Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. October 10

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Results of the meeting of the Council of European integration • A conversation with one of the applicants preparing democratic forces "Euro march", a favorite of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko.• Survey — People on the streets of Minsk they say, or if they were attending street protests. • Report from the presentation of the new album, "HPM" "06." 2nd part:• Ales Atroschankau sentenced to 10 days • "Night of research" — How insecure ladies alcoholism? • Survey in Mogilev — how much should a person consume alcohol to be considered alcoholics?• Will

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Grodno: Nicholas Lemenovskii arrested on 5 days

October 10 at the railway station to the car Grodno Nicholas Lemenovskii approached by two policemen: Ensign Samonichav and Petty Novitsky. They pronounced that it received a complaint.Together with the police went to the emperor Lemenovskii portion own car. There it began to draw up a report with the phrase "for neprelichnuyu abuse." • Grodno arrested member of the municipal organization of BPF, 11.10.2007

Observers require recount

In all eleven sites were no elections — said the coordinator of democratic observers in the region, chairman of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov. — Meanwhile, Precinct Commission acknowledged that the elections did not take place only at the 2-sections — № № 29 and 30.A total of eleven sites had vote more than 24 thousand voters. Commission wrote that land came 12957 voters, or 52.6 percent. Unchanging observers recorded only 9328, which is 37.8 per cent. " According to observers, a similar discrepancy is typical for a number of sites in the Gomel-industrial district number 35

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Martyrology Liberty Arkady Sobolewski

Arkady Vladyslavovych Sobolewski, cum. 1896 sq. Smilovichi Minsk reg., Belarus, farmer, h. education., Dr. Ust-Volmskay paybalnitsy in with. -Volma Krastatskaga district of Leningrad region. 38.02.04 arrested. Convicted 38.03.25 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as a member of the surfactant to the VMN. Shot in Minsk 38.05.19 bullpen. 68.01.12 matter reconsidered by a military court BVI. The KGB-9870-c***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once a day,

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Quote a day or October 10

"This decision by the authorities — this is a provocation against the adherents of European integration, which alone can save our independence. Focused on what the provocation, to reduce the number of marchers. Since many people who are in Europe to show it will not be at Bangalore. Certainly, difficult at the moment to refocus people October Square, about which there was information on Academy. I personally do not intend to go to Bangalore. " Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada Statkevich on European March "For Freedom", which will take place on October 14 in Minsk

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A.Milinkevich: European Integration Council will expand

"European Integration — a transition to European values"According to Alexander Milinkevich Council created and there were no critical comments from the participants. Politicians and experts will work 4 directions. This information is also analytical — development programs of the European integration of Belarus; educational for the public favorites that will be able to rule in a free Belarus. And fourth direction — support another culture. In the midst of those who entered the council Vyacheslav Pozniak, Lyudmila Hraznova Tatiana Protko, Pavel Morozov, Ivan Nikitchanka Mike Zaleski, Peter Martsau — only about 30 people.Alexander Milinkevich explained:"This is not business, it’s advice.

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In Grodno arrested Angelica Boris

She said our Radio, that came about 21 hours in the Leninsky district police department to protect Igor Bantser-chief editor of the magazine "Magazyn Polski na uchodzstwie», who was detained earlier. When she was in standby room, it also became the protocol — Angelica said Boris.

Grodno arrested member of the municipal organization of BPF

Nicholas said Lemenovskii our Radio, that at the railway station to his car was approached by two policemen: Ensign Samonichav Petty and Novitsky, they spoke that it received a complaint. Together with the police, he owed go to the site own car, there it began to draw up a report with the phrase "for neprelichnuyu abuse."

A. Milinkevich at the online conference: I will not leave politics because gave his word to fight to victory

Alexander Milinkevich, the last candidate Presidents of Belarus, was born in 1947 in Grodno. He graduated from the Grodno Pedagogical Institute and graduate of the Institute of Physics of the State Academy Belarus. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences. Trained at the Institute of Montpellier (France, 1980) and the California Institute (USA, 1998), took a course at the center of European security research problems in Garmisch-Patenkirhene (Germany, 2000). In 1980-1984, the Department ruled Setifskogo Institute (Algeria), was an assistant professor of Grodno Institute (1978-1980, 1984-2000).Was Deputy Chairman Grodno City Executive Committee from 1990 to 1996. Founder and Managing public organizations "Town Hall".

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Night Siege. October 11

Blogger freedommm society made a proposal: "There are many in the community conscious and close to our all-powerful (Milinkevich Ivashkevicha etc.) .. I remember at one point yelled Milinkevich that the Internet community should not chat on forums, and out into the streets and fight. So here I think that many want to ask them a couple of direct and provocative questions. There is an opportunity to ask those same questions for our opposition nemaderavanyya favorite so to speak, live and get their public response? Ask them to make LJ and join the group minsk_by ".In the comments aquamber shares

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