Guest on Freedom — Vladimir Orlov

Born in the year of Stalin’s death, he and his studies at the history department of BSU engaged in removing the debris of Stalinism in Belarus. Was no exception and just published a book — "Names of Liberty." Sovereign Orlov hopes: it will help get rid of many historical forgetfulness and those closer to the realization of the dream of creation — known for whole world his essay "Independence — it …" eventually will lose its relevance Belarus."My" Names of Freedom "can be perceived catastrophic book. But together with those it shows that those for whom free Belarus was purpose

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Policemen seek out leaflets in the markets

The creators of leaflets offering Belarusian businessmen make October 2 weekends funny day and not go to work — in a symbol of solidarity with all personal businessmen and distributors, who suffer pressure from the authorities.The creators of leaflets offering celebrate October 2 as day businessman.Policemen seek out markets distributors of leaflets.

Opinion poll: 52% for the configuration in Belarus

In your opinion, whether katigorichnye probable configuration of internal and external policy of Belarus in the coming 5 years?Probable — 31.8%Unlikely — 46.6%Impossible — 15.2%I can not answer — 6.4%If you think that such configurations are probable, who, in your opinion, will they initiate? (Can be more than 1 answer)Belarusian authorities — 32.7%Belarusian people — 23.6%Belarusian opposition 9.8%West — 8.1%Our homeland — 6.3%I can not answer — 12.0%You want to, that such changes have occurred?Yes — 52.2%No — 15.6%I do not care — 14.7%I can not answer — 17.5%Do you trust the president of Belarus?Trust — 51.9%I do not trust

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S.Semenov: An linguistic discrimination, and I was also punished

Znatkevich: "About your case as an example of linguistic discrimination September 18 mentioned even the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich. How do you think this statement is some argument to the court of Homel, that you meet the following week and cancel your previous fine?"Semenov, "I think this is a very difficult question first — for Gomel court and in-2 — for Gomel customs, as in fact they were put in a very difficult position. Fact, that if they have acquitted at trial on October 4, it will be understood that the last sentence was illegal,

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Belarus — one of the most corrupt countries in the former Soviet Union

Transparency International in measuring the degree of perception of corruption into account the level of bribery, the role of municipal employees in the business, the presence or absence-independent courts and legislation in the fight with washing facilities, government transparency and accountability of its society. It should be noted that the ratings of Transparency International does not itself determine the level of corruption in the country, but how it takes people and business. Features range from zero to 10: 0 — large degree of corruption, 10 — less. In 2007 Belarus is 150 seats, equal to the number of points it

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Detention Ivashkevich Ukhnalev — political order

Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said authorities sought to discredit the chairman of the committee "Euro march" Ivashkevich and co "Public march" Valeria Ukhnalev."There was a political order. Notwithstanding prymityvnasts and poverty this step intimidation and attempted to discredit, we wish to state exactly the Belarusian public opinion and the international community, authorities go step by step in the wrong direction.In front of them in black and white issue, the candidate: either they respond to European offers concrete steps to return to Belarus freedom, democracy and trust, or they give birth and country, and themselves to a standstill, "- said Vecherko.In

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Viktor Ivashkevich remains free until Protocols for

About the structure of the street Ostroshitsky GEN 7, where the judge’s office Pershamaiski district Yuri Gorbatovsky gathered about 2-10-s people.Among them salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, journalists, human rights activists, relatives and associates Ivashkevich.Recall, he was detained along with Valery Ukhnalev, chairman of the organizing committee of the "Public march" on the porch of the cafe "El Tomato" where they celebrated day of birth Ivashkevicha.The commandos took them first in sobering-up station where the video was conducted. Viktor Ivashkevich said that the detention is an attempt to disrupt the mass action.Valeria Ukhnalev released, and on Ivashkevich up a protocol "for

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In Europe — means Pyatkevich and Saakashvili?

Drakakhrust: "This week, the highest representatives of the Euro Union have determined the answers to a united Europe offers the official Minsk. Recall that a conference on the European Neighbourhood Policy, which was held in Brussels on September first, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky once again said that Belarus ready for the broadest possible cooperation with Europe in such fundamental for both areas of energy and the fight against illegal migration, also called on foreign investors to invest in Belarus.But this week, the European commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that

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European March will be held in Poland

The march scheduled for October 14 — the action starts at exactly the same time as in Belarus. According Telezhnikov, on a clear route of the march participants and gathering place in Warsaw and other towns will be notified in Lately.• Will the opposition marches affect the socio-political situation in the country?, 16.08.2007 • Opposition voedinyzhdy connects to spend "European march for freedom", 14.08.2007

Striking donors from Mogilev have gained partial concessions

Yesterday evening a special commission, made by order of the chairman of the executive committee Boris Batura, heard a report from the head doctor of the blood transfusion station Boris Goldenberg.After his speech, the commission approved the proposal without debate Mogilev blood transfusion.Preserved benefits — only a fraction of those that had previously donors. To This time unclear whether retain free dentures, 50 percent discount on the purchase of pharmaceuticals and preferential spa healing.How should decisions of the Commission, for the donor retained the right to receive a holiday in comfort for their time, partly-paid trips to rest homes and

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