Plans and current results of agriculture Leningrad region

Region dynamically increasing meat production. Farms of all categories produced in January-September this year, 197.7 thousand tons of meat and poultry for slaughter in live weight, which exceeds 41% of the same gross figure for all subjects of the Northwestern Federal District. In Russia, the region is among the 12 leading regions in this parameter.

In the field of dairy farming in the region for the first 9 months of 2011 produced 417.5 thousand tonnes of milk. In the total amount produced in the North-West Federal District of milk, the proportion of the area exceeded 31%. Gross output has

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About the name

Found here on the Internet: A feeling that our developers of military equipment and arms a little fun of their foreign counterparts. In terms of titles they are creating art. Here in Germany there is a tank "Leopard." In Israel — "Merkava" (chariots). America has a tank "Abrams" in France, "Leclerc", both in honor of the famous generals. And we have — the T-72B "Slingshot". In honor of the slingshot. It is not clear why, but it is clear that the OIO could only be born in us.

Or, for example, take the Americans and their self-propelled howitzer

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In the Skolkovo will develop micro-satellites

Spacecraft weighing up to 50 kg will be watching the ground and keep in touch

The operator of the remote sensing (RS), "RDC" creates a "Skolkovo" engineering bureau of designing and building micro-satellites — spacecraft weighing 10-50 kg.


The world market of devices with similar functionality is estimated at $ 2 billion, "RDC" for the implementation of the project created a subsidiary "SPUTNIKS." In innograda meant the creation of a specialized center, where you will create the technological base for domestic microsatellites. Then, in special rooms will be modeled their behavior in low-Earth orbit, taking

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M2M telematics GLONASS has developed a unique solution for high-precision positioning (Moscow)


"M2M telematics", a leading innovative holding company in the market of transport telematics and satellite navigation, extends object-oriented M2M services.

The group of companies is launching a completely new GLONASS solution for high-precision positioning — a system M2M-HDControl, which will be used as a part of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and specialized in complex monitoring systems for stationary objects: buildings, geomassivov (sliding slopes, slopes and embankments).

"The relevance of creating such a product caused by the massive construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi for sporting events in 2014, is now in the resort town

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The Ka-52 simulator into service


MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Tests simulator for the crew of the Ka-52 was completed in the Center of scientific and technical services "Dynamics", located in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow, said in a statement on the website of the Moscow region.

CSTS "Dynamics" won the open auction for delivery in 2011 and 2012, four training facilities conducted by the Defense Ministry. Simulators are used for the crews of the MiG-31BM and Su-34, Mi-8ATMSH and Ka-52 "Alligator". In particular, these training facilities include jobs officers command and control, automated training systems, procedural simulators crew.

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In Udmurtia, implemented an innovative telemedicine project

OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC, the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS, and the ambulance station management Izhevsk Health Administration announced the implementation of an innovative telemedicine project aimed at improving the accuracy and reducing the time of the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease


The project ambulances are equipped with electrocardiographs with the function of remote data transmission via cellular communications.

The results of the electrocardiogram obtained during check out to the patient, the doctor promptly given to senior ambulance station for interpretation and advice. The ambulance crew is able to quickly and accurately determine the

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Iris-Neva — cosmetics manufacturer from St. Petersburg

CJSC "Cosmetic Factory" iridium-Neva "- Russian manufacturer of hair care products since 1927.

The factory’s products lead among hair dye without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

It is in the walls of the EC "Iris-Neva" for the first time in Russia was made hair dye.

IRIDA name is synonymous with the tinting of hair. Coloring shampoo «IRIDA M» classic first and to this day the only means of coloring the hair in Russia, received a certificate of conformity GOST!

In the factory, care about preserving the environment. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. No particle pigments are

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GAZ Group opens the first in the Russian department Production Systems in Mechanical Engineering

"GAZ Group" opens in Nizhny Novgorod Technical University named Rostislav Alexeyev, Russia’s first department of "production system in the engineering industry." A corresponding agreement between the university and the largest in the Russian automotive holding company was signed on 24 November.

HR director of "GAZ Group" Tatiana Lapaeva and Rector of the NSTU Sergey Dmitriev

Chief Specialist of truck production Gorky Automobile Sergei Sizov

As the rector of the Technical University of journalists Sergey Dmitriev, a new department will start work in February 2012, and is now being formed and approved by the teaching staff

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Opened the first multifunctional center in Chelyabinsk

Citizens and legal persons can get here a range of public and municipal services in the "one window". MFC services can take advantage of up to 50 thousand inhabitants of Chelyabinsk in the month.


The room meets all the requirements of comfort. The total area of six thousand square meters. meters (first of all — 3.2 thousand square meters. meters). Here there are: a large waiting room for applicants, children’s room, a cloakroom and a café.


Such centers are already operating in Magnitogorsk, Korkino, Zlatoust, Snezhinsk, Upper Ufalei, Kopeysk. In the future,

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I think that’s what …

Colleagues! I think that’s what — This site is extremely useful and paramount thing: contrary to shake hands with different media told that our homeland is reborn. I at one time on the city forum started a relevant topic to people in my town knew about it. Some of the members of the forum did not like it and kept trying to throw shit at ventiyaltor, and even now sometimes try, but I’m just stupid and wildebeest its line: the country and its people are alive and well, the Empire Reborn. I started at 21.05 13.01.11 words: Russian Empire meant

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