In the Tribunal was not a policeman, who detained T.Tishkevich

Tatiana Tsishkevich rejects. Woman says the officer of the Central District Interior Department detained her after her requests for a book of complaints and suggestions. The girl wanted to write a complaint to the actions of the police. Three witnesses have told the court that Tatiana Tsishkevich in the Central district police treated roughly. Now Yuri Metel’skii the tribunal was not, as at 19 September. Referee Paulyuchuk Tatiana said that will take positive action if the witness will not come back without preconditions respectful. • The hearing will continue Tatiana Tsishkevich September 21 , 19.09.2007

Or education available in Belarus?

This study — the continuation of the report of the 1998 UN "Education for All?".Then it was noted that since the beginning of the transition period (late 1980s) in the region occurred noticeable increase in inequality in the amount and quality of education. "To address these problems offered "Twelve steps towards education for all."In a brand new study addresses two main issues: the extent to which the trend towards increased inequality in education, and implemented "Twelve steps towards education for all."How to prepare such reports, explains UNICEF’s coordinator in Belarus Natalia Mufal:"Usually it is a statistic, studies that were conducted

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Gomel: another political prisoner

Upon written request of employees of local broadcasting company "Gomel" Zhukovsky "ripped off work" TV. Police officer assured that Zhukovsky read "on the colors and inflated, apart from the fact, on whiteRussian language. "September 18 Konstantin Zhukovsky came to his office broadcasting company "Gomel" to complain about the biased coverage of events in the town.Namely, the fact that the TV does not light tribute way of reprisals against local activists.Central tribunal which is next to the broadcasting company, punished arrests based on trumped-up charges police youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka and Andrew Tsyanyuta.Since the book of comments and suggestions Konstantin Zhukovsky

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Lukashenko: Life opposition ephemeral

"Our memory is lost, as it is not the opposition — they represent only themselves — said Lukashenko. — These have devalued themselves so people shy away from their names. Need long to make way for the new young people, which are not "overexposed" in bad cases if people have to eat them ", — quotes Lukashenko BelaPAN.

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Nicholas Gusovsky and rock music. Maybe it?

Basing repertoire mostly on Russian copyright songs, music "Constellation" yet, sometimes go beyond rigid as in the 1980s, the ideological norms.Group was the second ensemble of ancient music "Cantabile" team, who performed on stage pieces "Polotsk notebook", but in the style of rock. The "Constellation" the first in Belarus turned to famous works "The Song about Bison" Mikola Gusovskogo creating strong sound art-rock composition.Adam Maldis worked Belarusian rockWhat was the reason for such extraordinary as to the time step? That’s what I asked the founder and guitarist Andrew Kozlowski closure applets:"Adam Maldis given us a couple of days a notebook,

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Lukashenka: Gazprom imply raise gas prices for Belarus by 15-20%

"What we as guilty before the control of Russia, I do not know, — said Alexander Lukashenko. -" Gazprom "here earns as they say, great grandmother and profiting at our expense. "According to the Belarusian leader, "some monopolists surpassed this greenish light eyes and they did not behold the not counting funds."Lukashenko said that Belarus will be motivation tough new negotiations with "Gazprom". Belarus will aggressively adhere to the public interest. The Belarusian allocated:"Gazprom" is now on the sale of gas to Belarus has the same yield as in Germany. This means, lead us gas trade with Germany. Naturally, the

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Either change the face Kandrusievich interfaith relations?

Kondrusiewicz was born in Belarus in 1946. It was here in 1988, he began his episcopal activity. From 1991 to the nearest time served in Moscow.Commenting on the new destination Kandrusievich, head of the Belarusian service of Radio "Vatican" father Klyavdi reads "Freedom":"My worldArchbishop Kondrusiewicz little experiencing in this regard. He served 16 years in Russia and did not have time to do everything. He must return the structure of the church, all fees and so on.Kandrusievich came under the control of more than 600 books on the subject at the church Russian language. But, of course, he had prepyadstviya

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Khaschavatski area — in Washington

Audience spectators This time consisted of American politicians, political scientists and journalists interested in the political process in Belarus. We called Yuri KHASCHEVATSKY in Washington.Khaschevatsky: "I beheld real enthusiasm. Very staring film, very good reacted. Laughing wherever you need … The reaction was human and very Cancel. The movie has attracted. This view is organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Lithuanian side has brought a lot of copies of this disk, but are not enough. Their dismantled simultaneously and even had to make additional copies of the computer. We did a lot of them, but all

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Now the presentation of the book by Vladimir Orlov Names of Freedom

"Names of Freedom" — historical portraits rebel prisoners and XVIII century XXI, recognizable by whole world personalities and people who knew only their friends, which abyadnovala love for freedom and the homeland, and whose creator, Vladimir Orlov, included in the pantheon of Belarusian freedom and independence. Book can serve as a guide for writing novels, movies withdrawal thesis, the configuration space of titles and so on. "- Said in a statement to" Names of Liberty. "To be continued …Director of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty Alexander Lukashuk finished his intro to "Names of Liberty" deal "to be continued".What will

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Valery Putitsky: This trip, as if to Shushenskoe … I link

Bushlyakov: "You are currently in Zhytkavichy. This — trip?"Putitsky: "It’s such a trip, allegedly to Shushenskoe. C. I wish to make Lenin … I’m in exile.""We decided that I’m not a rural dweller, I do not need and" Dozhinki "Bushlyakov "In Rechitza expected this weekend prazdnichek" Dozhinki "and you was sent from his native town … What was the need for this work?Putitsky: "Maybe it was … I work from August 1, this is my first trip. But I think that was not necessary, as no one I left Rechitsy …"Bushlyakov: "Do you regret that you will not in Rechitza

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