends, who were detained for distributing stickers of the "European march".Police officer Metel’skii by damsel rudely expelled her from the premises. Tatiana was indignant and asked the book of comments and suggestions. Whereupon, as Tatiana said in court, she was detained "for disobedience."

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