Which yaytsekvadraty real, and what — copies?

Painter and poet Victor Markovets Ales Ryazanov require recognition of rights violations’s their joint project "Yaytsekvadraty" which resulted in "illegal alterations and unique works in their wide use," company "Mobile telesystemy." Altruists against merchants: who wins?As the Victor Markovets, when their tandem ready to justify their right to mental product, opponents have little or no cover:"We ask them where your creators? Defendant, for example, says: say, somewhere in Moscow registered. And do not know who did. He judges of a particular question: who created the works? Here there are the creators — and Markovets Ryazanov. And who your creator? Some

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Where to send peacekeepers Belarusian?

Army Chief General Alexander Nikitin said that the peacekeeping troop composed Belarusian army completes its preparation: in programmke conducted all training sessions peacemakers received befitting ammunition, it remains only to provide a company satellite communications system and wait for the order "On the peacekeeping operation quick march!" Meanwhile, Belarusian Constitution forbids sending troops abroad for the role in the fighting. How did you get around this ban? Initially Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree respective and later Parliament passed a law that has permitted the role of contract only in peacekeeping missions. At the same time, by law, in each specific

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Ivashkevich: There is no one who would argue against the Euro march

At a press conference favorite political parties told about preparation for the "Euro march" and other autumn activities of the opposition.September 30, 450 pickets planned sixty towns in Belarus — to protest against the social policy in the country.On This time shares applicants require officials informed answers if pickets will not allow. Followers of the parties stated that the pickets still held — in other legal forms.Favorite reads of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin:"What we want, we will.’s One thing — to block one or two picket in Minsk, but block 100 pickets … Well, let’s see how it will

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News of certain events September 21

In Zhlobin KGB department cause student Euro Humanities Institute Cyril Atamanchyk. He said that previously he had seized white-red-white flags, literature and a block of computer memory:"The main motivation that Tipo Zhlobin group acts" Junior Front . "In the court of the Central *** district of Minsk now held the administrative process of a young activist Tatyana Tsishkevich. Damu blame for disobeying police. Clarifies member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets:"If detained her friends, she asked the police department complaints book. She denied this and even detained. And when released, it was released to the court summons." · ***

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Mogilev Democrats remain in disagreement

Co-chairmen of the political council visited the grave to see activists public organizations Mogilev and information about preparing for the "Euro march" and "Public march." In a day or agenda of the meeting was the question of preparation for campaign in House of Representatives.Mogilev Regional Coalition Democratic Forces was created at the conference of the united democratic forces Mogilev July 15. The conference was attended by 62 delegates from Mogilev, Bobruisk, Krychaw, Gourock, Shklow, Round, and also from the Mogilev Belynichi areas. Middle of the organizers of the conference were members of the BPF Party, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party

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Grodno in the area of pro-regime leaflets only candidate

Sergei Kuzmenok I saw on the site of another candidate campaign materials — Executive Committee Chairman Alexander Antonenko — posters and leaflets. "Then where is?" — Asked the emperor Kuzmenok. "They said — remove" — was the answer. Then claimed, that was removed and materials Antonenko. By S.Kuzmyanka of commission called the City Council and not to the district commission, then Antonenko materials were also removed.

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Harassment in the profession, mobing

Tightly teach phenomenon mobingu scientists began in the 1970s. Although history has shown that the mass persecution of 1 person — usually not similar to others — has always been. In Belarus in the near future will first take mobing politicized.As it may look, Natalia knows Bordak. Now — Nesvizha resident, a correspondent for the newspaper "Nesvizhski time." Previously, she worked at the House of Culture Svetlahorsk artist. "You yelled the loudest" "It started with canceling Humanities Lyceum, where she studied my daughter. We almost week picketed City Council about the structure. There there were manynumerical journalists who covered the

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. July 20

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Report from the opening of the exhibition "Through the centuries before Hutten-Czapski graphs"• Chat conference on literary topics, which was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk• "Night siege"• Weekly video review Maxim Zhbankova• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven"2nd part:• Interview with the Chairman Rechitskoye department BPF Valery Putitskom• Mobing — mechanisms and survival techniques of collective dissent• Survey on the streets of Minsk: For that you could survive a person from the team? • «Night rap." "Fairy tales for adults" Peter Vasyuchenko

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In Mogilev, 59-year-old pensioner became a student

"Brest newspaper." Customs officers will remember forever "Western Bug" last day of border crossing "Warsaw Bridge", which closed at night from 15 to 16 September. For Saturday September 15th here was manufactured four samples to smuggle hashish border briquettes. In all cases, drugs are dumb people of — Muscovite and Muscovite, an inhabitant of the Krasnodar Territory and native of Pyatigorsk. They all vorachivalis with turpaezdak from France, at the same border crossing at different times. Each seized from 6 to 9 kg of hashish. "Narodnaya Volya". 59-year-old Galina Prokopenko arrived in Mogilev honey Institute. She wants to get a

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