Martyrology of Liberty: Anton Zhdanovich

Zhdanovich Anton (18.04.1898, Minsk — 26.12.1937, Minsk, the NKVD), actor. F.Zhdanovich brother. Since 1917, in the company of the First friendship drama and comedy, from 1918 in the Belarusian Russian theater from 1920 to BDT-1. Among the best roles: Levon Stepan Krinitsky ("Ruined Nest", "Pavlinka" Kupala), Simon Mikula, Pavljuk ("Lynx", "ham" E.Ozheshko), Governor, Krasinski ("The Smith-governor", " Kalinouski "E.Mirovicha) Bzhazitski (" Over the Niemen "M.Gramyki) Ryazanov Kulmski (" Curve ablona "," Whirlpool "Ya.Ramanovicha) Lynyaev (" Wolves and Sheep "by Ostrovsky), Mironov ( "The Captain’s Daughter" by A. Pushkin). In 1937, arrested and shot. Rehabilitated in 1958. Lit.: ELiMBel, v. 3;

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First-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 2nd "European march" will be held from Academy to Bangalore Square Third "While on the street did not come out 200 thousand people — nothing has changed " Fourth leaves workers will be shorter 5th S.Skrebets "Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko" Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovNobel Laureate in Chemistry Gerhard Ertl was the Teuton Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor A. Milinkevich at the online conference: "I will not leave politics because gave his word to fight to victory" "While on the street did not come out 200

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The fate of women’s party dares Hope 17.00

At this meeting, the referee Igor Mil’to asked whether the parties wish to use the right cues.Representative of the Ministry of Justice refused.Head of the Party "Nadezhda" Lena Eskova hoped that Supreme Tribunal not use the stiffest punishment.Belarusian legislation provides for three options for punishment political partiesWarning, suspension for up to 6 months and liquidation.Ministry of Justice insists on eliminating female Tipo party because of numerous violations of the law.Leaders "Hope" in trying to justify Supreme Court, that these accusations are groundless. • Now continue Tribunal over Party "Nadezhda", 11.10.2007 • The court "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 09.10.2007

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For unauthorized flights over Belarus will be fined

Now House of Representatives adopted additions to legislation whereby for individuals set a fine of up to 20 baselines, and for legal — to 50. (Reference value 1 — 31 tyscha rubles.)The need to introduce such penalties deputies argued Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev:"No liability for violationyl use air space Belarus leads to unauthorized flight intruders. "L.Maltsev not specify how often this happens.

Now continue Tribunal over the party of hope

Ministry of Justice insists on eliminating women’s party — Tipo because of numerous violations of the law.Leaders "Hope" in trying to justify Supreme Court, that these accusations are groundless.• In court, "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 09.10.2007

Vasily detained Siliverstov

V.Siliversta arrested when he came to the house of his own mother in YelskAt this point, four police officers — Captain Sergienko serun lieutenant and two police officers who refused to identify themselves — took him to deliver to the police.After, Vasily Siliverstov said that "Freedom", the police took away his mobile phone and the line went dead.Earlier, Interior Ministry officials called Siliverstov mom and asked whether the offspring is going to go to Minsk on "European march". • Basil Siliverstov wishes to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal, 24.09.2007 • Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary

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Smorgon: Siege House public activist lasted all night

And the eighth morning came another car. At the moment, the police continue to be on duty near his home Ales Dergachyov has now re-file a complaint with the prosecutor.Policemen blame him for that yesterday morning he was walking his dog and Tipo anyone offended.Lunch last day Ales Dergachyov locked in their own home and does not open the door policemen. He is convinced that his wish to isolate, so he did not go to Minsk "European march" which must held on Sunday October 14.

Citations past: Honestly this corn not know embarrassment!

"Orsha Gazette" in 1917 concludes: "Orsha" Belarusian Committee "would not mind an own candidate in the military. Assembly. But Moscow, arguing that" Bel. Com. "- Grassroots democratic state organization referred this question for consideration by the Socialist Revolutionary Party. "Bel. Roo." See, one of the province exhibited by existing parties and organizations, candidates, natural Belarussians, Belorussians and lust does not believe in military build. Meeting some of its own, special Belarusian. What is all the same for the Belarusian — judge believe in excess. ""Lim" in 1957, typing a letter and professors N.Zamyatsina N.Darozhkina, corresponding members and BSSR A.Lapo V.Shempelya

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In Brest again detained for information about the European March

They Tipo pasted stickers with the invitation take the role of Sunday October 14 at the permission of the authorities in Minsk "European march"The duty of the temporary detention at the Leninsky district department Interior confirmed that young people are in them.

Who should judge Angelica Boris, Igor Bantser, Nikolai Lemenovskii

They were arrested yesterday in the evening and at night, was positioned in the temporary detention facility. To find out the position of A. Borys, late in the evening in the Leninsky district police department visited Consul General of Poland in Grodno Andrzej Krentovsky. About Angelica Boris detention was reported to the authorities in Poland. • The Polish Foreign Ministry protests against detention UPB, 11.10.2007 • Angelica Boris planted, 11.10.2007 • Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno, 10.10.2007

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