Brand new land Kolas happened in Ukrainian

Valery Strelko worked on the translation two years:"Naturally, I knew it was a very popular thing. Considered to be one of the best works of the twentieth century. By As the last, such thoughts, I have often read. Belarusians adore her, and not only Belarusians. I just like the product itself is because risk taking. Already have reviewed. By As the last, I am satisfied with these estimates. "State of the Belarusian-Ukrainian literary relations sovereign Strelko evaluates as unsatisfactory: Belarusians and Ukrainians poorly briefed about the traditional and modern literature, culture each other."I came to Kiev in the Alliance writers

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The European Parliament introduced the post of special rapporteur on Belarus

Within the UN post was previously rapporteur for Belarus, Adrian Severin, which had been held, but This year the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur was canceled. Within the framework of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe a working group on Belarus, headed by Italian parliamentarian Andrea Rigoni, a working group on Belarus, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for many years run by German MP Uta Zapf. In the European Parliament the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus introduced for the first time. Its function will be to advise the European Parliament and the European Commission with respect to policy

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Figure a day or 1 billion euros

While Belarusian side did not respond to an offer. This was stated by Chairman of the "Prior-Bank" Sergey Kastsyuchenka. Austrian bank has a 60% stake in "Prior-bank." According to the chairman of the Austrian bank Kastsyuchenki Matryk John Sayers Butler in February this year suggested in an interview with the Prime Minister» er Belarus nezvyazany credit in billion euros. In today’s date — this is approximately the amount that the government hotsev would borrow from the Russian government.

UN General Assembly begins work

The other day during days New York held a meeting at the highest level on the dilemmas in Iraq and Afghanistan, as in matters of climate configuration. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the highest hopes for the continuation of diplomatic activity in the coming months:"I think it will be a period of more intense multinational diplomacy, always UN history. Since we started to work perfectly in the 21st century, the UN remains the global forum where discusses the difficulties and their solutions are developed. "Srdjan Kerim, President-elect of the General Assembly, states that climate change — the main

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About free visas media rushed

Embassy reports that this information is not credible, and stresses that "presidents do not have the capacity to make such decisions." In a press release reminded that "visa fees for Schengen visas are regulated together all participants of the Schengen Agreement, for all that the individual Member States do not have jurisdiction agreement to cancel the visa fee in one-sided manner."

Revolution monks in Burma

Protesters sing songs, some chanting the slogan "We want dialogue," other vygukayuts "Democracy, democracy."Yesterday demonstrations were held in 25 towns of the country, on the streets of the town naikrupneyshgo Burma Yangon left 50 thousand people. Authorities threatened to use force against demonstrators. Municipal media blame the organizers of the protest in an attempt to undermine stability in the country. State television transmits such statements such as:"The group of internal and external destroyers, which intolerable peace, stability and development in Burma, provoking such incidents. They seek though by what means all damage, making government for the welfare of civilization. "About

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Dmitry Dashkevich get any new prison term

Lawyer Dmitry Dashkevich Galiyev Alexander said "freedom" that the criminal case against his client filed on August 14.Initially, the investigator Salihorsk prosecutor Alekseev proposed institute proceedings Shklou their employees, but they refused. Later criminal case Police investigators brought Shklou.The lawyer said that Dmitry refused to testify, and acquainted with the case, whereby September 12, he signed his name that has the status of a suspect. While the criminal case was appointed handwriting expert Dmitry.Says Alexander Galiyev:"Zmitser Dashkevich refused to testify, citing the fact that the article for refusing to testify as a witness is unconstitutional. Case filed on August 14,

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A.Voytovich: At the UN, we can not ignore any of the main theme

Past chairman of the Council of the Republic Alexander Wojtowicz believes that all issues on the agenda a day or connected among themselves:"Since terrorism and security specifically related to economic development. You can read that in some degree of terrorism are a manifestation of the economic development of individual countries.And economic development cramped manner with changes in climate, because climate configurations require a response from the country to adapt to them. And this is due to the economy. Because all questions and related among themselves. "Alexander Pines, minister in the government of Misha Chyhir states that it seems more principled

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Justice Department went to the world and society

Now the Minsk City Court ended the proceedings on the Elimination of association "Society." "This means, that we present in 15 days all the documents they asked for and that we are not presented because they did not receive the request. Also accompany legitimate technical violations that mail does not reach. A Department of Justice on these grounds can not provide more action for the elimination of the "Society" — said the representative of the association Yuri Chausov. In This year June 22 bureaucrats Mingorispolkom legal department sent a "Society" three observations. The first is that members of the organization

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Fashion Show Napoleon Orda in Vitebsk

Exhibition — the fruit of the plein air painters of the winter, which was held in Gluboksky area and was organized public cultural and educational center Jazeps Drozdovich.According to Vadim Borshevsky, one of the organizers of the first open-air, employees of the Museum of Modern Art Hall have offered to host the exhibition in Vitebsk."The exhibition has already exhibited in Novopolotsk was a great success. Exhibition this — about sixty paintings, even a little more. And he took plein air just on New Year’s Eve — December 25 to January 2. It participated young artists from all over the country,

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