October 5 BHC will sue the government

BHC obtains recognition of the Government and the Ministry of Finance guilty of "inactivity". According to human rights activists, bureaucrats have gained changes in legislation, to be had in mind the obligations of the government not to impose taxes on foreign aid program there TACIS.As a result, 2006 Tribunal found that the BHC has not paid taxes, and arrested the property of the organization. Previously been frozen accounts BHC and BHC against him manager Tatiana opened criminal case. Human rights activists they say that because of these circumstances the organization for 2- years was virtually paralyzed.BHC will consider a complaint

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Viasna filed a complaint with the Supreme Tribunal

Human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich said:"We strongly disagree. And we believe that our decision to not registering completely unfounded. It is not based on the law or in practice its implementation. Fully restricted rights. Especially in the part where one of the foundations of our non-registration indicated that , they say, can not establish a company people who have not once brought to administrative responsibility. In including chairman of our association Ales Bialiatski was detained more than once for his role in peace activities in human rights activities. So makarom, M» Justus stripped 20 people of our founders ever establish

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Borisov: spontaneous meeting business

"Net private traders express protest with personal market of" Gerakombel "- says Victor Gorbachev. — They angered groundless increase rental facilities in 3-6 times."Victor Gorbachev added that earlier entrepreneurs complained to the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Minsk Regional Committee of the National Audit Office.

Martyrology of Liberty: Ivan Sabek

Sabekov Ivan Ivanovich, born. 1870 in Leningrad, Belarusian, from the nobility, height. education., peasant farming on x-man. Raubichi Ostroshitsky-Gorodok district. Arrested 02/30/05. Sentenced 06/30/16 "troika" as an agent of the Polish intelligence, creating a / p Hall documents-tion, according to Art. 64, 68, 76 of the Criminal Code on the expulsion of the BSSR. 89.03.16 deal revise PROSECUTOR BVI. The KGB-21043 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once

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Your choice: more readable materials Sunday

First Graffiti on the streets of Novopolotsk 2nd Week in Belarus in photo, September 16 — 22 3rd I.Voroshkevich referred to detention at the border "psychic attack" Fourth Belarusian police will not let young people to the festival "The right to be free" 5th Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary Rechitsky

Minsk judge for flyers

On V.Tsihanovicha, A.Gladkuyu, L.Navitskaga K.Grahava and made reports for appeals to the role in an unsanctioned rally. For this they can be punished by a fine or imprisonment for up to 15 days.Interior Ministry officials detained them in various places in Minsk. During the inspection of personal belongings police found the leaflets calling to participate in the European Socialist and marches.Organizers of Euro march in Minsk city executive committee filed an application for permission to hold a rally on October 14. Socialist planning to hold a march on November 4.

Visegrad Four presidents promise to issue free visas for Belarusians

Head of diplomatic missions of Slovakia Lubomir Rehak, which makes the function of EU consulates in Belarus, now said "Freedom":"Yes, I know about that decision, but until more disk imaging in this regard have not. At the moment I am preparing a respective request. From my personal viewpoint, at the technical leveldo it will be difficult. " • L.Rehak "Price Schengen visas open a discussion with Belarus in advance," 5:09. 2007

Aleksey Lukashevich: At first festival like best to select the most

Bushlyakov "Why Belarusian rock festival in Lutsk specifically why specifically chose this city?"Lukashevich: "In 1-x, we thought to hold the festival in Ukraine and found a place near the border with Belarus, where the authorities would meet us … And specifically Lutsk became the place where the authoritiesdid everything probable for us. ""The idea of the festival in Ukraine belongs to Vitaly Supranovich"Bushlyakov: "It’s difficult to organize a festival in Ukraine, Belarus?"Lukashevich: "Naturally hard, you know, a foreign country, where just authorities allowed, and must all find an agreement … But we tried."Bushlyakov: "In the midst of the festival organizers

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Poles outside Poland will receive a special document

"Pole’s Card" — a document that will allow its holder, ethnic Poles living in the post-Soviet countries, free to teach in Poland, Polish visa to get Lightweight order, it will be easier to achieve as the right to a fixed residence in Poland and so on.‘It will be easier to come to Poland ethnic Poles, especially when Poland joins the Schengen agreement on January 1 2008, will be easier to get an education. In short, to solve a number of problems that have to This time have not been resolved, "- said during the signing ceremony of the law" On

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Courts over the opposition in the Brest region will continue until October

Now in court in Brest metropolitan area will be judged Anastasia Myaleshka, a correspondent for the newspaper "Brest Courier", which came on August 19 presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest" on the instructions of the publisher. She was detained along with other meeting participants. At the police station were 28 people. On 15 of them accounted for administrative reports. Observers do not exclude the possibility that the case against Anastasia can finish. Significantly worsened the situation in Catherine Belsky. Referee returned to the police report, that’s his pererablotali. As a result, on new charges Catherine can get behind

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