Friday on Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18.00. 6:30 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 19.00. 07.00 Morning F* Guest in the air — Vladimir Orlov * Minstat reports on the growth of foreign exchange income. How do they compare with the price increase? * Express analysis of the assembly proceeds with prices Leonid Zlotnikov * Franak Vyachorka faces expulsion from BSU * Markovets and Ryazanov against MTS: Continued struggle for "yaytsakvadraty" * Belarus prepares peacekeeping military contingent. How does this compare with the Constitution?Evening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 Guest

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Graphs Czapski vorachivayutsya in Minsk

"A significant part of the documents is not allowed to place the area"In the 19th and early 20th centuries belonged to Count Czapski manor Stankovo key in the Minsk region. Czapski family history research and engaged in public estates of Minsk region Lovers’ Association "Prilukskaya inheritance." Thanks to him, and established in Minsk Exhibition. Managing association Gatalskaya Igor said:"The State Museum of history and culture, we were able to expose only a part of their own exhibits. Significant part of the documents in the form of letters, correspondence area, unfortunately, is not allowed to be positioned. Presented But the most

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Night Siege September 20

On forums portal Tut.bykommentiruyut expressing political analyst Yury Shevtsov that in the case of Ukraine joining NATO Belarusians will consider Ukraine as an enemy that any spiritual prepyadstviya and finish that Belarusians go on holiday in the Crimea. Comments:"Despite NATO membership Italy, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania and other Belarusian citizens rest in these countries";"Hobby" Eastern Slavs "- to criticize other people who have gained the best thanks to its own bezduhovnastsi"; "Note that Ukraine will not consider us enemies, that" we "will assume its enemy."A_sad_one blogger commented information about now Alexander Lukashenko made the "unscheduled walk" on the terrain of

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1939: liberation or occupation?

The event took place in the debate club "Grodno collegium" based local movement "For Freedom." Ideological theme intrigued even with the executive committee, it was the emperor of Bucket. Conversation taken place in the Red Army occupation anniversary Grodno, what happened after the fight September 20, 1939. Belostokskaya historians Jerzy Milevsky and Eugene Myronovych

Maxim Zhbankova film festival

From time to time it seems that Hollywood is totally crazy, and one that is capable of doing the film adaptation of computer games. But the true hope the fans do not spend — there is light at low-budget auteur cinema. Specifically, there should be waiting for the next tsikavinak. Here and This time we came upon a refined horror "Vampirka." Filmmakers found fascinating move: the main character in the implementation of the 1st of "Charlie’s angels" Lucy Liu is transformed into a ghoul. But flatly refuses to join the silly bloodsuckers.Directed Sebastyan Gutierrez fascinated dark screen romance "noir." Because

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Guest night air — a member of the BPF Rechitsy Valery Putitsky

In "Night of research papers" we talk about mobing — mechanisms and survival techniques of collective dissent. People on the streets of Minsk will answer the question, for which they could survive a person from the team. In our present night air — a report from the opening of the exhibition "Through the centuries to Hutten-Czapski graphs", as the story of the current chat conference on literary topics, which was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of Kasya Kamotskii and the "new heaven" sounds a weekly video review Zhbankova Maxim, and

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Police officers blocked the apartment A. Finkevich

Himself Finkievich apartment no. He believes that the police are going to preventively detain him and other activists Junior Front, To prevent their role in the actions of the opposition after 20 hours October Square Minsk.

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Poll in Vitebsk All economize. That only eat — it is not clear!

Polotsk on the market in Vitebsk can purchase any products — from sausages and bacon home to overseas fruits. Goods in short supply, but no buyers very many, although specifically lunch many housewives purchase products, so the evening is not to stand in queues.Where are the buyers? This ask the saleswoman, Lyudmila, who missed no work for the showcase with the decomposition of cheeses.Ludmila: "I do not know. Certainly, all are saving. That only eat — I do not know! Save up, because already in stores, for sure, what can nibudt cheaper to buy than the market! A price increase

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Quote a day or 20 September

"At the moment we have not a bad legal framework in order to bilingualism was provided and more than that municipal employees responded to the language — Belarusian or Russian, which turned citizen. In This is the meaninge I can recall and the law on appeals people and appropriate decrees, acts of the President. Accordingly, there is a regulatory framework, and I think that just municipal officials must somehow increase their culture This is the meaninge ".President of the Constitutional Court of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich in an interview Radio Liberty

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Yu.Hodyko: We look forward to the concessions by the authorities …

Bushlyakov: Euro Now organizers of the march at a press conference in Minsk said they seek out contacts with the authorities in order to ensure peaceful conduct of Euro march. Tell me, please, present day — Do organizers received at least some answers from the authorities? There are, for example, the response to the application for the march itself — this application was passed in August in Minsk city executive committee?Khadika: Well, of course, that the wait for a response from the Minsk city executive committee still very early. After all, they, of course, will be held norms enshrined in

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