Protocol sent for revision Ivashkevicha released

Ivashkevicha brought to the court after 12 hours. In the structure of the street ZhESa Ostroshitsky in which is judge’s office, attended by salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, the OSCE Mission, journalists and colleagues of Victor. Almost everyone expected an hour when the meeting starts. Ultimately lawyer Ivashkevicha had claim any decision from the judge. Through some time policeman escorting Ivashkevicha, explained that the protocol is focused on completion. What flaws were found in the protocol, not told. The policeman said that Ivashkevich may be free — a meeting of the court, also is unclear. The politician said Radio Liberty"This decision

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I advise you to leave this opposition, so as not to create problems for themselves and others

In the post "Freedom" as before many letters to the arguments of the democratic opposition — about her mistakes and miscalculations, deals with the government and society, what lies ahead.On one of these messages and start the current conversation.Cluhach of Polotsk, signed as Vytautas Sticker, writes:"Democracy is your Belarusian people do not need. Our people are not mature enough for this, and never grow. Belarusian people passive — that promotes our land, swamp. I write in response to the book by Vladimir Orlov" Names of Freedom ", which has just issued your radio. All these characters — the Polish-Belarusian know

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Republic is a world leader — one Lenin 200 thousand inhabitants.

"Orsha Gazette" in 1917 under the heading "Local Life" reported: "We report that Orsha council of workers and soldiers in connection with the fact that the room Cinématographe, which he currently holds, for some reason can not be more in The Council decides steps to take public meeting space Petragradkay on the street. " "From archival sources that 1st Slutskaya school based in May 1617 — sets out in 1967" Reddish change. "- Issued in her dedication literacy indicated that Moscow will be built Evangelical Reform temple and a school for training Christian Young.’s based on this school in 1630

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Eugene Skrabutanu Grodno given 5 days

Such sentence was imposed despite the fact that activists seized knapsack with stickers to "Euro march." In court, but none of the labels referee was police witnesses did not recall. Eugene Skrabutan detained yesterday evening "for disorderly conduct." He spent the night in the Grodno branch. In the photo: Eugene Skrabutan.

Do you recognize the election?

How is the voteSMS message from Ales from Polotsk"Selects Lukashenko with the vertical, and people only vote."Man: "At the voting power premature trying to drive as many people: the army, the police and students. Driven to premature voting systems. Stallion understand why it is done. Principal, who is there and how to vote — these voices will be given to candidates from power. Just because already so called democratic elections can not recognize, like it or wish Alexander G. ".Spades: "These elections again showed all gnilasts Lukashism. Opposition many times met to decide to take part in elections to the"

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Why Justice Department reconciled with society?

Department of Justice has agreed to an amicable agreement with the "society", although previously sought to eliminate this business.Manages the association representative Yury Chavusau:"This means, that we serve a 15-day period all the documents they requested and which we have not applied because they do not receive the request. Also accompany technical violations — that the mail does not reach. A Department of Justice on these grounds can not provide more action for the elimination of "Company."Why Justice Department went to the world? Mingorispolkom bureaucrats refused to comment on this.Yuri Chausov allocated:"At this point in order to eliminate public association,

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V.Konopleva may vary Popov?

By him, the House has passed a meeting of senior (not by age, but by the time the work) deputies. They hoped that, that took place Speaker Vadim Popov, head of the House preparatory cklikannya. "Aksakal" proceed from the fact that today’s deputies left to work for one year. And because it makes no sense to choose kutsee time manage a person who has no experience in this post. Together with the fact interlocutor journalist mentioned that the current legislation does not prohibit even which of the deputies during the election of the Speaker and advance his candidacy. In a

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Martyrology of Liberty: Flegont Volinets

Volinets Flegont (27.12.1878 (01.08.1879) Vileika — 27/11/1937, Solovki, the NKVD), sociopolitical. activist, writer, teacher. In 1900 graduated from training courses at national teachers Švenčionys national school. A teacher at Vilenschina. Over watered. deprived of the right to teach unreliability. Worked as an insurance agent. In 1916-17 he served in the military Minsk. With the letter. 1917 Mayor Vileika with the chairman of the City Council in February 1918, during the time of German occupation of the town residents elected steward. In 1920 more than once arrested by the Polish authorities. From 1926 to BSRG with snezh. 1927 member of the

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Your choice: more readable materials Tuesday

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Brest police detained activist Andrei Sharenda For Freedom

This Radio Liberty said human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin. Andrew Sharenda police detained on August 19 during the presentation of Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Then Andrew Sharenda made the report, but then the tribunal revealed errors and returned to the Metropolitan police department protocol for revision.• Brest violations militiamen opened in court, 31.08.2007

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