What is taught in opposition Novapolatsk courts?

Online newspaper from Novopolotsk Ximik.info analyzes results trials local activists Valery Shevchenko, Igor Anton and Sukhorukova Yasinovich. These processes occurred yesterday, September 25th. Case differed in that for the first time in Belarus lured to administrative responsibility for violation of the order a review of MPs. Managing Internet project Andrei Alexandrov saw this story and didactic point for the democratic forces. "The authorities track down those who are against it, and in this case found the formal pretext for repression, as was used revocation mechanism of Deputies, which is not provided for by law. This must signal for all activists.

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Euro detained organizers of the march and Ivashkevich Ukhnalev

Viktor Ivashkevich, coupled with their own friends celebrated day of birth Restaurant "El Tomato." They came, as they met a spetsnaz company. The commandos were taken to the police Pershamajski district only Ivashkevich Ukhnalev.Valery Ukhnalev had to call and tell his colleagues that the police are willing to take them on honey examination to find out the amount of alcohol in the blood. Whereupon he was unavailable.Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said organizing committee chairman detention large street protests politically targeted. What people were detained in the restaurant when they noted day of birth, by sp.Vyachorki, is an attempt to discredit

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Profound: the supporters of the Belarusian-language education in a minority

Two Russian classes are already in school number 3 on the 1st of September. And the project configurations in the respective statutes to present at the conference arithmetic teacher Ivan Khrapovitsky was compiled in advance — even before the discussion.Sovereign Khrapovitsky also told that in the morning came to school district police chief Roman Tarasevich education, that teachers meet with delegates. He again stressed that the initiative is the creation of classes with Russian ngavuchannem belongs to the parents having the right to choose the school and the language of instruction for their own kids under the Education Act.The conference

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. September 25

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with youth activist Gomel Sergei Semenov. The following week it will be the second time to judge for refusing to fill out the form on the Russian border and customs declaration form on demand Belarusian language. • Grodno at customs there Belarusian-forms, the answer given in Belarusian• Poll: What are your memories of the Belarusian customs and customs?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Nagual"2nd part:• Free Schengen visas for Belarusians while at Wish• Poll: What visa European countries should be free to give Belarusians?• Released a audiobook Nicholas Yermolovich• Belarusian Web at "night

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Sidorsky goes to the European Union

As reported by Interfax, Sergei Sidorsky and the Prime Minister of Latvia Ivars Godmanis perceive the role the opening ceremony of the State Exhibition of Belarus in Latvia "Belarus-EXPO 2008". During the visit, scheduled talks between the governments of 2-one on one and in an expanded format, signing a number of Belarusian-Latvian interagency agreements.This is the first in recent years visit of Belarusian government in EU country.

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Shklovsky constituency: the villagers do not go to vote

Members of election commissions of Belynichy th Kruglyanschiny planning to visit the house 10s rural voters, who until This time did not vote. Thus, according to the opposition candidate Gregory Kastusiou, the lists that precinct commissions urgently concluded designated more than 100 villagers. For example, sovereign states Kastusyou precinct commission in the village Esmony that Belynechey, going to visit the 250 villagers. Here early 150 people voted. Just a list of sites indicated by 499 people.On Kruglyanschine village Teterin 161 people voted early, and up to 172 voters Commission meets to come back home. A total of 634 sample plot.Such

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Free Schengen visas for Belarusians while at Wish

Press secretary of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya 4 Presidents initiative calls "political declaration":"It should be considered first as a political statement. This is the desire of these countries to facilitate visa regime to facilitate the conditions for obtaining visas. But again, this step should be regarded as a political declaration, because the decisions that relate specifically to obtain Schengen visas, accepted all countries, within that zone. And it can not be manufactured, so to speak, in a one-sided manner.All it is imperative to discuss. And yet because it is very difficult to say how to react to

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Nicholas went audiobook Yermolovich

Among scientists, educators and democratic society Nikolay Ermolovich known as an outstanding historian. He owns a serious effort to study the history of the old Belarus, which znyapravzhvae many official dogmas. But avdyevydanni Mikola Ermolovich ceases in a new form, reads one of the publishers Franak Vyachorka:"In this book are collected known and unknown texts Nicholas Yermolovich. Unfortunately, he was already dead, but the feeling that predicted what we have now in Belarus: the complete humiliation and destruction of the entire state is not Belarusian forces. Also disclosed a method for dealing with this . "Nicholas Yermolovich edition book "Old

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Gomel: FREED youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

About six o’clock in the evening on the street long distance, came to meet him 26 young people with white and reddish pinks, representatives of the democratic institutions of the town.But Dmitry went not out of the gate insulator, and has come from the Central police department. About a half hour before the liberation activist was taken from prison to police station, where Deputy Chief Major Efymenko claimed clarification, how leaflets appeared in the town to support it.Zhaleznichenka "There was amusing incident. Likely, they feared that I would meet people and they want me to not see them. Brought under

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Night Siege — 25 September

On forums portal Tut.by discussions are application control office "BelEvroset" Ales Mukhin, who expressed worldview in Belarus may be closed 95% of all online stores for "conflicting demands of legislation that regulates them." Comment:"Who thinks, he will buy through the web for Belarus."The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are about that now Belarusians will pay for checking your mail.Comments:"See, that and reading electric letters" appropriate "authorities did not have to pay!";"Or, you know, as in Belarus carried parcel delivery ambulance mizhnarozhnay mail DHL? What a prosperous atrymalniki the whole country should go to the airport Minsk-2 i lose a day in

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