Will Belarusian authorities to protect?

As an example of discrimination on linguistic signs Grigory Vasilevich mentioned the case of inmate Gomel Sergey Semenov. If month reversed vorachivalsya boy from Ukraine, customs officials have ordered him to fill in the declaration. Semenov Russian refused to fill in the form and asked to be given a form on whiteRussian language, for which he was eventually brought to administrative responsibility. Customs systematized it as "insubordination requirements official". Ultimately Tribunal sought to Semenov 30 baselines penalty — about 450 bucks. Sergey Semenov found in Ukraine. The fact that his defense was the chairman of the Constitutional Court, he vyznat

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Pinsk: schoolboy there were problems for his articles on the web

In a statement to Radio Liberty Kissel said Dmitry cause harassment. According to the boy, he was intensively involved in the Internet resource http://pinsk.com, which is located at the 30 articles under the pseudonym Vaclav Commonwealth. Several recent — the fate of the political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin."The director yelled a lot, and threatened that, say, your extracurricular activities will be the most negative consequences in the upcoming fate, "- says Dmitry Kissel.Awesome manager Tatiana Hare told us that Mr Kissel "perfectly trained, professional electronics, has journalistic abilities." Meanwhile, teacher also proves that "this student currently really have a problem."Pinsky member

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Retchitsa: public activist Leonid Nevar sentenced to 6 days

Husband Leonid Nevara said Tamara Radio Liberty, that the court was closed. Nevara testified against Leonid chief ideological department of the district executive committee Tumilovich. His testimony supported the deputy chief of the local forestry Danil’chenko. They justify that recently Leonid Nevar insulted Tumilovich abuse.Leonid Nevar — party election campaigns, comes to the Board of businessmen intensively speaking at public meetings and events.Earlier Radio Liberty reported that before the festival "Dozhinki", which is designed Rechitza on September 22-23, local authority isolates some activists through expulsion trips, detentions and arrests.Retchitsa: expulsion of opposition before "Dazhynki", 19.08.2007

The hearing will continue Tatiana Tsishkevich September 21

The trial of Tatyana Tsishkevich which has now begun in the Central district court of Minsk, must not only know the woman guilty of disobedience police, and to answer the question whether the use of citizen its right complain about the police?On September 7, Tatiana Tsishkevich Central police station came to Minsk to wait for the release of detainees Gelahava Denis and his friends. Metel’skii police officer, she said, drove her out of the room. Woman protested and asked for the book suggestions and comments. Whereupon, as readand Tatiana in court, she was detained "for disobedience." Ultimately punishment damsel may

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Guest night air — Dr. Yuri Khadika

In "Night studies" is now talking about the use of Belarusian military to civilian jobs. Ministry of Defense said that it is also a combat training, but the Belarusian human rights activists say the army practiced forced labor.In our present night air — a report from the presentation of the first four years of the municipal drive Ensemble "Pesnyary". Also, you will report from the Warsaw premiere of the new film by renowned Polish director Andrzej Wajda’s "Post Mort. Katyn story" — the movie is dedicated to the disaster in Katyn. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of

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EU plans to allocate to support the Belarusian media 7 million bucks

First project with a budget floormillion bucks will focus on support for the Belarusian media presence on the Web.The second is designed for countries bordering the EU. The total budget of the project, which will run until 2011, 7 millions of dollars. It will affect four sectors — television and radio broadcasting, training for journalists, publishing information products and research of public opinion.

A.Smalyanchuk: We are talking about life or death of the historical Grodno

Bushlyakov "Grodno authorities on a day or refused registration of your business, the Group for the referendum. You desire to Grodno spoke about the reconstruction, which is held in This year historical building in Grodno. What authorities referred to in refusing to hold a referendum? "Smolenchuk "answer, signed by the chairman and the executive committee Antonenko head of legal department Shamtsilam wore such a general nature that we are very annoyed. It was written that we have violated the Election Code and other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus. Now I visited Department of Justice Executive Committee and spoke

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Opposition rushing to find candidates for deputies

This decision came now presidium United Democratic Forces (SLM) in Belarus. By this occasion accepted advice to regional coalitions, as they had better find a more promising candidates in each electoral environment. Co-Chair of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko explains this by saying that "we can not exclude early elections." Under current law, elections were held in House of Representatives take place in the second half 2008. • All supporters of change are invited to run for deputies, 12.09.2007

Premature vote undermined the authorities’ efforts

Will international observers see the real picture of the entire electoral process? These and other questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich. Tsigankov"What types of violations recorded in these elections more often, which means violations beheld observers?" Stefanovic"The government, I think, again returned to this type of fraud as opening the boxes and early voting ballots substitution. I think this is due to the fact that maybe they want to arrange a demonstration later count in areas where running for such known opposition figures as Liabedzka. Indeed specifically there, surrounded by Liabedzka there was a scandal with

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Import across the border — less than 35 kg

Who is exempt from payment of duty products imported not for commercial activities, the total price of which does not exceed 1,000 euros (for products inseparable — 1200 euros) and weighing at least 50 kg (for inseparable — 80 kg).Shpileuski explained to offer the desire to unify the Belarusian customs rules with Russian.

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