Citations a day or — 24 September

"These Stalinists (yesterday there were many, and now too) tend to diminish the amount of repression. Specific example — the book" Memory "on Mjadelsky area in which it is written that in 1939-1941 years wasof repressed and pardoned 62 persons. At the same time I was with someone brought folder editorial material with the note "This is something that did not go into the book" Memory. "It was repressed in the list these years — 278 persons. "Historian Misha Chernyavskii — understatement of the number of victims of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus

"Our actions are focused to a decent standard

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Dozhinki: effects after prazdnichkom

Folk celebrate peremptory show?Today prazdnichek Rechitsa cost approximately 200 billion rubles. For comparison — at 10 past "Dozhinki" put together the budget had spent about 155 billionHead of serious construction Rechitskoye Executive Committee Gennady Sirotko states that no problems with the financing of this year was not:"We all rasplyanavali, calculated, and if here and there was not enough, took out loans. During the time of" Dozhinki "neither the contractor has not asked a question that he allegedly working without funds. From all sources of funds went, we have for each control, which was being prepared, their amounts were. Namely, the

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." In what condition are presently affairs of Belarus and the European Union? As authorities to respond to the offer of negotiations with the organizers of the "Euro march"? What are the prerequisites sensational improvement Belarusian-Georgian relations? Over these topics in the program "Prague accent" political scientists argue Denis Melyantsou and Vyacheslav Pozniak and vice-chairman BPF Yuri Khadika. Presented by Yuri Drakakhrust.7:00 * F* Who is the last day from the moment of warning» Justus Min 6 parties, including and BNF. Or went to the registration status of new

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Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets

In court Partyzanski district of Minsk Lena referee Tityankova discerned administrative reports on detainees Leonid Novitsky, Lena Smooth and Vital Tihanovich.First tried Leonid Novitsky. He said, "Radio Liberty", September 21 to come to his apartment KGB, who refused to name names. Later there came police and conducted a search.Leonid Novitsky says:"They took the 96 EU flags with the inscription" Belarus "in the center. Shirts with the inscription" By "and stars around, wheels, blue bandanas. When I asked I was given a copy of the protocol, they refused do, saying: "It’s not allowed." I want to file a complaint with the

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M.Charnyavski explore the history of post-war anti-communist resistance

Still collecting material for books about Rostislav Lapitski, head of anti-communist organization Myadel and Smorgon students, Misha Chernyavskii amassed a number of materials that show antakamunistychny resistance in the postwar period."Even in a small village were arrested and convicted""In fact, in at least some, even a small village there was one, two, and more than that pavdyasyatka arrested and sentenced.By 1959 Belarus was eleven areas. Once I caught the BSSR Supreme Court case that redefined the business Molodechno Regional Court. Exclusively Molodechno region for the years 1950-1951 for the anti-communist activities thirty or forty process occurs once a year.They are

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European Commission: the loss of evrasanktsy Belarus — 12 million euros

Namely the European Commission Consulate said: "We have received a variety of information about the alleged loss. Was even called the sum of 300 million euros. According to our data, Belarus will lose about 12 million euros per year, which is about 0.4% of the Belarusian exports to the EU. ""Exclusion from the system preferences is faster political measure""This is a small amount of money. But exclusion from the General System of Preferences is faster policy measure," — said the representative of the European Commission.Such an outlook earlier expressed "Freedom" and the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade

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In New York, starts 62th UN General Assembly

Moments in the midst of the discussion of today’s session — the role of the Iranian favorite and his scheduled speech to the Colombian Institute. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that UN sanctions fail to stop Iran’s nuclear program from. Visiting New-york Minister Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov starts on September 25. Planned and his speech.

The UN General Assembly, established in 1945 in accordance with the UN Charter, is the main deliberative, policymaking and presentable body of the organization. In the Assembly includes 192 friends. The Assembly shall meet another yearly session from September to December, and after already necessary.

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Destruction at a polling station

As said opposition activist Sergei Salash, emergency workers were unable to save ethe man, who looked 45 years old, and he died. Eyewitnesses steel-independent election observers.

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A day or figure: 7 million 435 thousand

But Academician Ivan Nikitchenko casts oscillation official data. In an interview with "Freedom", he said that Actually collected on pavtara million tones less: "Water was added as needed — because there is not as much grain as announced … The final figure will be announced before October 10 — as is always the case. Later we’ll see how much remains to January 1. And then we’ll see as assigned. "

Mogilev youth tries to defend against BRYU

Two men and a woman, who did not want to open their families, are not members of non-governmental youth organizations. Neither one of them do not attend opposition rallies in Mogilev. But they do not wish to be members of the Youth Union.By young, teachers refer to the order of administration and students are forced to engage in municipal youth group.Says rights activist Alexey Pavlovsky, which addressed these students:"Students are turned, they are forced to join the Youth Union, and they do not want. Them I then suggested that they write a letter head of state and the prosecutor’s office,

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