In Brest can visit stravsyatsiny

"Narodnaya Volya" reports that the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office reopened the investigation into the death of Brest Lithuanian diplomat Vytautas Pociunas. Diplomat body was found August 23, 2006 near the hotel "Intourist", but the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus considered this unfortunate event and criminal case not opened. The Lithuanian side is conducting its own investigation, but in the last year in December, it stopped. At the moment, the investigation will continue at the request of the deceased relatives. "Morning plus". "Svetlahorsk be allowed," the hammer. "In the town implement communal property. Two shops and restaurant" La berth "not sold

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Vitebsk prosecuted for willful destruction of historical monuments

According to a senior investigator regional prosecutor’s office Dmitry Rudakov, this is the first criminal case in the Vitebsk region, instituted for infringement Republic of Belarus "On the protection of historical and cultural heritage." Guilty of violating the law threatens the restriction of freedom for a term of 2 to 5 years, or imprisonment from 3 to 12 years.In an interview with the emperor learned Rudakov said that a criminal case was brought on 14 September. But the offense, which became the basis for this, took 4 months back. And first regional prosecutor refuses not that start criminal case, but

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V. Bulgakov authorities perceive the Belarusian language as a cultural fact optional

Tsigankov: "What’s happening? Same municipal machine that almost completely wiped out with the Belarusian language television, 10s times reduced the amount of Belarusian schools, driven underground Belarusian-language edition, currently has suddenly started to worry about the implementation of constitutional norms?"Bulgakov: "It is clear that this company is not under any circumstances be focused on supporting the Belarusian language. It fits in quite mainstream Lukashenka directives aimed at maintaining so called "Ravnapravnastsi" Belarusian and Russian languages. This strategy is neither modern nor expected. Authorities allow to exist certain enclave belarushchyny or whiteRussian language in public space, but see it as an

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Shults: searched the apartment editor of the independent weekly Brahma

This was said Radio Liberty Lawyer Svetlana Ponomarenko. She clarified now funny day Ales Yazvinski was arrested Baranovichi. Police seized all copies freshest numbers of non-state weekly "Brahma" and interrogated editor."Upon returning home, he was visited Ales investigator Nesvizhsky police department, and then with a group of police officers showed up, as he called himself, the chief of the investigation department," — says Ms. Ponomarenko.In a telephone conversation with the police lawyer learned that they do not warrant."The senior officer seeks to remove the processor from the computer Ales Yazvinski — Svetlana Ponomarenko reports — and explains their actions Tipo

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In a brand new album Pesnyary singing Farewell to the Fatherland in Russian

The repertoire is very diverse album, it includes both long-known songs like "Bewitched mine" or "my mother kut" and virtually unknown work, the creator of the music and lyrics of most of which is currently artistic director of the municipal "Pesniary" Vyacheslav Sharapov. Most of the songs sound in the Belarusian language. With all this Vyacheslav Sharapov stressed that this compilation album brings the result of the collective recovery period:"Experience has shown that" Pesniary "necessary and in Belarus and in Russia, and probably throughout the former Soviet Union. Everywhere is needed, this genre is needed because at the time we

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. September 19

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with avtorkavym winner "Win the book" Freedom "Edward Zaikovskii from Minsk. • A conversation with one of the applicants "European March" Dr. Yuri Khadika.• Survey in Minsk that may force you to take part in a street protest?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven".2nd part:• BHC military use in forced labor.• Polling Novapolatsk: what kind of job in the army you have never done?• EPA» the premiere film by Andrzej Wajda about Katyn.• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Julia takes balls.• In a brand new album "Pesnyary"

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BHC military use as forced labor

Soldier per month give 19,500 rublesBelarusian military regardless of the position obtained in a month and a half from 19 to 39 thousand rubles. And if they work, such as harvesting or in the construction of the bridge, they do not receive wages, the same as farmers or builders.Deputy Secretary of Defense for Logistics, Major General Boligatov sent a letter to the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. It says that the payment system and other works not foreseen by the legislation. Soldiers can thank unless valuable gifts or certificates. But, according to the laws, command of military units may enter into agreements

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Vital Silitski on online conference: Renounce authorities want Lukashenko will not soon

Vital Silitski born December 25, 1972 in Minsk. Belarusian. Graduated from the Belarusian Municipal Institute, majoring in sociology. He studied at the Central European Institute (Budapest, Hungary), Rutgers Institute (New Jersey, USA), in which received a doctorate in political science. From 1999 to 2003 — Associate Euro Humanities Institute in Minsk, where he was obliged to resign for political reasons. Whereupon worked as an independent expert. Constant created magazine "ARCHE" and the newspaper "Nasha Niva. "In 2006-2007. Was a visiting researcher at the Center for Democracy, Development and the country’s legal Stenfardkaga Institute (USA). Co-author (with Ian Zaprudnikom) the second

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Thursday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast environment from 18.00.6:30 * "Mailbox-111" — Letters to the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko.6:45 * "Journey" Liberty"- Village Porechye Dokshitsky district.7:00 * F* In Belarus, despite some warm weather, come autumn. And what dangers the future holds winter? Will prices rise on utilities due to increased prices energoelementy? As the impact of the abolition of benefits in payment of utilities for human well-being?* Poll in Grodno: will raise utility prices today in the winter? * Guest — Grigory Kostusev, managing Mogilev regional organizations BNF private businessman, in 1995 — 2001 he was

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Lukashenko for the opposition in parliament. But not today

"This constructive opposition is always needed. At some point we come to it. But it is not the opposition, which is 100 percent funded by outside "- said Lukashenko.He also noted that international observers will be hard not to recognize the election today, as the country is made all the conditions for the holding of elections in accordance with international standards:"If we normally hold elections, the West is prepared to recognize and behold Belarus to the naked eye."A. Lukashenko voted on its own plot with the younger offspring Nicky.

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