Khabarovsk shock fishermen worked the winter

By early spring fishing industry Khabarovsk Krai herring increased production by 1.4 times. The total catch of marine biological resources, utilized by companies in the region grew by 6.3%. In January and February of fishing enterprises Khabarovsk Territory fished 45.9 million tons of aquatic biological resources, which is 6.3% higher than the same period last year. As RIA the press service of the regional government, catches of Pacific herring totaled 16.4 thousand tons — is 1.4 times higher than a year ago. Growth performance has been achieved through early exit of vessels to fish in

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Khabarovsk police have taken into operation two new boats

Transport police Far East engaged in a full refurbishment of its fleet. Today, the waters of the Amur were launched two new patrol boats "NorthSilverPRO 920", which are designed to protect aquatic biological resources in the vast expanses of the Amur basin.


As stressed opened the ceremony of launching the head of the Interior Ministry in transport by DFO Vasily Volkov, three boats of this type have already entered the service of the police in other parts of the Far East.

High-speed patrol boats "NorthSilverPRO 920" assembled in the shipyards of the

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Khabarovsk shipbuilders laid the new vessel

At Khabarovsk Shipyard solemn laying of Highly azimuth ice class tug designed to work with large-port vessels. This order Khabarovsk shipbuilders received from a subsidiary of Rosneft.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Government of the Territory, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Far East Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

As the chief engineer of the Khabarovsk Shipyard Vladimir Leonov, the new vessel will be 23 meters in length, 10 — wide and 350 tons displacement. Its design will allow for port and coastal mooring maneuvers to

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Khabarovsk to offend the LEADER

[B] Local fans have installed anti-record attendance at the game leader, which ended in a draw unpleasant for him. "Rostov", inexorably approaching the Premier League, could not do without a loss in Khabarovsk. [/ B] The first cold, really autumn rain ceased for an hour before the match, and faded game "SKA-Energia" in the previous home game outsiders from Bryansk sharply reduced the number of spectators in the stands. The match with the leader of the first division was the worst attendance for the entire season. Watch the game of the future Premier League club came only true fans of

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Ha-ha-Arocha article!

Exclusive test drive of the first Russian supercar Marussia B2

… So, let's see what kind of myths exist about the Russian supercar, and is it possible to consider them true? Myth number 1: "Maroussia" does not exist Lies! In fact, this myth is completely shattered even after the official opening of Marussia car showroom on Tverskaya Street in Moscow this year. Evil tongues, prorochaschie rapid decline of Russian supercar, were irrelevant. Despite all the difficulties and difficult crisis year, the project alive Marussia healthy and continues to grow. Now in the lineup has been two models:

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The futuristic marvel of old tram appeared in Izhevsk

Upgraded tram futuristic design will appear soon in the capital of the Udmurt Republic.

In the first day of the tram will pass on Izhevsk, but the route he would get up in July after all the technical tests. All changes have extended the life of the composition approximately 10 years.


The most amazing thing is that for a new facade hides an old car, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary. It could have been written off, but by the company IzhGET carriage restyled, informed the news agency "Susanin" the chief

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Football hall Uralmasha will become the core of the Ural Academy football

The construction of this unique facility is part of the regional state and federal programs "Development of physical culture and sports". Commissioning is scheduled for the first of October 2012.


New indoor arena on Uralmash will allow players to train year round professional club "Ural" and pupils of sports schools for children and youth. Construction arena is scheduled to make a second playground for the World Cup in 2018.

Sports complex will include a sports arena, including the football field with artificial turf, bleachers for spectators on three thousand seats. In the administrative building will

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FC Rostov reports that in the coming season ticket prices will remain at last year’s level.

DEAR FANS! Press-service of FC "Rostov" FC "Rostov" reports that in the coming season ticket prices will remain at last year's level. North Stand: 100 rubles. (Children's tickets — 30 rubles) South Stand: 150 rubles. West Stand 200 rubles. In addition, FC "Rostov" throughout the 2009 season will continue to share that began at the end of the year before all school children, students and pensioners will be able to see the match from the north grandstand (8th sector) for free, just by presenting the relevant document. We wait for our fans at the stadium "Olympus-2"! We need your support!

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Learn soccer tournament. We play?

[B] prazdneg us prehoded [/ b] Championship Tupicico expected to begin in mid-August. There is a solid uchastnegov pool of six teams, as well as single kamenty from users, threatening to declare Rostov and Kazan. Khimki with Ramensky unfortunately have not responded. = (In general, [b] important for me to know how seriously Rostov and Kazan want to participate [/ b] and all that. Have my time to decide before the end of the week. So read the rules for the overall development =)) In general, I wait until the end of the week more specific feedback, and early next

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Football pitch in Votkinsk

June 28 in the city of Votkinsk (Republic of Udmurtia) at the stadium "Banner" opening ceremony of the new football field with artificial turf. This project was carried out within the framework of federal program "Development of football in the Russian Federation, 2008-2015 gg.", Developed at the initiative of the RFU.

The first field tested senior players and Udmurtia Votkinsk: the stadium was a friendly match honey teams of the Government of the Republic and the city administration.

"His labor successes, high civic activity you deserve such a wonderful gift, — said the President of Udmurtia Alexander

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