FSB in Siberia prevented attempts to transfer secret information

Staff at the Novosibirsk FSB prevented two people of the region to transfer to special services of foreign states with information constituting a state secret, reports agency on Friday. "Counterintelligence officers arrested red-handed digging monetary compensation from the post office box for the previously allocated to foreign intelligence materials resident of Novosibirsk. Former employee of one of the defense industry itself has made contact with a foreign intelligence service for the transmission of the financial rewards of materials for modernization of military equipment," — said in a statement .

Also, according to

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FSMTC: Russia in 2011 has sold weapons to 13.2 billion dollars

Russia in 2011 had sold weapons to 13.2 billion dollars, said the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (BTC FS) Mikhail Dmitriev.

"The plan provides for the sale of arms and military equipment worth $ 11.6 billion. We have exceeded it sold last year, military products in the amount of 13.2 billion dollars ", — Dmitriev said, reports RIA "Novosti".

According to him, this year Russia will sell arms to 13.5 billion dollars.

In 2010, the sales volume amounted to 10.4 billion dollars.

"The plan of military-technical cooperation between Russia for 2012 is $ 13.5 billion. I

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The front-back

Sukhoi Su-34 was developed in the second half of the 1980s, in the early 1990s already on the pre-production phase plane went revision. The first flight of production aircraft took place in 1994. Deliveries of the Su-34 to the troops began in 2006, but the formal acceptance into service took place only in 2011. Despite the fact that the Su-34 has not yet been adopted for the Russian Air Force, the aircraft took part in war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

The crew of the Su-34 includes two people. The bomber is capable of speeds up

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Soldier gave his savings to children

WWII veteran Mikhail S. Stepanov of Upper Chebula gave their savings to children. Rehabilitation center "change", he gave 100,000 rubles, and the office of the local school physics — 30000. The idea of charity came from Michael Stepanovich is not out of the blue, soldier approached the matter seriously and thoroughly. "At first, he wanted to make a gift to the children's home and came up with these intentions in our head of the Department of Social Protection. Said," Irina, I want to help the orphanage. "She said that her department's home, but there are a rehabilitation center.

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Front-end loader SDLG LG933L available for purchase in the LLC Spetstehmaster

Ltd. "Spetstehmaster" — a company engaged in the supply of machinery and plants in China, today announced a new feature for its customers: now available loader SDLG LG933L.   Ltd. "Spetstehmaster" is a joint Russian-Chinese venture. Business — delivery vehicles and construction equipment to the Russian market. Collaborates with leading factories in China. The Russian consumer is offered a special meeting international quality certificate, earned a good reputation among experts from different countries. A key advantage of China's machinery is the optimal balance of cost and quality. All equipment is a high-performance, easy to operate, easy maintenance. On the

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Frolovskiy elevator resumed operation

In the Volgograd region has begun to live a new life once one of the closed enterprises. For several years Frolovskiy elevator rebuilt from scratch. The start button is pressed, which means Frolovskiy elevator back in service. With the restoration of the enterprise jobs gained nearly 100 local residents.  

Oleg Chuk, apparatchik, "it follows that the equipment is running at full, the performance was good, there was no failure. Currently engaged in mopping up, ready to receive grain. " Frolovskiy elevator was designed and commissioned in the early 70's as a highly mechanized waste-free production to

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Baltic Fleet frigates for why they should be and will be more

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Russian Navy frigate's fourth project 11356 ("Admiral Butakov") sounded important news that can not be ignored. It concerns the renovation of the fleet of combat.

Series of Project 11356 frigates for the Russian Navy will be increased. This was announced by a senior official of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Jacob Berezhnoj: "There are plans to lay here in the Kaliningrad factory" Amber ", in addition to the six frigates of this project are three of the same ship." 

That is, in the near future can not be

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Frigate Ekodzhet ready for production

Financial and industrial group (FIG) "Rosaviaconsortium" presented the master plan final assembly line developed by its prospective ближнесреднемагистрального widebody aircraft, "Frigate Ekodzhet." The plan was developed by the company ThyssenKrupp System Engineering and includes a comprehensive description of all processes the final assembly of the different configurations of the aircraft assembly cycles, the rate of production capacity and specification of the materials used.

 According to the plan, the company will be made SKD parts of the aircraft from components supplied program partners "Frigate Ekodzhet." As the head of projects in the aerospace sector company ThyssenKrupp System Engineering

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Frigate Admiral Gorshkov. may2013.

Photos of Admiral Gorshkov on May 16, 2013. Taken on balanserovskom forum. Thanks Curious.

Already itching with anticipation. Well, sort of (pah-pah-pah) will be released soon.

Project 11356 frigate Tarkash successfully shot out BrahMos

Yesterday was successfully launched cruise missile Brahmos with the newest frigate of the Indian Navy Tarkash Russian project 11356, is located off the coast of Goa.

The rocket successfully completed high-rise maneuver and hit the target. As far as we can judge, the purpose of the tests was to test the possibility of using the full range of anti-ship missiles. Sam frigate joined the Indian Navy Nov. 9, 2012. On it are eight launchers for missile "Brahmos".


Systems "BrahMos" will feature all three built in Russia by 2006 frigate contract — Tarkash,

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