Face in the crowd: the FSB is developing a surveillance system

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Every year, human identification technology for physical and behavioral traits, ie biometrics, develop and become cheaper. And the government has to treat them with great interest Among the projects of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev created in 2009, which advanced the citizens had high hopes for the reform of the country, there is a project to improve the identification system of the individual. The project marks the intelligence services, its aim — the creation of national multi-biometric systems identify a person in real time. In practice, this means the technology with

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In the Tambov region has opened the region’s largest complex for the production of poultry meat

November 19 in the village of Tambov Inzhavino commissioned the largest in the Central Black Soil capacity of 100 thousand tons of poultry meat year.

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The complex includes: — Eight feedlots, — Feed mill at 200 tonnes nutrient feed per year, — The incubator for 84 million broiler eggs — Refrigerated warehouse at 5 kt finished product.

Factory work has provided 2,200 residents Inzhavinsky, Kirsanovsky, Uvarovsky areas.

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In Russia sales are growing LCV. Especially VW

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Sales of light commercial vehicles in Russia in October totaled 16,086 units — an increase of 15% over the same month last year. Such a calculation results in an analytical agency "AUTOSTAT". More than half of this number were car GAZ — 8597 cars (+11.3%). Second place is a result of the 2524 UAZ vehicles (-1.4%), the third — Fiat cars with the indicator in 1046 (-4.3%). Fifth place went to Peugeot, sold 918 cars (+19.2%). And in fourth place was the concern Volkswagen, whose sales climbed by 39.2% to 938 cars. I must say that global sales

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Of crane expands production

Two new shops are running on the machine-building plant "Crane"(Ivanovo): a new shop for the manufacture of arrows ovoid profile for tower cranes and machine shop assembly manipulators.

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According to the General Director of "crane" Eugene Tokarenko, the volume of arrows ovoid profile for tower cranes will be 5000 units per year, the production of such analogues of arrows in the world no.

The average salary in the company exceeds obscheoblastnoy level and is about 16 000.

The volume of investments in the current year was on the shop floor production ovoid arrows

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Invisible Russia’s infrastructure boom

Despite the crisis in Europe, Russia’s booming infrastructure upgrade is underway as part of the modernization of the dilapidated roads, railways, bridges and ports.

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The Russian government spends 60-65 billion dollars on large projects, but they are hard to see when you come into the country. If you drive in China, the government expenditure are visible at once, and almost every regional capital svezhevystroennymi full of skyscrapers and shopping malls. In Russia, the regional centers such as gray and low and only slightly colored in bright billboards. This is because the Russian money did not go

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In Nevinnomysskiy Energy College opened Electrotechnical Laboratory

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November 22 at the Research Institution "Nevinnomysskiy Energy College" was inaugurated electrical laboratory, equipped with the support of the Federal Grid Company. The new laboratory is equipped with modern electrical simulators, as close as possible to the types of equipment that is used at the power of JSC "FGC UES". Also, the Federal Grid Company has donated a collection of specialized technical school literature. As part of the event, a meeting between the management of JSC "FGC UES" with the students. During the meeting, representatives of the Federal Grid Company presented the main results of operations, spoke

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Deere & Company again makes investments in Russia

Well-known producer of construction and agricultural equipment firm Deere & Company announced plans to invest $ 32 million in the expansion of its factory-owned agricultural machinery in Orenburg.

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The rationale for this decision is the fact that Russia has a large agro-industrial potential and could become a future for the entire Eurasian breadbasket. The new investment will allow up to six times to increase the production of seeders, and plows and other equipment. It’s perfect Orenburg region in which grain is produced forces small farmers.

Another $ 18 million will be spent on improving

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Synthetic flight trainer aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Zhukovsky ready to conduct training

Moscow, November 22, 2011 — The new integrated flight simulator (Full Flight Simulator, FFS) of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) ready to conduct training of Russian pilots.

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The simulator FFS, manufactured by French company Thales, is a high-tech teaching device that copies the actual cabin crew SSJ100. It is set in the center of learning in Zhukovsky, which is responsible for the work of the company SuperJet International, a joint venture of Alenia Aeronautica, a member of the concern Finmeccanica, and Company "Sukhoi".

After a series of functional tests according to international standards FFS simulator

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In the Tyumen region, a children’s art school

The village Uporovo Tyumen region after reconstruction, a children’s art school.

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During the reconstruction of the building had a complete renovation builders attic flooring, replacement windows, interior decoration of the building, replacement of heating communications, replacement of electrical networks. Also available are a fire and burglar alarm systems, running water, built out space for lavatories and toilets, held landscaping, purchased music equipment.

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 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

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CCM Kuznetsk connected in the shortest possible time

ZAO "GC" Electroshield "-TM Samara" put 105 KRU SESHCH-63 a new distribution substation central processing plant "Kuznetsk".

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All work was done in the shortest possible time. Substation is fully built and launched in just 9 months. This was made possible thanks to the professionalism and well-coordinated work of all departments of the enterprise, the ability to clearly fulfill all the requirements of the customer, as well as high operational SESHCH CSG-63 and high-quality construction, installation and commissioning of …

The main activity of CCM "Kuznetsk" is the processing of coal. The company produces high-quality coal

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